1. E

    Plugs on the rear of the w204 ntg4.5

    HI can any one tell me what the blue connector on the back of the stereo is, cannot find any stereos with that colour connection
  2. L

    Spark plugs

    I've tried searching and can't find anything concrete so was wondering if someone could confirm when the spark plugs need changing on an E63 biturbo please? I think it's either 6 years or 60k miles but was hoping someone could clarify. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. K

    Glow Plugs etc.

    Had the car at MB Medway 10 days ago for to do No.6 glowplug........used the car twice since then and second time the glow plug light on again:doh: Read the error codes and this time worked it out and it was No.2 gone kaput. So already having had in the last 2years 4,5 and now 6 just done...
  4. Bigdw

    Glow plugs w221 s320 cdi

    I need to replace the glow plugs on my 2006 w221 S320cdi, the engineer who services my car advised Me to use Mercedes originals as he fitted a set of Bosch ones to a 320cdi engine and the car started having problems, ended up taking it to Mercedes they told him that The Bosch ones caused Voltage...
  5. mickday

    E55 211 Spark Plugs (full set) ILFR6A

    I have a full new set of 16 spark plugs for E55 W211/S211 I bought these for my own S211 E55 but never got around to fitting them. these will probably also fit other 55K engines 16 x NGK ILFR6A 3588 £100 + delivery
  6. clk320x

    6 x NEW Mercedes Benz OEM Spark Plugs P/N: A0041595003 , A0031599403

    6 X Brand New OEM Mercedes Benz Spark Plugs in box Part Numbers these are suitable for: A0041595003 MB change p/n to A0031599403 recently These spark plugs are brand new.. never used.. Sent via 1st class recorded so you should have them next day Cheers
  7. R

    Part number for cable rear brake wear sensor plugs into

    Both cables are missing on my rear axle. It is item 100 on the attached pic
  8. G

    Which spark plugs E55 1998 AMG?

    Hi all, What spark plugs should I be buying to replace on my E55 AMG please, made in 1998 (W210) I've had good luck with NGK plugs before now. The site recommends the NGK BKR5EIX-11. Thanks, Jon
  9. clk320x

    Spark Plugs

    My spark plugs were due a change at 100,000 miles I'm on 103,000 miles and not going to be able to get them changed at least for 1-2 months... (time constraints) At which point I would have driven around 2000-3000 miles.. Is this going to be a problem? How long do they normally last? I've...
  10. T

    E63 AMG 5.5 - November 2013, 45k, £29750 no offers - recent oil, ATF, plugs service

    Here for sale is my 2013 E63. Just had an A service completed at Mercedes. A lot of these cars are getting to the age & mileage where the automatic transmission fluid and filter and spark plug replacements fall due. This work costs £900-1300 at a main dealer and it has all just been...
  11. Petrol Pete

    C55 AMG Spark plugs cost's

    This thread relates to sparkplugs for my 2006 C55 AMG but probably covers many other MB engines. Before I bought this car 2 months ago I had done my homework regarding service/running costs and as a result I knew it would need a sparkplug change. After being quoted as much as £14+ VAT per plug...
  12. F

    642 Heater plugs

    Hi All, I am fitting a new turbo unit to my 2007 sprinter, three heater plugs do not work and have not for the last 2 years but when the turbo was removed I attempted to replace one of them, I soaked around the plug with wd40 and used a 1/4inch drive T bar backward and forward and then it...
  13. E

    C63 plugs

    Guys I think (not sure if it's just me!) that my car feels a bit rough at low revs? Around the 1500 mark. So was thinking about changing the plugs ect as its due a service soon anyway. Does anyone know the best plugs to use? Part numbers ect or do I use standard MB ones? Cheers for the...
  14. expandyman

    W211 Om642 Glow Plugs Question

    Had my glow plugs replaced this week for the 1st time in 10 years and 87k. Curious as to why the two remaining good ones (Resistance <1 Ohm) are still look bright and almost as new, where as the dead ones are quite heavily corroded. Is this normal or indicative of some other fault lurking ?
  15. T

    Spark Plugs

    Am i right in thinking that a 2008 272 engine has six spark plugs, my older CLK with the 112 engine had twelve plugs. Many thanks.
  16. E

    '08 211 3.5 CGI - Which spark plugs?

    The last owner of my latest car had a 'B' service done in October, but saved a few pennies by omitting the spark plug and brake fluid changes. The only spark plugs I can find for the car are Bosch; does anyone's experience recommend using anything else?
  17. A

    Glow plugs for e300 td

    Hi , just wonder wether these plugs will fit my e300 td w210 FAE 74147 Bosch 0250201035 or i have to order Bosch 0250201038 please help and what the difference if any ?? ,
  18. L

    ML (W164) Glow Plugs

    Recently the glow plug light has been staying on for a while after start-up. My 'expert' recommends replacing all glow plugs and the module. Is this the way forward? Note my expert has nothing to gain by his recommendation. If the advice had come from a dealer, I would be taking it with a pinch...
  19. Gledsyc63

    Do I need replacement spark plugs

    ive been having some problems with the car seeming like it misfires when driving or the rev needle jumping up and down a couple hundred revs sometimes. I have full ipe Bmc filters and eurocharged v5 map car is running around 550. I'm running Mercedes spark plugs ngk I think. Are these the...
  20. F

    om606 glow plugs

    Im about to enter the exciting sphere of glow plug removal :wallbash: and so I had a thought... as you do Would the glow plugs last longer if you were able to to put a switch in the circuit so as to stop them cycling on / off when the engine was hot? I'm trying to get Beru plugs and a reamer...
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