1. A

    I want to restore my S Class 300SE 1991

    Hello all, I am looking to restore my dads car, back to the standard it should be. Firstly I noticed front bumper rotting and rusting rotting under the back chassis under the boot. Interior inside the car is damage, and im looking for basically a whole refurb of the car. Does anyone know...
  2. AMG-Al

    iPod help....

    Hi My original (circa 1934!!!) laptop has finally given up the ghost. Sadly my kinda obscure music collection was on iTunes on this laptop and on my iPod only. Is there a simple way to copy from my iPod, 8Mb 2nd generation nano I think, back to a new laptop? :dk: The less complex the...
  3. P

    System Restore

    I have a laptop with Vista ultimate on it. Each time I try to run System Restore it goes through all the motions, restarts and then tells me it has been unsuccessful but without any detail. Does anybody know anything that might help me to locate a fault?
  4. C

    To restore or not Restore-that is the question, whether 'tis nobler to suffer the...

    Following on from my post I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about my car and the merits of 'restoring' it. Its made me ponder the mind-set of owners who renovate & restore cars when its obvious to them that the expense is more than the actual car will be worth?. Is it the love of a...
  5. A

    Friends on Forum restore Lotus in secret

    Any one see this, make you feel the world isn't such a bad place after all. Quite like this forum!
  6. esox

    XP restore not restorig.

    My xp system restore goes through the motions,but after restarting i get"unable to restore,no changes have been made" Whats up?:confused:
  7. Howard

    Engine Restore Oil Suspend your naturally dubious nature for a while chaps .... Anyone encountered anything like this ? could it work ..... Think i should give it a go ? I have noticed a puff of smoke on kickdown...
  8. scruffy

    system restore

    am suddenly swamped in pop ups and my system restore has stopped working, any good pop up blockers out there thanks
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