1. clk320x

    Optoma HD65 projector

    Optoma HD Projector immaculate condition. Plenty of life peft in the bulb Has HDMI inputs so easy to use Like this: Let me know if this is of use to anyone £210 posted 24hr shipping anywhere in U.K. Cheers
  2. Druk

    Dual 8mm cine projector

    Found a load of 8mm and super8mm films. Need a projector that can show both. Could uplift from Benz-o-t-Green if possible. WHY?
  3. M

    W204 Projector headlight sidelight, dipped beam, indicator colour

    Hi guys as above just need to know what colour wire is the sidelight, indicator and dipped beam to the headlights of a W204 2010 A key would be great UK spec non xenon Thanks Minesh
  4. M

    W203 Coupe Projector Xenon Lights - Help

    I have a 2004 W203 Coupe with what I think are projector headlights. The connection has broken on the nearside light, and it looks like a sealed unit. Is there anyway of replacing the connector, I can't see how I could splice it in? I can't find a replacement RHD unit anywhere, could...
  5. D

    CLK W209 Projector Headlights

    Hi Chaps, can any tell me where I can find a good quality set of CLK W209 double projector headlights, I have been on eBay and the only ones I can find are the ones with LED day lights which I don't want I really want the double projector ones, there are plenty for LHD cars but struggling to...
  6. noogieman

    WTB: Sanyo PLV-Z2000 OR Z3000 - LCD projector

    looking to buy a projector with original low working lamp hours. I only want to buy a clean projector without issues!! projector has to come from a pet and smokefree household, which is a must! all factory parts, documents/purchase receipt and original box still available. do you have one for...
  7. Jay2512

    Projector Light beam adjustment - Europe driving W166

    Know this has been asked before as I've seen many posts on the topic, but I still not sure what I'm looking for in the light assembly. We're taking the ML to Monaco in 3 weeks and need to adjust the projector lamps for European driving. Checking the manual it refers to the lever to switch the...
  8. A

    W204 2011> Projector Headlights

    Hi everyone I'm taking delivery of a new (to me) C class this week and i'm looking to upgrade the headlights. I'm not really interested in HID i just want the xenon look for the car. I can source the Depo set (pic below) no problem but these sets are all LHD. Does anyone know of...
  9. I

    Quote on Projector Headlamps

    Hi, Thinking about upgrading headlights. I have just had a Insurance Quote on fitting Projector Headlamps to my 2001 SLK 230. The units are E marked DOT & SAE so conform to all existing regs. The lady I spoke to first said extra £50 pa as repair costs would rise in case of an accident. I...
  10. rom1

    Projector head lights

    Could someone confirm if I have projector type head lights, have tried to look into it but get differing answers. Car is w204 2009 c220 cdi blue effic sport AMG At the moment I've got night breakers and led side lights but want to fit an HID kit, I believe of they are projector results...
  11. Jagogen

    Vertical adjustment of projector headlights

    I've got some new headlights a few days ago and it does not seem to have a vertical adjustment screw/knob. The seller says it has a built in leveling motor and it should do it automatically. One of the headlights is pointing really low though and I cant find a way to adjust it. Anyone has any...
  12. M

    Pic of my w204 ghost projector light must see

    Here some pic of my w204 saloon c250cdi amg sports just connected some ghost projector light and led number plate unit let me no what you think.
  13. M

    Projector wanted? Any buying ideas??

    Hi, I'm looking for a projector to mount on ceiling for my business for customers to view in waiting area. Mainly for video and images and would want to connect speakers. I have no idea about what to look for in these gadgets. I don't want to spent a fortune also. But practicality, ease of use...
  14. C

    CLK projector headlights

    Hi all, Anyone ever tried aftermarket projector headlights in their w209 clk? I don't have xenons and don't want to go through the MOT/legal hassle if I retrofit them, if so any good make you would recommend getting?
  15. Gh3382

    new laptop and projector etc help.

    I need a laptop and projector for presentations etc. I have looked at the Acer i7 processor which has touchscreen which in many reviews say it utilises windows 8 to the maximum. I also need a projector to use and may consider one of the smaller pocket ones. Any recomendations welcome or...
  16. nigel cross

    ML projector headlamps

    I have these fitted and on main beam they can only be described as rubbish, it looks like someone is shining a torch instead of a headlamp, any ideas?
  17. M

    advice pls on connecting a laptop to wirelessly transmit images to a projector

    Hi All A friend is producing a school play ( we will rock you) and needs to be able to send wireless stills and some footage from a laptop to a fixed position projector. Connecting to a vga input on the projector. The distance between the devices is approx 10 metres. I believe there is a...
  18. A

    Projector advice (for a kids room)

    Hello We have converted the garage into a playroom for the kids and resently at work I have been able to aquire a pull down screen. This should fit neatly at what would have been the garage door end and when not pulled down will be out of sight (ish). I now need a projector and was going...
  19. R

    Optoma Pico PK201 Pocket LCD Projector

    I have for sale my PK201 pocket projector and a few extra accessories: PK201 - Optoma EMEA - PK201: PK201 Optoma USA Optoma USA Search Products - pk201 All standard accessories: Optoma PK201 projector, power adapter (US plug), rechargeable Li-ion battery, male USB cable, standard A/V...
  20. RonB58

    ML 320 (06) Foggy projector lens

    Hi all, my ML320 (2006) has headlights that are positively dangerous as they provide little light on dark country roads. :eek: I have fitted new H7 Ultrabright bulbs but this is only a marginal improvement. I would like to disassemble the headlight and clean the projector lens as I think this...
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