1. Palfrem

    Very Full Fat 4.2 SC 58 reg Range Rover

    I may well have found a suitable G Wagen. Therefore, my RR VSE needs to be sold within about three weeks or so. It's on 52400 with FLRSH and about 6 months or so of LR Warranty remaining. MOT around Sept 2016 I think Tyres all good Pirelli Scorpions. Full sized spare. New battery about...
  2. vito-dork

    V12 RAS and REG 800 cherished numbers on retention

    V12 RAS = £2000 REG 800 = £2500 both on retention no extra charges tel..07775 349232
  3. M

    Worth delaying Reg by 2 weeks..???

    My Merc is expected to be in Feb second week. Is it worth waiting another 2 weeks and get it registered in March 2016 to get '16' plate...?? Is there any danger in keeping vehicle @ dealer for 2 weeks ..? Will they use new car as 'test drive car'..??:devil:
  4. D

    Private reg DA55 OFF

    As above on a 9 year retention certificate. Suits Darryl Darren Daz or even dash off £450
  5. E

    CLS Reg plate led light fitment.

    Hello Chaps, I am sure this has been spoken about before. My car a CLS has led reg plate lights, one went off, so I got the replacement. I have removed the cover from the boot, but there is a torx screw on both side out near the plate which hold a silver plate, which I need to remove...
  6. Andrew W

    PDV 1 Reg mumber

    A friend of mine might consider selling his plate if he got a good offer , any Peter Davises on here ;)
  7. S

    center air vent unit 52 reg c200k

    I am after center air vent, full unit for 52 reg c200k, grey color.
  8. S

    SLK 230 (petrol - W reg - 2000)

    These are the symptoms: most dashboard warning lights showing; radiator cooling fan running from when ignition is turned on; jerks into and out of gear from neutral; battery ran down with ignition turned off. Bristol, UK based: We have had very heavy rain, deep curbside puddles that have...
  9. vito-dork

    V12 RAS and REG 800 cherished numbers on retention

    for sale on retention V12 RAS = £2000 REG 800 = £2750
  10. Palfrem

    E36 AMG reg up for sale

    I see in this month's Mercedes Club Gazette, that this reg number is up for sale... ...for an asking price of £12,500.00! Given the very small number of cars that this reg would look good on, surely this will never sell at anywhere close to that kind of money. EDIT. Just had a...
  11. grumpyoldgit

    V12 LAF Reg No. Get your bids in.

    Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how much this will go for? Personally I don't have a clue... :dk: Ferrari to auction V12 LAF number plate for charity
  12. C

    320 cls 56 reg

    Hi Need to change front shocks on above car. Anyone know the correct part for standard shocks (not airmatic) What make should I get?? thanks
  13. C

    Reg Plate Light

    Got a little message ping up on my dash this morning telling me the r/h/s reg plate light is gone, is it safe to change myself as manual says take it to a dealer..... For a BULB change SERIOUSLY???
  14. cliveBRABUS

    Just bought a new reg no

    V8 FUY not sure its right ?
  15. R

    Exact Spec of new car using Reg?

    Hi All, I've just bought a used C220 sport (very excited! :bannana:) and the dealer didn't really have the complete spec of the car they appear to have missed out that it had intelligent light system - or so I'm told. Is there anyone that can check the complete list of extras on the vehicle...
  16. Abcan

    M17 ABC reg for sale

    I'm selling the registration M17 ABC on behalf of my mother. It is currently on retention. £500 ONO. Please DM if interested.
  17. M

    Fitting T5 swivel base to 54 reg vito?

    Hi all, first post on here, had a look all round here and google but can't find any answers. We just bought a vito with 2 single front seats, a mate has just offered me 2 nice leather seats with VW T5 swivel bases, does anyone know if it's possible to adapt them to fit? these are the bases VW...
  18. C

    53 reg 350 SL advice please

    Hi I have been looking and am about to make some enquiries on the car above and I believe this is the engine that had timing gear problems it is advertised as 126k with full history so what should I be looking for in the history to be sure it has been rectified or can I check with Mercedes with...
  19. C

    Pre reg pcp deal A45, thoughts please...

    Can anyone think of any disadvantages of getting a pre registered car over a new one? I am going for a PCP to underwrite the value of car in 2yrs so it doesn't matter we are the second owners (3 months old). Car has delivery miles and high spec and compares favourably with new car with 9%...
  20. P

    High mileage C270 CDI estate facelift 54 reg

    My car seems to be showing its mileage a little over the bumps. There are no knocks or bangs but it seems to have lost its composure on the road crashing over bumps. Worst is if I hit a pothole mid bend it sends a shudder through the car and knocks it off line. Last MOT showed no advisories only...
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