1. developer

    S211 Wanted

    I'm after a known (on here) S211 - V6, 280 or 320 and a facelift. Low mileage/service history. Budget c£10K. Like this...
  2. S

    S211 Clunking noises

    Hi, I've tried searching but cant find anything specific on the problem I have. I have a 2007 E320 cdi which has done 3000 miles short of 200k, however its in remarkable mechanical condition with full MB/Indie history. One thing is annoying me though, I have a clunking noise coming...
  3. M

    S211 gearboxes and s/c button?

    This may be a silly question but when looking at adverts can I tell if an e-class has the 5 or 7 speed gearbox by looking to see if it has an s/c button? Some cars seem to have the S/C button and some dont - is it an indicator that the car has the 7 speed box? thanks
  4. F

    Mercedes s211 rear heated seats

    Hello I think I read somewhere that the s211 rear seats already have the heating built into the seats but you need to buy new rear window switches (the ones with the heated seats button) does anyone have any knowledge about this since I was interested in doing a rear heated seats retrofit...
  5. D

    s211 2004 e55 amg wheels

    What are the stock items? I think they're amg iv 18". Mine need a refurb and after an incident with a pot hole the fronts now need straightening. Might be cheaper to buy more! Thanks
  6. B

    How to do an W/S211 E320 EGR blank

    I recently had a Celtic Tuning remap by Redgorton Garage near Perth and as part of this I had them (electronically) delete the EGR from the ECU. The effect of deleting the EGR from the ECU means the ECU no longer looks for it functioning, although the valve itself is still open to the crud...
  7. D

    S211 Airmatic - Scanned fault fixed - wont rise ?

    I had my car scanned today after the rear dropping when drivingCarit wasn't quite on the stops but close. During tests with a mates RAC scanner ( hes an RAC guy ) we got the rear to lower but wouldn't rise. Pump error was found, Ive just been out to the car and the pump is like new Id eat my...
  8. Herishi

    S211 red battery warning

    So I got this warning today, I'm guessing alternator but the car is running fine! Any ideas here? Thanks Steve
  9. merc85

    Had a Mini Meet with a 300bhp s211 Derv

    Hooked up With Forum member Herishi and his 300hp Msl tuned s211, Complimented Brutus Well.:devil:
  10. T

    S211 boot won't lock shut

    On my s211 E320 went to close boot earlier, pressed button and it closes ok but instead of pulling last bit closed and locking it just opens again, closing by hand it won't lock down either, it did make a funny clicking kind of sound when it opened, any suggestions what problem could be? Cheers
  11. E

    S211 Number Plate Lightbulbs

    Evening all, Wondered if anyone could recommend number plate lightbulbs for an '04 S211, did a quick search but couldn't find anything recent. I've just this evening had the error message appear on the dash for the left number plate bulb. Assuming it's the bulb, are the LED replacements a...
  12. D

    s212 roof bars on a s211?

    Anyone know if they would fit? Thanks
  13. E

    E class s211 self levelling suspension issue

    Hi all, My Merc's suspension has been going down a while, it appears to be nearside. Here's the issue, it's been into the garage and they diagnosed a faulty sensor. This was fixed and the car was upright for about 4 days, first sign of any weight in back and it went down. Now I can drive the...
  14. E

    S211 Gearbox Oil Cooler Pipes

    Evening all, Long time reader, first time poster. Spent a lot of time browsing the forums prior to buying my first MB, and became the proud owner of an '04 S211 E320 a few months back. The car is brilliant, but over the last month I noticed a vibration under load, which thanks to this...
  15. D

    modded e55 s211

    Mercedes AMG E55 Estate, Eurocharged Pulley/Remap 550BHP, 7 Seats, Full History | eBay just about to finish but cheap at the moment. High miles but this chap was selling his Maserati 4200 last week so you'd assume its been (there have been funds to) looked after.
  16. T

    towbar for S211 E320 sport compatability

    Hi all, been looking on ebay for a towbar and most say they have only been tested on single exhaust cars or not for sports models, yet looking online at other towbar specialists they only mention not suitable for E63 AMG, has anyone fitted one to a sport model without any problems, can't really...
  17. T

    Whistling S211

    After turning my blower on today I noticed a whistling sound which increases as I increased the blower speed, it seems to be coming from the 2 centre vents and becomes quite noticeable at speed 5, any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Tom.
  18. astamir

    s211 320cdi ESP ABS message

    Hi guys! Needed a help from the forum members who experienced this kind of problem. Three messages appeared on the dashboard ESP ABS AND BRAKE PERFORMANCE REDUCED with yellow abs sign on dashboard. Plugged Delphi diagnostic tool and it gave me the following codes C2534-hydraulic fault,right...
  19. PaulXC

    E320Cdi S211 Estate Steering wheel not straight

    So far this year I have had two new front springs and then a couple of weeks later a new nearside rear wheel bearing. The steering wheel is now not centred when driving in a straight line. The indi who did the bearing and springs reckons he put it back together the way it came apart ...
  20. H

    S211 rear parking sensors/bumper removal

    Hello all. I bought E55BOF's splendid E55K estate via this forum some weeks back, and have been enjoying it immensely. Slightly less immensely since somebody nudged the car in the rear while it was parked up, realigning one of the parking sensors at a jaunty angle. I don't think it's broken...
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