1. F

    S124 Estate Rear Washer Reservoir grommet

    So on refilling the rear wash reservoir all the fluid fell out as the grommet/gasket under the pump is perished. Is this part available or do I need to buy a new reservoir or pump?
  2. T

    E55 strut reservoir repair.

    So finally I've found the leak on my rear suspension :banana: Right side bubbling like mad,left side just about. As few on here knows already it's almost impossible to find even reconditioned part. I've managed to find the guy who can fabricate the nipple and weld it back in place. My...
  3. B

    w219 cls air suspension bag air tank reservoir

    W219 cls air suspension bag air tank reservoir is aluminum or stainless steel ? Thanks
  4. rk100

    Abc fluid reservoir

    Hello all I just noticed that there is a small circular crack around the dipstick to the abc fluid reservoir in my w215 CL. It looks like someone pushed in hard or leaned heavily on the dipstick. Obviously I would like to get this fixed but in the meantime will driving the car with the...
  5. sidporsche

    Wanted E55 211 Air reservoir for rear airbag

    Wanted the little air tanks that attach to the rear suspension airbag units, I managed to repair the n/s but the o/s is badly corroded . Any condition will do Thanks in advance Sid
  6. D

    Wanted late (1995) W124 Hydraulic self levelling suspension reservoir needed

    Anyone got one of these spare? Mine has split along the moulding seam. Sits in the engine bay nearside next to the ABS unit at the front. Thanks Daniel
  7. E

    W210 E300td headlight washer reservoir

    Does the above have a separate level sensor from the windscreen reservoir? If you fill one does the other top up too? I got a message about dashboard error and read that it can be caused by a dirty washer fluid sensor. Thanks
  8. RichardF

    What's this reservoir R129 94 SL320

    I've been under the front bumper fixing some faulty wiring on the drivers side fog lamp and notice a nearly empty reservoir below the washer reservoir. Any idea what it is? The washer reservoir is full, this lower one has some dregs slopping about in it, they dont's seem to be connected. Most...

    G Wagon (W463) Coolant Reservoir Caps!

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can locally (London) purhcase a new cap for the coolant tank on a G Wagon? I seem to have developed a slight leak and the local indie tells me (after a pressure test) that its likely to be a loose cap. The only place I can find this part online seems to be...
  10. B

    How did brake fluid reservoir filled up with water?

    I've been away for 2 months (May-June), parked the car on the curb and when I returned brakes felt like I was driving on eggs. Mechanic told me my brake fluid was water, not brake fluid. He has no idea how did that happen, nor I do. The car is C200K, 2001 production. I bought it 3 years ago...
  11. C

    Where is the POWER STEERING FLUID Reservoir on mercedes E220 CDI 2005 Model. HELP PLZ

    Hello all. im new to this site. please help me. i just bought a mercedes e220 cdi 2005 car. its done about 72000 and all serviced by main dealers mercedes. my concern is that the steering wheel seems to be heavy. i have driven other cars of similar sort and the steering wheel on mine compared...
  12. M

    Power Steering reservoir location

    Hi All I'm a new member to the forum. I've been viewing the posts on "groaning power steering" and have decided that that mine is doing the same. I have a 53 plate E270 CDI, but I'm unclear as to where the reseervoir is located in order to check the level. Can anyone help please. Many...
  13. panason1c

    ML coolant reservoir sensor

    Hi, Does anyone know if the level sensor in the coolant reservoir on a w163, 2002 ml270 is replaceable?, or is it a fixed, non-removable part of the tank?
  14. F

    c63 power steering fluid reservoir

    Does anybody know where the power steering fluid reservoir is on the C63, the steering is making a slight high pitched rubbing type noise, it seems to be coming from the column inside the cabin, it's so trivial I can't be bothered to take it to the dealers and was wondering if it might be low on...
  15. tlzeebub

    Power steering reservoir cap

    I seem to have a very small leak of power steering fluid coming past the seal on the cap it's very small just a misting of oil, so I rang my local stealer who told me that the cap only comes with the reservoir which I dont mind but then he went on to tell me that the reservoir only comes with...
  16. C

    reservoir keeps emptying for powerhood on clk

    After finding out how to access the hood pump/reservoir and closing the roof manually, its established ive got a serious leak, dont know where? any help, cheers
  17. AANDYY

    Windscreen washer reservoir level sensor. Ohms?

    I think I have a faulty windscreen washer reservoir sensor. I have good ground at the plug and about 5v at the plug. I have removed the sensor and measured the resistance with a multi meter, I thought it would be a straight on and off when inverting the sensor but when in the 'full' position I'm...
  18. dokalj

    Best way to clean out Windscreen reservoir

    Does anyone know the best way to clean the gunk out of the windscreen reservoir. Vehicle is a ML163. Thanks dokalj
  19. Shamaz Majid

    HELP! W210 ATF Filling Reservoir

    Hi guys, I would be very grateful for your urgent help. I noticed last night that oil was dripping from the bottom of the car. Fearing the worst, I took it to a garage this morning who have confirmed that the ATF pipe under the radiator has corroded. I now need to make a 250 mile...
  20. swannymere

    W124 Heated washer reservoir

    Might be handy for someone. Heated Washer Bottle
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