1. M

    Safety Systems with Engine Off

    Just sat in my car waiting for the wife and had a very near miss. Some idiot in a land rover who wasn't paying attention almost ploughed into the back of me. This made me wonder whether sat here without the engine or full electrics on would mean that if I was hit none of the air bags etc...
  2. R

    Safety rating and Reliability of R129 vs R107 vs W208

    As I (constantly) pine for an SL... my main concerns often relate to reliability and safety. My w208 scores highly on both of these, in my mind, and i have doubts over the old SL's. Reliability I guess is a question for any of you current owners. Is it more of an issue for the R107, or are...
  3. A

    Best safety camera device / sat nav

    Hello Following from recent posts about speeding... what are peoples thoughts on saftey devices (aka Radar type equipment and TomToms with Speed camera warnings?) I use to have a radar detector years ago, but more recently use TomTom with the saftey camera database / red light camera etc...
  4. J

    It Official AMG SLS Safety car for F1

    See it at MB Video Mercedes-Benz TV The F800 is stunning but the rear looks like a Mondeo or Jaguar XF. Does it makes sense to have an electric diesel E300? The noisier diesel engine to tell pedestrians a car is approaching from a quieter electric engine.:dk:
  5. KillerHERTZ

    SLS AMG is the New Formula 1 Safety Car

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is the New Formula 1 Safety Car The most powerful Official F1TM Safety Car of all time: The new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG takes its place at the head of the Formula-1 field Gullwing model for motor racing's top flight Unique super sports car concept Two monitors for...
  6. N

    No mail delivery for a week? Elf 'n Safety innit!

    Having had no mail for a week or so I called my local sorting office to find out why. Naturally, their geographic '01' phone number was disconnected with no referral so using SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers I found a geog # for 'Customer Services' (sic)...
  7. Dave Richardson

    Dr Marten Size 9 Safety Work Boots

    I have a brand new & boxed pair of Dr Marten Safety size 9 work boots for sale. Having a reputation for durability, safety & comfort the retail price is quite high, I'm looking for £30 =£7 postage. Look at this link for details Payment as...
  8. SilverSaloon

    Health & Safety bans Christmas Trees

    its coming.... Poole — the town with a Christmas tree that you can wipe your feet on - Times Online
  9. BTB 500

    Health & Safety again ...

    This was formally logged as an HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) incident where I work (a normal office building)
  10. D

    Humberside Safety Camera doing good bunsiness

    Just recieved notification that my partner was doing 35 in a 30 :wallbash:.... Caught by a camera on a tripod next to a bike. He's doing good business after catching 3 of my family now. If she get's offered a course it will be £75, which is more than normal? I thougt it was normally £60...
  11. WLeg

    Air New Zealand Safety Video

    <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  12. R

    W203 Safety Net/Dog Guard

    Hi. I have a 2001 C180 Estate (W203) and am looking for the retractable safety net that can be used when the rear seats are folded down. The one that came with the car only fits the rear section and is too short to fit the front hooks when the seats are folded down. All that mercedes can offer...
  13. J

    safety recall

    had an urgent safety recall letter just before xmas booked car into southend mercedes for today arrived to be told parts on back order recall is for crankshaft sensor apparently engine can loose power and not restart the recall is reference p117 any one know anything about this ? Dont know why...
  14. D

    Safety Camera Bike's

    These use little men, equiped with Tripods to catch motorists. What do we think - are these really promoting safety, especially when used on a nice large 3 lane motorway, rather than using a van which drivers may have a better chance of seeing. Just to clarify, yes I am bitter - M180 fast...
  15. P

    My GL has been called in for an urgent safety recall

    Sounds pretty alarming.... electrical discontinuity in the crankshaft sensor could occur under unfavourable circumstances. If this problem occured, the engine would lose power. It could also be no longer possible to start it....... Therefore we will replace the crankshaft sensor on your...
  16. Barryh

    rear safety belt anchorage

    I smashed the anchorage housing on the rear seat belt on E class.I went to MB and it is a full replacement including webbing at £91+ Anyone know of a good scrappy?
  17. grober

    EURO NCAP to change safety rating system

    Euro NCAP the organisation which rates car safety using their star system is to introduce a new safety rating system for NEW models tested in 2009. Unfortunately they have no plans to "rerate" existing car ratings using the new system meaning a 5 star rating pre 2009 will be different to a 2009...
  18. S

    How far can safety camera vans see

    Okay I'll admit it. I got a little bit carried away on the M9 near dunblane and in the very far distance >1mile I saw a safety camera van parked up in the bridge (on the pavement). I assume that if I could see it, its radar (or whatever) would see me. I slowed down pretty quickly but would it...
  19. BTB 500

    Health & Safety irony

    Health & Safety officer falls off a ladder while doing a risk assessment (luckily only cuts & bruises). We had an even better one here at work. A lady was...
  20. D

    Speed cameras and road safety keep drivers within 30mph speed limit
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