1. AngryDog

    EBC RedStuff pads

    I am going to be fitting some EBC RedStuff pads on my E55. I am aware that they need filing to fit properly. Does anyone know where they need filing?
  2. A

    Ceramic break pads or red stuff or alternative

    Looking to change my front brake pads. Have noticed euro car parts have ATE ceramic so looked at a few reviews some good and some bad. Any recommendations on pads to buy? EBC Red Stuff came up in a few searches but some people saying that the initial bite is not as good.
  3. T

    c63 w204 brake pads?

    Hi guys, needing my brake pads changed, what would you recommend? manage to source oem front and rear for £350 inc sensors, £200 front and £150 rears, my local indi is charging me £100 for labour. has anyone else tried TRW? or would OEM be the best bet? i dont do track days.
  4. A

    Ceramic Brake Pads?

    Hi, I am just wondering if anybody uses ceramic brake pads? I have a W204 C220 CDI and I am getting a lot of brake dust from the pads that were fitted before i bought it. I believe ceramic pads give off a light grey dust that isn't prone to sticking to your rims but I also heard that ceramic...
  5. Luke-BITURBO

    E63 AMG Genuine MB front pads

    Have some front brake pads for an E63 W212 AMG £200 delivered Genuine Mercedes-Benz supplied in the box Cheers
  6. J

    W204 brake pads handed - why?

    I recently changed the front discs and pads (@33k miles) on my W204 C350 CDi, with genuine parts bought from my local dealer. It all was going fine, and with driver's side (R) done I started on the passenger side (L) when I noticed that the inner pad seems to be handed, as this photo shows...
  7. Ray1888

    Cla 45 new discs and pads at local dealers today

    So phoned around for some quotes for brembo discs and pads,got some interesting quotes !!!!! Company I work for own my local Merc dealership so phoned,got my staff discount and paid £250 thought that was a great price,they came in Mercedes boxes but are brembo discs and pads,:bannana:
  8. R

    Ceramic pads v. non ceramic.

    Ceramic pads on the front...
  9. N

    Selling Front and Rear Brake pads with sensors (MB stock items) for E63AMG 6.2

    Hi everyone, With over 2 and half years having great fun with my E63 6.2 PP, it was coming to the end of my lease, I returned the vehicle (sadly and it will be truly missed) and I have brand new Brake pads for front and rear with sensors for front and rear, which I bought from MB in Southend...
  10. C180AMG71

    New Pads fitted

    I'm finding the standard brake pads too soft so I had them all replaced this morning with a set of "Brembo" pads..
  11. C

    Discs and Pads

    W2027 I have 2 c-class cars both 2037. One is a 53 plate and the other is an 08 plate. Are the front discs and pads the same parts on both cars. I think they are but another opinion would help.
  12. 1stmbc180

    W212 replacement discs and pads

    Hi As the title suggests I'm going to be changing front and rear brake discs and pads. I have a 64 e class 220cdi AMG sport. I've had a look through various threads on the forum and things online. But really just want some opinions from people on here. Can anyone suggest WHERE to buy all...
  13. optimusprime

    Genuine MB brake pads front

    Just had me a set of these and looking again to-day seller has one more set going . Genuine MB Front brake pads They fit W210 190e 2.5 W124 260e 300 and others check with the seller for your car .. Item number 291633225041 ..
  14. M.A.94

    Which shim pads on aftermarket suspension

    I'm a little bit confused right now I've had my heart set on a H&R suspension set up for a while now however the only reason I'm delaying purchase is due to not understanding what shim pads are required in order to achieve the 60mm drop. The reason I need to know this is as it is is only...
  15. CarlPea

    OEM W222 S63 S65 W217 W218 CLS E63 S W212 AMG Front Brakes Pads

    Seem pretty reasonable for OEM! Brake Pads Mercedes-Benz W222 S63 S65 W217 W218 CLS E63 S W212 AMG | eBay
  16. Tim203

    Motaquip LVXL 1073 Brake pads

    Couldn't post on brakes section as app needs updating for iPhone (apparently) Bought the above pads for the sport package calipers on my 203. They are 122 mm wide with anti-squeal shims and DO NOT FIT. Fortunately I have a milling machine so can machine them down. Should be 120mm overall width!
  17. K

    Non PPP C63 Front brake discs and pads

    Hi guys, Currently looking into picking up a set of front brake components as front discs are scored and will either replace them or provide the parts when I sell the car. Has anyone had them changed recently and can advise on pricing? I have received a couple of quotes from MB dealers on...
  18. adrianlobont

    Rattle after new discs and pads fitted

    Hi all, Two days ago I changed my front and rear brake discs and pads ( brembo ). Now when I'm driving over any rough surface or over small pot holes and bumps I'm getting some funny noises coming from the front of the car, something like a rattle. All this happen without me pressing...

    New brake pads.

    Had an email from MB offering to change the front brake pads ( if needed) for £105. Car is a W212 E Class 350 CDI Sport. The dealer is MB Ayr. I presume this is a national offer
  20. ab9758

    ML63 discs and pads and skimming

    Just an update to a 2014 thread suggesting MB for brake pads and discs for ml63. I think mine is the standard with oversized 390mm front discs. MB Temple Fortune just quoted £760 for the front disks and £400 or so for the rears, including vat but not the pads nor the fitting. Budget guidance...
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