1. Myclk55amg

    Posting pictures on here?

    Hi guys I need your help? I wanting to advertise my car for sale on here, however I ain't got a clue how to post pictures on here? Can anyone help me please I'd be really grateful
  2. F

    Posting pictures

    Can someone tell me how to upload photos from iPad or PC, all I can see is URL, I've no idea how to do it from JPEG.
  3. H

    Posting photos help

    Hi, I'm very new here and I'm trying to post photos, but failing. I've tried searching the forum, but seem unable to open pages. Any clues?
  4. W

    Really new to posting and new to Mercedes

    Hi Guys I am a retired Englishman living in Malaysia, I have just bought my first Mercedes, it is a C200 estate 2001 model, w203 chassis. The car is an import to Malaysia from the UK. I don't have a manual and am still getting my head around it. It looks great and drives like a charm however I...
  5. Norte23

    Picture posting

    How come the 1st pic I posted from the post image site went on the message board as a picture & yet now I have registered with post image I can only post links? Unless I have changed something somewhere! Mark
  6. w124nut

    Problems with posting

    Would the mods please help me? When posting (more jokes section), I find that the first time I post, the post does not appear to have posted! I try again without obvious success but then when I get out of the forum and re-login, I find that both posts were posted. Why can't I delete the...
  7. SpoonJar

    Posting Videos

    Is there any way of posting videos on this forum without having to open a YouTube account?. I don't like the way YouTube forces you to sign up to everything Google. I've used the search on this site with no luck. Thanks.
  8. M

    First Posting

    Hi there folks. My first post is a question. I will be purchasing an ML 55 AMG soon as my wife already has a 320 and i just love them. My question is this ..Does anyone have an ML55 in the West Lothian area of Scotland that they would be willing to let me look over ? Many thanks. Martin.
  9. k.dawson1

    Posting Photo's in The Gallery

    Just ordered a tax disc holder, and I was advised by the administrator on notification that it had been sent out to me to upload some pics of my car. But when I go to the Gallery it will not allow me to post pics, giving various reasons. Can anyone help please. Kibd regards, Kev Dawson
  10. B

    Posting to US

    I'm posting an item abroad and the buyer has requested that we send it via his DHL account. Is this advisable and how do I then have any proof of sending?
  11. s4rap

    Posting for HOWARDl

    Hi as owner of 2clk430s I need yr help.on taking the cover off mine the rubber bee stint antenna has snapped.theres an Allen key on the top cover that looks as though it holds the top on,I've undone it and still can't get the top off have you any suggestions many thanks
  12. S

    Idiots guide to posting photos needed!

    For me please!
  13. S

    Posting something for sale

    I have some SL55 AMG 18" Turbine wheels I want to post in the for sale section but it wont let me. Anyone know why? Thanks Steve
  14. duncanh

    Posting same question on many sites

    I have to admit that I am a member of more than one Mercedes Benz Owner forum. However, if I have a question to ask or a point to make, I chose the one that I think would be most appropriate, or likely to get the best answers. I have a pet hate when I find exactly the same post on the two...
  15. Sp!ke

    Posting a wheel - who to use?

    I seem to recall a thread where someone asked for the best method of posting a wheel but I cant seem to find it. A quick check on parcelforce site and I'm looking at £40 + to ship a single wheel. Can anyone recommend a better solution?
  16. ringway

    Posting WMV's And Utube Clips Etc.

    Hi, I need advice on how to post WMV's and u-tube video please. Any help greatly appreciated. TIA. Paul.
  17. ringway

    Ongoing Picture Posting Nightmare.

    Hi All, For some time I have had major problems posting pictures. If I try to upload from my PC I get "Upload of file failed". If I try to upload from photobucket I get the error message "invalid file". To try to get around this problem I have tried Tinypic but to no avail same "invalid...
  18. Koolvin

    All members posting here - please please read...

    Hi Members, you now have the permission to close any threads you start in here, so If your Item is now sold please close the thread :thumb:
  19. ringway

    Help Required Please. Posting More Than 3, Pictures.

    When I post with pictures, I can't seem to be able to upload any more than the allowance of 3, images. I see many posts containing in excess of 3, images, but am at a loss as to how this is achieved. :o Any help, advice or directing to an appropriate "how to" would be much appreciated...
  20. Venomous

    Posting from the Wii

    How bizarre! I have done this from the Wii internet channel. This interface is most annjying to use.
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