1. Palfrem

    W124 E36 AMG MOT pass

    Another pass with no advisories! Had it serviced and an aircon regas too. Roll on the summer!
  2. B

    Simplon Pass

    I will be driving to Italy via France and Switzerand on 11th May and one of my overnight stops is Chateau D'Oex near Gruyeres. The following day I will be driving to Stresa via the Sion valley and the Simplon pass. My question is, will the pass be open and will any other roads on that route be...
  3. ringway

    Pass this one on. It's a Cracker.

  4. ringway

    Spitfire Low Pass!

    Best viewed in full screen. Some choice language, but no wonder! :D rCfU5yBlw7U
  5. M

    Idiot Mercedes SLK driver won't let ambulance pass - Video

    Idiot Mercedes SLK driver won't let ambulance pass
  6. N

    Can you pass this English Sats exam for 10 and 11 year olds? 9/10.
  7. Sheffield Col

    by pass wireing diagram.

    Hi, has any one got a by pass wireing diagram for c class w204 ? trying to sort the towing electrics out, the diagram I have got seems incomplete. cheers...
  8. K

    6310i pass thru?

    Hiya, did a quick search and obv. 6310i brings up some stuff. Didnt see this though I appologise if its in here somewhere and i'm asking repeat questions....but... If I stick a 6310i phone into my cradle without a sim installed, would I be able to use it as a bluetooth pass thru for my Xperia...
  9. C

    W211 SDC fault abs light on, will car pass MOT?

    Hi all, I have the dreaded SDC reset light on. Does anyone if the local mercedes dealer resets it for free? I have heard of some that do! Even though the brakes work fine with the warning light on will it pass an MOT? I assume it is test centre dependent. Thanks Greg.
  10. X

    Need to borrow a rear driverside rear light to pass MOT

    Not sure if anyone can help? Just recently returned from Germany and went to get my car MOT'd, sadly it failed because the fog light is situated on the wrong side. The rear lights were swapped for the newer LED type last year whilst I was in Germany, my old rear lights are in transit with the...
  11. ItalianTuneUp

    Advanced driving course pass: cheaper insurance?

    I took this course a long time ago and failed it on a technicality, which unfortunately was an important fault, so the instructor had to fail me. Does anyone here know if passing this test leads to (significantly) cheaper insurance?
  12. Jukie

    Has this one pass through Mercland's hands?

    Mercedes-Benz E Class E280 CDI Avantgarde 4dr Tip Auto 3.0 sat nav, lovely example Either that or he's wangled some free advertising on the rear number plate! Looks a nice car.
  13. guydewdney

    C250td - decat / dpf will it pass emissions?

    Will a de-DPF'd (cat to petrol types) pass a 1998 type MOT emissions test, assuming its still basically running ok?
  14. A

    Egr by pass help please

    Hi. Can anyone help me out with ML270 EGR bypass sounds a bit tricky with wiring and soldering in. I'm in Hatfield, north London area Could real do with putting my ML on a star reader 1st any you guys got one to hand ?!?
  15. D

    W124CE pass seat back won't lock

    Hello Have used this resource a lot to keep my 90 300CE-24 COUPE running well but have not yet posted. I have an issue that I cannot find any relevant posts in the achieves and would appreciate any suggestions. There are posts about the general issue but do not seem relevant to my...
  16. Aerialmark

    Where to stay and pass a day.

    Next Wednesday I have a client who is going for a meeting at the Millennium Madejski hotel in Reading. I am taking them down at 17-00 and staying overnight until Thursday where I will pick them up at 19-45 and return them back to Burnley. What I would like to know is where can I stay where the...
  17. haggis2768

    c124 black canister under pass side wing?

    replaced the passenger side wing today,waxoyled liberaly,fingers sore from contorting to get that blasted lower A piller bolt in/out!! noticed a black cannister fitted behind the wing,with a couple of tubes coming out? obviously not a camelback for storing whisky/irn bru. am thinking fuel...
  18. ladd220

    w202 water leaking inside pass area, coolant level down...

    Hi folks, Hope u can help... The car: 1998 w202 c180 Esprit, 180k miles. The problem: I have a water leak... Having to fill the coolant reservoir every week... I have checked for cross contamination of water and oil, but both are clean, ie no water in the oils, and no oil in the water...
  19. D

    I Love A Clean Pass.....

    Took my S211 for its MOT this morning at 10 and she passed with flying colours, although I did have two new tyres put on the front because the old were just above 3mm. I had a good look underneath while it was up on the ramp and everything looks in fine fettle, so the next owner will have a...
  20. J

    w202 pass' side electric mirror not moving up and down

    hi guys my passenger side electric mirror moves right and left, but it appears like something is stopping it from moving up and down. it is stuck in one position. i can hear the motor whirring and it 'tries' to go up and down and 'shakes' as a result. any ideas?
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