1. W

    RIP John Surtees...........what a sad day!

    John surtees Just heard that John Surtees has died.
  2. lisa110rry

    Bit sad, little rust marks can't be sorted

    Hello, member Chrishazle, on another forum answered my thread about giving myself a treat. He suggested a colour rectification thingy for swirl marks and a interior detail on my little car. Wonderful idea! But I thought it would be a good idea to have the little rusty spots sorted on my little...
  3. MWCLS

    Looking abit sad.

  4. notsofast

    CLS CDi W219 sad looking rear calipers upgrade

    Folks - Any suggestions as to what I can do with my rear calipers on my car to improve the appearance (other than trade for an AMG equipped model). I would like to refurb the discs and clean everything up but the calipers will never look good so what other MB model calipers are a straight swap...
  5. Optimus prime

    Sad day for Jules

    Today is a sad day as we learn that Jules Bianchi looses his fight for life after a major accident last year in F1. Such a young talent lost & it just shows how life can pan out R.I.P Jules
  6. R

    Sad times - byebye Stormtrooper

    It's with a heavy heart that I have decided it's time to think seriously about letting my CLS63 SB go and to replace it with something a bit more down to earth for everyday use. The car has been absolutely fantastic to own over the past 18months and has made me smile every single time I have...
  7. -Ian

    What a sad little man.

    On my way to MSL this morning I drove up behind this muppet. I guess putting an AMG badge on the back of his soot chucker was not enough. He went the whole hog with an AMG Black Series. Unfortunately you can't see the badge perfectly on the clip as its a low res download from my dash cam...
  8. The _Don

    Sad day i just sold my amg black.
  9. Optimus prime

    Sad news

    Guys, Pls spare a thought for our other German car owners, drivers & colleagues from bmwland as I have just found out of the sad sudden death of the site's owner & creator, Matt. The "land" was an excellent source of knowledge & fun which is now down due to this very sad news. Makes you...
  10. grober

    This is Sad.

    As any W124 owner will tell you the car has a tendency to lose connection to its rear light bulbs. While thankfully in the UK this is normally a trivial matter it may result in you being pulled over by the police and given a warning . However if you are a black man in North Charleston they...
  11. cinek

    Sad news

    Three Spectators Killed In Scotland Rally Crashes | LBC
  12. grober

    SAD LOSS part 2

    SAD LOSS epilogue UKIP supporters were relieved today to hear the news that Nigel Farage has been saved for the nation. Witnesses reported Nigel had become dangerously incandescent following results in the European elections. He was on the point of spontaneous combustion- you could see a...
  13. R

    Sad loss:

    BBC News - Glasgow School of Art: Fire crews battle to save building
  14. Koolvin

    Very Sad News

    It is with great sadness I have to announce that fellow member npuk (nikhil)passed away on the 20th February 2014. He was a great asset to our community and always full of advice and ready to help others. I would like to send our deepest sympathy to his family and loved ones. :(
  15. John

    Sad news.

    Not sure if anyone on here knew him but Angus Dawe / Phatgixer has recently passed away at 50. I knew him from a BMW forum many moons ago but at the time - he had a bright red (pink) SL65 on a 54 plate. More details here...
  16. Booyakajon

    Happy and sad C63 507

    Morning all, New to this forum but would like some advice from the experienced please. Picked up a brand new C63 507 estate on Saturday - what an amazing car! The engine note is fantastic and even though I'm keeping to the recommended 4500rpm limit the performance and handling are great...
  17. marc.l

    A sad sad day :)

    Had the vet out again to day for both my horses, the pony who is now 36 years old and who I have owned ( or did he own me ?) for 33 years and my 22 year old Arab . The pony has been out to grass for 6 year and a companion horse and his health has declined over the last 12 months to the point...
  18. Palfrem

    How sad

    Classic Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9 | eBay ..when such a wonderful car as this must have been in 1979 (aside from perhaps the colour) deteriorates to this.
  19. Palfrem


    BBC News - Duchess of Cambridge hoax call nurse found dead I find this very, very sad. I wonder what the hospital had said to her?
  20. R

    Sad news from Wales...

    ...the suspect Mark Bridger has now been arrested on suspicion of the murder of little April Jones.
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