1. m2287

    2003 S55 AMG Kompressor (W220)

    2003 Mercedes S55 AMG KOMPRESSOR (W220) -Extra pictures are in my album -Tanzanite blue T-an leather interior -Two previous owners -123k miles -Smaller supercharger pulley and remap -Full service history - all dealership except last two are specialist -5 months MOT (can put a fresh one on) -ABC...
  2. clk320x

    Cheap S55

    I'd love this Mercedes-Benz 5.4 S55 AMG 4dr
  3. KillerHERTZ

    CLS55 AMG vs S55 AMG

    Last night myself and M2287 met up to show me his re-mapped S55 AMG which is truely a weapon. Now pushing over 600Bhp it shouldnt be possible for a car of that mass to accelerate that quickly :thumb: Anyway, check out the photos and video clip of us flooring the cars. Mine hesitated for a...
  4. S

    F/S 2004 S55 Kompressor

    Hi Guys, It's with great regret that i have decided to let my beloved one go. The reason for selling is that we are expanding our family and the car doesn't get used much. The details are as follows :- 2004 Mercedes S55 Kompressor LWB Mileage : 51,000 Full Mercedes history There will be...
  5. merc85

    w220 s55 amg

    Nice looking car this one, Do the early w220 rust like the w210's? Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG...69,000 genuine miles...Stunning | eBay
  6. S

    M113K Coolant Change

    Hi All, Just wanted to ask all M113K (S55 Kompressor) owners and anyone else who can answer this question for me. I want to do a coolant change myself and did a bit of research into what is involved, just to be safe. From what i have been seeing is that, its pretty much open the cap on the...
  7. C180CGI

    Bargain of the year?? S55 amg l black

    Found this car today and looks really cheap for what it is. I would love to have a car like this :P if I could afford the insurance. What do you guys think? MERCEDES S55 AMG L BLACK PRIVATE REG COST NEARLY £100000 NEW !! BARGAIN £4999 !! | eBay
  8. The _Don

    How To Build A $1500 Salvage Title S55 AMG To Speed Across The Country

  9. D

    W220 S55 AMG Kompressor won't start

    2003 W220 S55 L AMG Kompressor Driving along and I lose all response from the accelerator pedal. As I pull in to the side of the road it sits idle fine so I pull away again. 5 minutes later it happens again only this time when I stopped so did the engine. It hasn't started since. Just turns...
  10. abecketts

    s55 one pump short of a load

    I'm assuming the seller means the abc pump has been removed, if that's all that's wrong then a 80k S55 facelift going or not too much money SPARES OR REPAIRS 2003 MERCEDES S55 AMG LIMOUSINE A SILVER | eBay
  11. V

    2004 W220 S55 AMG - lost my keyless card

    Hello all As the title suggests, iv lost the keyless entry card for my car :doh:. Using the key seems so prehistoric now :o But i wanted to get a replacement from the likes of ebay, just wanted to know what the deal is with them being programmed to the car? I know its a dealer only job, or...
  12. H

    Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) on an S55

    Good evening all Some advice please. Ive an S55 AMG, which has a series of small dings across the front doors. I understand that PDR could do the trick here, however ive been refused by 2 companies so far today who said that they cant do it because the windows are double glazed. Can anyone shed...
  13. noy91

    Blue with chestnut S55

    Mercedes S55 AMG Saloon 2001 VGC For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C569192] Interesting choices. While I really like the chestnut wood in the CL I'm not sure it works so well in the S with the horizontal stripe of it.
  14. Palmer

    S55 AMG service intervals.

    History on vehicle is as follows: 11/05/2004 - 12,013 presuming just oil and filter 02/06/2005 - 24,577 ''B'' 17/08/2010 - 34,508 ''A'' 06/07/2012 - 41,266 ''B'' 50k / 4 year ticked + 2 year checks and sparks I know there is no set interval as the systems works on your driving...
  15. Palmer

    New to AMG - S55 2003

    Hi, New to AMG! Always wanted one! Found this gem S55 2003 in a colour other than black or silver. 51k full mb service history. Ill upload more when i give her a detail just a few to tease ;) Does anyone also know what these are on the windscreen? Got 2 one either top corner...
  16. V

    S55 AMG rear shocker bushes?

    Hello all 2004 S55 AMG. Passenger Rear - A2203201738. Drivers Rear - A2203201838. Iv just been told the bottom bushes for both my rear shockers are worn. Apparently these are not available separate and each shocker is £1,400 :crazy: Please tell me this is not the case, is there any...
  17. A

    S55 vs. S55K

    Hi all. So I'm looking to get a new car in the next few months, and the S-Class is definitely on my radar; more specifically one of the performance models. I'm looking at '01-'04 S55s, S55Ks and S600s and looking for any input for when I go testing. I think I'm sold on one of the AMG models...
  18. e55nick

    S55 AMG or S600L V12 Bi

    Okay, so I really miss my E55, but I also miss my S500L. I am looking into getting either an S55 or a bi turbo S600. I really want to know your opinions on th epros and cons of these vehicles. I know they both need mortgages if they go wrong but what are the things to look out for? Mercedes...
  19. abecketts


    Mercedes S55 AMG KOMPRESSOR SUPERCHARGED V8 S500 R SILVER E55 CL55 18 AMG WHEELS | eBay To the untrained eye this looks an awful lot of car for the money, is it standard or has it been modified? I wonder where it might be in West Yorkshire?
  20. A

    S55 AMG Faults on dash

    Hi I had a question regarding my S55, the battery went flat overnight and when I charged it up and started the car the Airmatic visit workshop light came on along with ESP and BAS. Does this usually happen when the battery goes flat or do I need to look into fixing the issues? Any help would be...
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