1. T

    Speed pulse c180 esprit 1997 (W202)

    Help ! trying to find the speed pulse wire in this car. read most of the previuos posts and cant seem to find a pulse at all. obvious first place was the iso plug at pin 1 (green/mauve) but cant find a pulse ! the wire is at 12volts with the ignition on and as soon as the car moves it drops to...
  2. T

    1997 C180esprit (w202) speed pulse

    HELP ? 1997 C180esprit (w202) speed pulse Help ! trying to find the speed pulse wire in this car. read most of the previuos posts and cant seem to find a pulse at all.:( obvious first place was the iso plug at pin 1 (green/mauve) but cant find a pulse ! the wire is at 12volts with the...
  3. O

    Speed Pulse

    Hi folks, Anyone got any ideas how I can check out if the speed pulse connection in my w202 c200 (1998) is working/ connected at the instrument panel end? I have a connection to pin 1 on my Din A connector - green / violet(?) which I believe should be correct. I have just put in a Blaupunkt...
  4. Z

    Speed pulse generator, do i need one!?? HELP!!!

    Hi guys, I just purchased the follwing kit! My only questions are: - Do I need to use a speed pulse generator? My car is a 1990 Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 - Also i heard something about pre out leads for an amp? Do i need one? Does anyone out there have any experience of these speed pulse...
  5. C

    No signal from A-Class speed pulse wire

    I'm putting a Blaupunkt sat nav radio in to my A140 and have discovered that the speed pulse wire isn't sending out a signal. It's happilly sitting there in the connecting block, but the radio is not picking up any signal. I've cheked the radio isn't at fault by installing it in my C Class...
  6. L

    Urgent help needed Speed Pulse W210

    Hi all... can anyone tell me where to find the speed pulse wire on my W210 year 2000. I'm fitting comand at the mo and cannot identify the correct wire
  7. aka$h

    HOW TO: Obtain Speed Pulse on a w124 E-class

    Information form MBUK regarding speed pulse on a w124, specific to my car, which is a '94 model coupe without cruise control or traction control. "We can advise you that the 124 speed signal can be picked up in the right hand side footwell, behind the kick panel (to the right of the...
  8. K

    speed pulse wire?

    hi i need any1`s help who can help me i need to know where i can pick up the speed pulse wire up on a 05 plate slk350 as i am installing a navitagion unit and need this wire i have looked behind the radio but ther is nothing there? thanks in advance........
  9. B

    W140 Speed Pulse - 96 S500 Coupe

    Does anyone know if there is a way of getting a speed pulse from a 96 W140 S500 Coupe? Going to be installing a Sat Nav system and it obviouisly requires this - if there isn't an easy method will necessitate getting a speed pulse generator, but would rather avoid spending £100 on the add on...
  10. wobbly

    500 SL speed pulse

    500 Sl I know this type of question gets asked a lot but have tried searching on this site, but cannot find the answer. I have a 1989 R107 500SL, and im fitting a APS30 audio unit, and needs a speed pulse wire. The car has cruise control, and ABS, would there be a suitable wire from one of...
  11. D

    ML Speed Pulse

    Hi I have a 1999 ML430 and have fitted a Comand 2 unit. I am having trouble locating the speed pulse. I have fitted a CAN BUS adaptor and linked pin 1 on conector A to pin 6 on C1. Got a ready made lead from Germany. But the system tells me I am always off road and dosen't track my...
  12. S

    speed pulse wire on a w210 e320 1997

    im fitting a pioneer avic-x1r to my mb please can anyone tell me where the ecu is and which wire is the speed sensor :crazy:
  13. M

    Sat nav speed pulse ..how come portable units dont need one ?

    just an observation and not sure if this has been brought up b4 but, Comand & all the other head unit based sat nav systems need a speed pulse to work properly and finding said speed pulse wire on some cars has been a much discussed topic. So, how come portable sat navs work fine in the...
  14. B

    Speed pulse W163

    Does anyone know the location / colour of the analogue speed pulse wire on a W163 year 2000. It is not located in iso plug A pin 1 on my car?
  15. J

    Speed pulse lead for W163

    I have searched the forum and cannot find a pic or ID for picking up a speed signal on an ML430 without a canbus. Has anyone managed to ID the lead/pin for the pulse. Cheers
  16. A

    Navigation: Speed pulse and antenna Q

    After a lot of consideration I decided to go for a Blaupunkt DX-V, which can be picked up new in Germany for around 1150 euro. I intend to (try) to install it myself, but having read all the GPS related topics I still have a few questions: 1) Assuming I can find the speed pulse on pin 1A...
  17. V12

    Speed Pulse on a 190E

    My car is in a million pieces at the moment, doing some work ;) One that has stumped me is on the sat nav, the speed pulse... I'm not too up on electronics, only basic stuff. But is it a similiar system to the pickup for the cruise control? I have heard that some of the later W124's...
  18. M

    Speed Pulse

    Hi, I am going to install an APS30 unit in my W208. The speed pulse isn't wired in yet, but I was thinking of wiring it through now so that it's already there for when I get hold of the APS30 unit and install it. (Hopefully within the next two weeks) I'm just wondering if connecting it now...
  19. D

    slk speed pulse line

    im fitting an alpine nav system and need to know where the speed pulse line is ,also while im at it where is the illumination wire and reversing wire?
  20. IanT

    W210 speed pulse connections for APS?

    I've spent most of today fitting my new M-B APS into my 2001 model W210, but have two wires remaining that I really would like to know where to connect. I have a WIS printout, but this appears to be for a car without the newer Brake Assist System (BAS) and Electronic Stability Programme...
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