1. FateSynchro

    Clutch relearn/Gearbox reset - E63 W212

    My box is a bit less smooth first thing on a morning and sometimes after been stood (hot) for a few hours, usually 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th are the two that make a more obvious shift, its not mega rough or anything but there is a noticeable difference between the rest of the shifts. I have...
  2. JustIgnore

    NTG1 APS Reset to W211_ECE

    Hi. A mate of mine played around on my E55 and wanted to switch it to the AMG logo during boot up, which he succeeded but selected the AMG211_USA option instead of AMG211_ECE... :doh: Anyways, now I lack the DVD and TA feature but have the WB softkey, plus I just can't get into the config menu...
  3. S

    Ash Content reset?

    I have the OM-651, engine 180K miles, from the last service DPF 18% full, soot less 10 % but the ash level is around 100%, and the check engine light has come on twice now. I am assuming the ash content is just a guestimate based on usage? There are only pressure sensor or is some other...
  4. S

    Reset ABS/ESP lights after sensor change - w204

    I had these lights and the run flat one come on. I found one of the sensors at the rear had an open circuit so I changed it. How do I now clear the lights on the dash (apart from sticky tape :-)) ? I did this same change on a Toyota dn it cleared automatically when it found the new sensor...
  5. C

    E Class 7g Gearbox update and reset cost

    Hi all, I have a 2012 E class coupe with 7g gearbox and its clunky when shifting at low speeds, i was going to get a gearbox software update and reset done as ive read that the procedure on the internet for resetting the gearbox yourself doesn't actually work. Has anyone had this done and how...
  6. B

    W211 limp mode reset.

    Hi I have been trying to work out what I should do with my e320cdi 2007 which is currently only driving in 2nd and reverse. On selecting drive it feels as though its jumping into 2nd rather than smoothly (I assume this is the limp home mode). I have had the rear left reluctor ring (which was...
  7. K

    SBC reset

    Anyone in Essex/Suffolk could reset the SBC counter on my E320 or has a Star with Developer mode?Not expecting it done for free tho.
  8. C

    Airbag reset

    Anyone in halifax that can reset my airbag light. Lent out my carsoft and its in bolton. Had door panel off on my ml and stupidly turned on ignition. Need it resetting but not getting my carsoft back till next weekend.
  9. T

    Rear DVD Region Code reset

    Hi, I have a problem with my factory fitted rear DVD units on my 2011 GL350. One works fine, but the other rejects DVD's with the Wrong Region Code error. Does any one know the remote control key sequence to get in to engineering mode so I can check the region code settings? - I have found...
  10. R

    2006 W211 service indicator reset

    Hello everybody. I think I have finally got this post in the correct forum.... I know that this has been discussed before and I found an old post which directs me to a Dropbox link to explain how to reset the service indicator but the Dropbox link doesnt now work, so could anyone explain the...
  11. Z

    Engineerimg mode reset

    Hi ive just enbled bluetooth audio and had to reset my comand software whilst doing this. Is there any chamce this will.have affected my gearbox learning? I seem to have a big lag on throttle response and kickdown which ididnt have before i changed the bluetooth audio setting Thanks Sent from...
  12. C

    A45 engine warning light reset?

    Is there a way to reset the engine warning light without having to return to the dealership to see if it comes back on? Many thanks in advance
  13. B

    SBC reset

    Hi I have 2003 w211 with 128k mls. How do I check when to do a SBC reset. As I understand when you get a red warning light its too late. Also can you do a reset at anytime without causing SBC problems:dk:
  14. C

    E class coupe 7g gearbox reset

    Hi all, I have a 62 plate E class coupe with the 7G gearbox and am having some issues with it occasionally not changing gear smoothly when driving slow in traffic around 2-3rd gears so wondered does any one know the correct procedure for doing a gearbox reset/relearn? I've read a few online and...
  15. merc85

    SBC Warning Reset?? good idea?

    On my quest for a e55, ive come a cross a few cars that have had the Sbc counter reset. This worries me abit tbh, Do you think it's a good idea or not,and if the counter has been reset do you still get the white warnings before the RED warning and No brakes (very little) brakes.
  16. H

    Reset service maintenance on b class

    Does anyone know how to reset the service maintenance indicator on MB b class W246 (2013 model)? Found one on YouTube but that's in German.
  17. steve333

    Auto box reset

    Hi all,can someone remind me the procedure for resetting the auto box so I can do it for the mrs as she has a new slk,many thanks!
  18. adile220

    W203 Audio 10 reset procedure

    Hi All, I seem to recall there was a procedure to reset the Audio 10 stereo from the W203 (pre-facelift). It involved holding two of the shoulder buttons down for a set period of time. Does anyone know what the procedure is? If so would appreciate some advice. Best, Adil
  19. D

    HVAC flap reset 2014 W166 ML350

    Hi Is there a way to reset the HVAC flaps on a W166 (ML350) ? I've tried the Demist + Recirc option and that doesn't work for this model. I'm getting slightly warmer air on the drivers side (when trying to cool the car) than the passenger side and also an intermittent rising pitch noise for a...
  20. horgantrevor

    W212 how to reset A1 service

    Hi I know how to reset service on w212 But to day it wouldn't work on a w212 E220 2013 The car has only 13,000 miles in it guy barely drives it its in for the A1 service Did service went to reset service interval Did the correct. Procedure But after it Asked last question which normally...
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