1. M

    crankshaft pulse sensor

    Hi, I drive a 2001 Mercedes E320 CDI. Can someone tell me is the Crankshaft Pulse Sensor held in place by a Torx screw. I was told they just pull out. Mine seems pretty tight. I do not want to have to drop the gearbox to get it out. I have tried doing it from under and above the engine, no joy...
  2. jamesbondOO7

    Speed pulse on a R107

    Good afternoon I am trying to install an APS 30 on my 1989 300 SL (R107), but I need a speed pulse. Where can I get it? The car has standard ABS, and I also have cruise control. Many thanks in advance!
  3. gIzzE

    w203 stereo adapter, steering wheel, speed pulse, illumination etc. Plus fascia.

    I have this for sale.... Mercedes C Class <2004 Stalk Steering Wheel Control Adaptor Lead Comes with Pioneer lead, also fits others like Sony etc. Gives you all you need for an install, speed pulse, illumination, handbrake, reverse, 12v switched etc. Makes installing a stereo plug...
  4. stevieb15

    Sent wife's pulse through the roof!

    My wife had a major event on the M25 in her 2004 320 CLK when it stalled/engine suddenly stopped without any warning. Jayne was in the outside lane, keeping up with traffic, so 75-80, when all of a sudden she was powerless, she managed to drift across from lane to lane with much flashing of...
  5. amg3.6

    W202 98 Speed Pulse Wire

    is it correct that pin 1 in the ISO plug is the speed pulse wire? Pin 1 is green/purple colour wire The comad is definatly not picking the speed pulse its coming up with the error code B1734 which means no speed pulse from traction control
  6. G

    2001 CLK speed pulse pickup

    Hi folks, does anybody know an easy place to pick up the speed pulse for GPS on a w208 2001 CLK 320? i'm assuming its not on the iso, as none of the pinouts mention it - can i grab it from the back of the instrument cluster or similar? cheers Rob
  7. G

    w208 speed pulse pickup

    Hi folks, does anybody know an easy place to pick up the speed pulse for GPS on a 2001 CLK 320? i'm assuming its not on the iso, as none of the pinouts mention it - can i grab it from the back of the instrument cluster or similar? cheers Rob
  8. L

    w202 mercedes speed pulse wire

    hello i got a w202 96 c180 and i need to know where to find the speedpulse wire as i am going to fit a pioneer player with navi Anyone know the location of the wire i need? Lars
  9. 1

    W203 Comand Speed Pulse

    Hi I have retrofitted a Comand 2.0 in my 2002 C270 Estate and I cant find the speed pulse wire that is meant to be a blck/green wire taped up in the left sill area. I have located a taped up green / black wire but it is one of a pair the other being a yellow / black both terminating in an unused...
  10. T

    ETS light and brake pulse

    Hello all, I have a problem with my 2002 ML270. When driving normally and very intermitantly the ETS warning triangle comes on and a kind of pulsing can be felt through the brake pedal whist gently braking. Some times this happens when not even touching the pedal for a second and then it...
  11. B

    W202 cranks ok but no spark or injector pulse

    Problem occurred twice whilst driving (lost all power) but car re-started immediately, unfortunately now it's gone terminal! No warning lights on dash - don't know if any error messages have been generated (don't have a reader). Suspect Crankshaft Sensor or Immobiliser is faulty. Whilst cranking...
  12. grober

    Pulse code counter display

    Following a discussion on hand held testers on the "other side" :oI took the liberty of posting this interesting little circuit for a pulse counter display to save folks trying to count those little LED flashes. quote:- In addition to the above I guess we are all familiar with the basic...
  13. A

    51 270 ml speed pulse wire

    can anyone tell me what one it is in the iso plug thanks :confused:
  14. ngenius1

    W124 speed pulse wire

    Hi all, recently fitted my alpine navi to the car (1993 320ce), took a picture of the location of the wire for anyone who needs the information.
  15. Roadie

    Sync pulse cable

    Hi all, i've just had my Pioneer X1 Sat Nav fitted to my car including a Parrot hands free but the installer has said that they couldn't find the sync pulse cable to connect to my Pioneer. I did mention to them that my earlier Merc a 1999 CLK used the same hifi and through this forum the cable...
  16. S

    C43 Speed Pulse Wire

    Hi there,i have only just got this fantastic motor car and am in the process of fitting my nav system into it.I have an alpine iva-w200r double din head unit and nve-n099 sat nav unit.I have read in the "How To" section about fitting command units and how people have got around the double din...
  17. Roadie

    Speed pulse cable

    Hi all, would anyone know where to and what colour the spedd pulse cable would be on my 1999 CLK 320? I've looked at the HOW TO section and read Alfie's post which states his was in the left sill and was blue/green would this be the same for all? Thanks
  18. H

    comand speed pulse

    hi all i got a local radio shop to fit my clk w208 comand into my clk 320, big mistake, the navi does not pick up my location i can pick sats up between 4 to 8 but when i go into the config settings the speed pulse does not pick up my speed it knows if i am going forward or reverse, is their...
  19. Stratman

    Comand Speed Pulse

    I have recently had Comand installed into my W203 (thanks Alfie) and a little while later managed to get a local independent dealer to enable the cluster display. However during this he managed to wipe all the presets in the Comand unit, so we went through and reset them but when we came to "ABS...
  20. Barbanasos

    Pulse at Break Pedal

    Hi, although a mercedes fan for years following my dad's trustworthy 123 I purchased an E240 1998. Everything is great with the car, but I am pretty paranoid about every vibration, little noises etc and obviously if there is sth wrong I want ot put it right. All the mechanics find the car...
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