1. M

    W113 pagoda hardtop trim
  2. A

    Merecedes Pagoda UK Lights

    Hi I am still looking for a set of Mercedes Pagoda w113 headlights. If any one can help me locate some that would be appreciated.
  3. D

    Pagoda Engine Rebuild Recomendation

    Hi, I'm a newbie Mercedes owner who needs a little advice. I have a 1967 250SL which may need an engine rebuild . Can I please have a few pointers about the merits or otherwise of sending to the well known firms, or can someone point me in another direction. Any advice would be welcome. The...
  4. MercedesDriver

    W113 Pagoda Tuscani tour

    This could be a perfect holiday experience:
  5. A

    W113 Mercedes Pagoda

    Hi I am looking to buy a set of UK spec headlights for my Pagoda. Any help on sourcing these would be appreciated.
  6. R

    Oh dear - 250sl Pagoda poss engine rebuild reqd - Nottingham - any specialists??

    Hi everyone - longtime since i posted.....phew...i wish i hadnt fallen in love with these pagodas.....anyway.....cosmetically my car is now 95%...mechanically (and i am no techy) the "big ends and mains" need replacing...does this mean i need an engine rebuild....other than a tune up i've had...
  7. Pontoneer

    Cheap Pagoda !

    Mercedes SL230 1964, complete original car for restoration, priced cheap! | eBay
  8. nick mercedes

    pagoda parts madness

    Having a bit of a tidy up I happen on a Pagoda rear light in a box of gubbins. Out of interest I look on ebay to see what they go for. mercedes 280sl 230sl owners tail light w113 parts 250sl pagoda w113 | eBay Are they really worth that much??
  9. W4E300

    Pagoda porn....

    OK ...... It's a very good looking car; If only I could squeeze my vast frame into one(!) Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  10. L

    Just Bought a Pagoda

    Went to Essen this year and saw a gorgeous 230SL. Couldn't resist buying it as I thought it was very reasonably priced considering it is a total nut and bolt restoration. Had the dealers fit power steering as Pagoda's can be heavy up front. Everything at Essen seems to be in telephone numbers...
  11. ngenius1

    65 SL Pagoda Power Steering

    Im looking for a power steering pump for the above vehicle. Thought i would try here first before i go on an extensive search. Its for a RHD, don't know if that makes a difference. IF you have or know someone who does have one please let me know. Need to get this car back on the road. Thanks.
  12. A

    Wanted - w113 pagoda hardtop

    Dear MB Club Members This is my first post here and I am hoping someone can help? I am looking to find a HARDTOP for a 1966 RHD Pagoda. Can be anywhere and any condition! I hope someone can email or PM me with anything that springs to mind. Many thanks and I enjoy the posts. Kind...
  13. D

    230 sl pagoda 29k miles going cheap or is it a scam!!

    Mercedes Pagoda 230SL | eBay
  14. abecketts

    Pagoda Hard Top Might be of interest to the classic enthusiast, not in the best of condition
  15. Sp!ke

    anyone a pagoda expert?

    Does anyone have any in depth knowledge about Pagodas? Martin (who ownes that lovely E500 that was at Benz on the green) is thinking of buying one as a restoration project and wondered if anyone could offer any advice?
  16. C36fan

    Cheap pagoda!!! Unbeatable price for this lovely car is IMHO is worth every single peny !!!:)
  17. gaz_l


    A friend of mine has just treated himself to this: 1970 280SL Auto. I officially hate him... :) Cheers, Gaz
  18. Mojokev

    Older style Pagoda wheels for 107

    Hi guys. New member Kevin. I have just bought a 1979 sl350 107. My first classic car. I will upload photos tonight. Can't work it out on iPad. I am looking for a little help. I have the standard 14" alloys and I would like to swap them for the Earlier Pagoda steel rims with hub...
  19. R

    Ace cafe London May 22nd Mercedes Special + Pagoda 50th

    Ace Cafe Anual Mercedes meet starts at 6pm
  20. The Boss

    stunning photo of a Pagoda

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