1. E

    Euro Car Parts are an official Distributor for Clutch Masters products

    Clutch Masters clutches are specifically designed for varying stages of high performance and/or racing uses. From the street performance enthusiast who requires more grab than a stock unit while retaining everyday drivability, to the racer who needs a clutch to survive under the grueling...
  2. flango

    Simon products cheap at Tesco

    Not everyone's favourite cleaning materials I know but Tesco have really slashed the price on these everything is either £2 or £2.50. Which makes them incredible value.
  3. DannyHall

    Cleaning products

    Before the CLA I never bothered actually cleaning the car myself but my cousin had a bad incident with a local car wash Now I find it quite therapeutic but would appreciate anyone giving me some brands of cleaning products to get. Which snow foam do you guys use and does it matter?
  4. C

    Restoring colour on seat bolsters, which products....

    The seat bolster on my C63 has started to fade in colour (thankfully not wearing yet!), what is the best stuff to use to bring the colour / restore them back to life? They are black leather. Thanks
  5. C

    Which products for Calcite white?

    As above what polish / waxing products would you recommend for my C63 which is Calcite White? When I had my white DC5 integra I used Jeffs Workstat products which I was very pleased with, however they bottles are probably 5 or 6 years old now and not a lot left in them. With products ever...
  6. michaelk3289

    best detailing products and tools

    Hello all. So I've just took ownership of a 1999 w210 e240 Now I appreciate it's not the most amazing car that Mercedes has ever built but it's in pretty good condition for a 1999 Has some rust bubbles on arches as you would expect however the rest of the car is mint. I have just cleaned...
  7. B

    Window Cleaning products!!

    Hi All what in your opinion is the best window cleaner for the inside of the windscreen? the stuff i have leaves smears and doesn't clean very well. Many thanks for any info given.
  8. P

    Saved myself a small fortune on Auto-Glym products today...

    Halfords | Cleaning & Body Repair | Car Cleaning | Pressure Washers | Car Body Repair Stocked up on 9 products paying for only 6 ;) Hope this heads up is permissible
  9. Reggie-rock

    Best products to restore convertible roof ?

    The hood on my A209 CLK 350 has some faint green streaks which could be some mould and no matter how much I shampoo it with a baby brush it will not budge. The hood is otherwise in excellent condition so I need some product recommendations to deep clean it, maybe colour restore and seal it. I...
  10. D

    soft top maintenance and proofing products

    renovo on of the suppliers of soft top maintenance products help reduce time waisted Renovo ***Black Restore Kit*** Soft Top Canvas Cleaner & Reviver & Ultra Proofer | eBay or just proofing Renovo Vinyl protector 500ml soft top protector ultra proofer | eBay for commerical use in qty 5...
  11. S

    Eurocharged 55K Offers take a look new products!!!

    Fixed Supercharger Pulley – This week only £375.00 Its been a long time coming but we now have the file right to run a fixed supercharger pulley. Replace your supercharger pulley with our new Fixed pulley. -...
  12. T

    Wax Polishing products

    Hi I know this question has been posted many times, but can anyone recommend a good polish for a metallic obsidian black CLK? for protection and shine for the winter as my car is left outside.
  13. artyman

    Apple products

    Whilst Apple products may be considered overpriced, this one should appeal more than most of there offerings. :D iSimons Oktoberfest: iPad Beer at Hofbraeuhaus - YouTube
  14. kalvin928

    supaguard valeting products

    nearly every time I go to the car boot there is always someone selling supaguard cleaning products; normally in its own bag..... packaging seems cheap... anyway I decided to use the alloy wheel cleaner on my dad's 07 CLK... wheels have caked on brake dust and no matter what I tried it didn't...
  15. P

    Cleaning products used at hand car washers

    Hello. Bit of a strange question I suppose but I went to a hand car wash today and I have noticed that they spray some funny chemical on the car and the dirty just falls off once it has been sprayed with the jet wash. It does a fantastic job on the diamond cut alloys and I would like to get hold...
  16. D

    FARECLA G3 - Complete set of professional products.

    Folowing a recent competion win I have for sale the complete set of Farecla G3 Professional products. I would use some, but as my merc is less than 2 years old, all the products not needed (yet!!). I shall be placing set on ebay but I thought £60 for a fellow MB Club member is a fair price...
  17. Prabs.91

    Advice/recommended products to detail Polar White c220 coupe with black wheels

    Hi all this is my first post, i took delivery of my brand new AMG sport c220 Coupe last Wednesday. I will be attempting to detail it myself. As stated it is Polar white with black alloys, would be much appreciated if anyone could share any knowledge/tips and also are there any specific...
  18. SilverSaloon

    Woodworm treatment products

    Hi some good property advice on this forum, so i thought i'd ask a bit about the common furniture beetle who are squatting in my new-to-me house (according to "damp specialist surveyor/salesman" which could just be touting for business, we shall see), anyway... I'm looking at treating the roof...
  19. P

    Pentag Products advertised on Ebay

    I am looking to replace all my rear control arms on my w124 estate E220; I have been pricing up replacements and I am certain that Lemforder is what I will be purchasing: However I have seen full control arm kits on ebay from a German outfit (Pentag parts in particular). They are too cheap to...
  20. MercC180Komp

    Best cleaning products?

    Hello peeps, Just wondering what my fellow Merc owners use to clean there cars? My dad sings the praises of Autoglym but just wondered what Some of you guys think? Any advice appreciated! :dk:
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