1. ringway

    How do I slate a competitor in a report, without dropping myself in the mire.

    One of our regular clients used a local contractor (Company X) in one of their London branches. This happened because our client (they regularly give us projects up to 100, miles away) thought the installation would be too far afield for us. The installation is incredibly poor by anyones...
  2. clk208

    Knife wielding driver - to report or not?

    Just been the subject of some road rage. A driver slammed on the anchors in front of me, presumbaly to stop and go to a cash point. There was no use of indicators and the stop was abrupt so on passing I looked over to see what sort of person was driving. Maybe it was the way I looked over. He...
  3. C

    ESS report

    I have just done an ESS report prior to booking a B service and there is no mention of spark plug replacement. The car is 5 1/2 years old and has covered 27k. Does this mean the plugs are not required or does the ESS system not list items such as plugs, transmission fluid etc ?
  4. A

    Help please on Health check report!

    I have just had the free winter health check at local dealer and there are a couple of points which they have high-lighted. I don't know if they are significant and need immediate attention or if I can live with them any advice wud be greatly appreciated 1: Both front torque ball joint boots...
  5. crockers

    Another Good Customer Service Report.

    Well decided I needed to get fitter so moved our John Lewis Exercise Bike into the spare lounge and plugged in the lead. Turned on and BANG...screen started smoking so I quickly unplugged it. Thinking Damn and many other words - saying to myself Carp John Lewis own label product. Got onto JL...
  6. PJayUK

    How do you report dangerous driving when on a motorway

    I thought I had seen it all! Tonight on my way home I was on the M25 heading clockwise from Heathrow. Traffic was slow but after the M3 started to speed up. I was in the middle lane the traffic was travelling at around 60mph. In my rear view mirror I noticed a black Audi A6 Avant (I got the...
  7. I

    94 500SL 55k, Merc inspection report

    Just had the 60k major service (£200...very good!) and a long vehicle inspection (£50) at main dealer. I'd be grateful if an SL guru had a chance to look through the list below and point out any horrors. Not asking for you to contradict the dealer but nice for my background knowledge to know...
  8. J

    Where can I get a four gas analysis diagnostic report?

    Does anyone know whether I should be able to get a four gas analysis diagnostic report done at any mot centre, or do I need to go to mercedes specialist/dealer?? I have a CLK 230K and need the report to try and cover warranty on failed cat converter. Help please, starting to pull my hair out...
  9. D

    Star Diagnostics Report - SRS warning

    2002 CLK320 (W208.365) Hi, I see many threads about the SRS Warning light on this forum. I seems there could be several root causes. I have a report from my local garage. I was hoping someone out there could decipher these codes. My garage is not a Mercedes specialist, so I'll need to give...
  10. C240Sport97

    W212 24 hour test drive report

    Thanks to hawk20’s tip, I managed to get a 24 hour test drive of a W212 E220 CDi Blue Efficiency SE last weekend, from MB’s corporate department. Picked up from MB Bromley (who first said they had no idea who I was, and that I should go to MB Dartford) on Sat am, and returned Sun am. Drove...
  11. alanuk400

    Accident Report

    This is a bricklayer's accident report, which was printed in the newsletter of Australia's Workers' Compensation board. Dear Sir, I am writing in response to your request for additional information in Block 3 of the accident report form. I put 'poor planning' as the cause of my...
  12. C

    CLK Wheel alignment Report

    HI All, Could do with some advice, I have CLK 320 , 92,000miles w208. I have attached the wheel alignment report from a recent check. Car is pulling to the left and is giving uneven wear to the outside of the near side tyre. During the check the technician found that there is excessive...
  13. JumboBeef

    eBay scam ~ and I can't report it!

    I found this: 2005 MOTORHOME SWIFT FREESTYLE CARAVAN DIESEL CAMPER on eBay (end time 04-Aug-09 00:33:37 BST) This must be a scam, as the motorhome would be worth £20K plus, not £6,500. However, the eBay system will not allow me to report it (it says the item number is incorrect and if you...
  14. Satch

    Transport Committee Report: Taxes and charges on road users

    Well well. What surprise. I suppose there will be Select Committee soon that will be telling us that bears do in fact poo in the woods. "The Government handled a phased set of increases to Vehicle Excise Duty so badly they tarnished the image of environmental taxes. Report: Taxes and...
  15. Chrishazle

    Health Check Report - Should I Worry About Any Of These?

    Just had the free health check at MB Ashford on my 2001 C270CDI estate (first MB, love it!!). They had a few comments that I'm not sure about as I'm not "oily handed". First, they said my brake fluid is black. It was changed on 10/5/2006 and 45848 miles - currently 70500 miles, have only done...
  16. bigyin1

    autocar end of term report on their w124 E280 End of term report is quite good and features an interview with non other than Nick Froome.... :)
  17. st13phil

    W204 C-Class – End of Year Report

    Having just completed my first 12 months and 14,000 miles in my W204 C220 CDI (which is also my first Mercedes-Benz) culminating with its first “A” service at a main dealer, I thought it’d be worth sharing a few thoughts about the experience. After driving VW cars for the last 10 years (and...
  18. Satch

    Pre budget report tax hit

    Cutting through all the nonsense, this is what it actually means in terms of income tax and NIC for employed individuals per KPMG relative to your 2008/9 net income Income/year 09/10 10/11 11/12 10,000 118.80 118.80 215.58 25,000 118.80...
  19. D

    Doctors told they must report unfit drivers to the DVLA

    Previously they were advised only to consider whether they should tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if they believed a motorist was potentially dangerous. But draft guidance published by the General Medical Council makes it mandatory for doctors to report any motorist to the DVLA if...
  20. MBManInKen

    Torquay Report

    Below is my report on the GTG in Torquay last Saturday. :D We drove up to Torquay on Friday and arrived back in London this evening. The s-class performed its magic as per usual and the ride was therefore comfortable and smooth in the extreme. However, there were quite a few traffic...
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