1. A

    Is there a higher authority to report garages?

    Mercs only have basically conned me on several occasions and i'm not sure what to do now, i tried going to them for a refund on Brake fluid change, Spark plug change, Air filter change and they rejected even after i showed them the report i recieved from the mercedes dealer themselves. The...
  2. st13phil

    W204 Reliability Report

    OK, I've had my W204 now for just over six months and as this is a still considered a "new" model and one which Mercedes have made a big fuss about in terms of the reliability gremlins of past models being a thing of the past, I thought I'd start a thread for W204 owners to report any issues...
  3. crockers

    C63 AMG report

    Just received this email link looks interesting :bannana:
  4. W

    38 pin diagnostic report location for w202 cdi

    hi all, can anyone tell me where i should be looking for the 38 pin diagnostic port on my 1999 w202 c220 cdi ? as i cant find it !
  5. Barryh

    HPI Report

    I have just recieved one of these from the selling dealer.Does anyone know which symbol signifies no accident damage.Is it Condition alert (VCAR)? I asked the dealer to write/e mail if there was any accident damage ,he said it would show on HPI.Is that sufficient to warrant any claim should I...
  6. A

    Next seat for our baby 10months old (which report anyone?)

    Hello Our little one is growing up fast 10 months and legs almost sticking out of her Maxi Cosi car seat that not so long ago she looked tiny in. Anyway me being bloke the next forward facing seat was going to be a Recaro :cool: simply because its a recaro. One of the ones also see's her...
  7. SilverSaloon

    Car data check report

    Hello.... been looking at various cars to buy.... done an RAC Car Data check.... Can anyone shed any light on what this means? Was the car stolen? does it mean it is still registered as stolen? or does it simply mean its been stolen at some point and recovered? thanks
  8. D

    Holiday Report

    Dear All, As some of you are interested in my little trips to the continent, I thought I'd report on progress so far... Arrangements were very rushed, due me being out of the country on business for the last month. Nonetheless I managed to arrange everything including the visa within 24...
  9. scotth_uk

    My CLK63 Report

    Hi All, Just something I am working on over at an Australian forum. Keep in mind that AMGs are a very rare thing indeed out here. So I'm in the back of a taxi in Melbourne, heading out the airport. About to head home to Sydney for the week, I received a phone call from Brisbane (stay with...
  10. boggie

    W210 320CDI RAC report - Advice needed please

    Hi All, I just got the RAC report on the car we are planning to buy. It lists a few problems, most are minor such as scuffed wheels, stone chip in screen, small crack in wheel arch liner etc. There are a couple of parts missing: Small grille next to front fog light, drivers side sill tread...
  11. MikeL

    Speed Camera Report

    This is from The Mail On Sunday, makes for interesting reading..... Speed Camera Probe Mike
  12. scotth_uk

    Sky's report on Airport parking....

    Is Your Car Park Secure? Updated: 11:06, Friday October 06, 2006 A Sky News investigation has raised concerns about some airport car parking facilities. The "meet and greet" parking services advertise on the web, claiming to be cheaper than those offered by airports. But we found that...
  13. scotth_uk

    Disturbing TV Report - Trapping online paedos in USA

    Hi All, Just happened to be watching some TV last week in the US, when NBC Dateline aired a special report called "To catch a predator" about trapping paedophiles in an area called Petaluma, and I understand that this was not the first trap of it's type. If you have kids that use the net...
  14. grober

    Mercedes quarterly report.

    There was a long thread about the high cost of Mercedes Servicing earlier in the year and one of the reasons given was that mercedes dealers were struggling to make any money.:rolleyes: Well here's Daimler Chryslers last quartery report. They seem to be doing alright?:crazy...
  15. Satch

    EURORAP report on road safety

    So, the report notes: "Single carriageway roads once again dominate the list of roads where death and serious injuries are both routine and predictable. Some of these consistently higher-risk roads have been at the top of the list since our work began in 2002. This begs the questions: “Are...
  16. R

    Tyre purchase report

    After agonising for too long about which tyres to get and where to get them I finally took the plunge today and had the new Michelin Primacy HP's fitted to the rear (225/50R16V) of my C270 Estate, to replace the Bridgestone Turanza ER30's. The Bridgestones seemed far too stiff in the sidewall...
  17. R

    Dealer first visit / service report (longish)

    So I took my C270Cdi Estate for its first ever trip to my local dealer (MB Chester) – the cars an Oct 04 vehicle that I bought in March 05 from MB Direct with 6000 miles. I only really use the car for long motorway journeys, and it’s shown service A at approx 18,500 miles for some time. I...
  18. saorbust

    V5.0 DVD for W211 COMAND - First Report

    Yep - I picked it up today - about 30 minutes ago. Many thanks to those who provided the part numbers etc - the guy at the depot told me they have a whole bunch to send out for back orders - so yours should be here soon for those that ordered them. Okay, so its the V5.0 Nav Disc. I'll keep...
  19. Maff

    New Range Rover Sport report...

    I've had the RR Sport for a couple of days now, and really getting to like it. The first things that spring to mind is how refined the thing is. It's quieter to drive than the CL, and engine noise is almost silent from the 2.7 diesel unit. The steering is quite heavy, but this thing flies for...
  20. marc777

    Report on my D + service

    Cost £790 plus VAT in the end, with £450 odd being supply and fit front and rear brake pads and front discs. Oil £117 though! Have to say, at 40,000 my service costs total is now £1100 plus VAT with 13,000 until the next one. Cheaper than I thought it would be when I bought the car. 2.75p...
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