1. BTB 500

    Derbyshire Police repaints safety camera van

    This was in the paper today. Before: And after: Note the artistic touches e.g. symmetrical rear window added, scruffy towbar, paint smudges on rear bumper and door handle, crooked GB sticker ... apparently none of which are an attempt to 'disguise' the vehicle in any way :rolleyes...
  2. philiggy

    Should I change my 124s for w210 on safety grounds

    Hi all, I could do with some advice, We have two late 124 E300 diesels, my wifes is superb, 94, 140k fsh drives fantastic, except it has no rear headrests or pass. airbag. The problems is safety, my wife travels about 500 miles per week with our 2 children and is worried after her friend and...
  3. P

    SL63 Safety car - good video!

    What a noise! The way the new semi-automatic gearbox blips the throttle on downshifts is intoxicating! :rock: .
  4. Godot

    Health & Safety

    Some of the Health & Safety Executive on Holiday! :crazy::crazy::crazy::D:D:D:D:rock::rock::rock::rock: :bannana::bannana::bannana: :devil::devil: :eek:
  5. gurpz

    W126 S Class Safety Commercial

    As said in the video link: An Advertisement shown on Australian TV in the late 80s apparently showing a real world case of MB's safety systems and passenger cell.
  6. J

    Mercedes E320 Sportline Convertible - safety

    I need some help....please !! I recently bought a E320 Sportline convertible (1994) and am having problems with my ex-wife. She is refusing to allow my children (12 & 8) to come in the car because she says its not safe! Apparently someone from a Mercedes dealer said that the pop up (steel?)...
  7. U

    Oct 2007 is (Tyre Safety Month!)

    just if anyone is thinking of new tyres or just tyre maintenance
  8. Dieselman

    Health and safety at it's best.

    One for Spike to go to work on. Just that bit quicker... Killacycle Alternate video linky
  9. jimti

    health and safety "to the extreme"

    Bus stop bench faces 'wrong way' Residents who waited more than a year for a bench next to a bus stop found one placed facing away from the road. The park bench was placed in such a way following fears that some elderly people could fall into Leek Road, in Stoke-on-Trent, the city council...
  10. timskemp

    Them AMG Safety cars at the British GP

    Must admit, almost as good as watching the qualifying - I took this video on Saturday - just listen to them engines!
  11. idouglas@sandiw

    E320 CDI Braking System Safety Check

    Just had a letter today asking me to arrange to bring my vehicle in for a safety check on the above. Interested if anybody else has received a similar request. Check is FOC of course.
  12. B

    Is Road safety a big enough issue

    Report in the Guardian on the issue of Road Safety in the Developing World. Michael Schumacher receives an honourable mention. While such things passed under the radar scanners a few years ago, the topic in general now receives far more reporting with some regular columns...
  13. Satch

    Urgent safety recall

    Hardly bears thinking about......... Free repairs to flammable toilets Japan's leading toilet manufacturer Toto is offering free repairs to 180,000 toilets after some of them caught fire. There have been three incidents of the electric bidet accessory in Toto's Z series catching fire...
  14. E

    Safety Recall

    Had a letter from local dealer wanting to check some tie-clips on the braking system somewhere, any1 had the letter?
  15. D

    brake safety check

    I've just received a letter from main dealer advising of a safety check required on my E270 W211 2003. Has anyone got any details on this recall?
  16. S

    Instrument Cluster Safety Recall S and CL Class

    Received letter from DaimlerChrysler UK today offering to replace my instrument cluster as part of a safety recall. Bit pissed as I paid a grand to have it replaced in March and tried to get Mercedes to acknowlege that it was a worldwide problem and should be a recall. Anyway will now try...
  17. grober

    Safety rating detail?

    As some users of this forum know I an quite interested in the safety aspects of car design and after looking at the swedish FOLKSAM site and the EuroNCAP site recently I was struck by one niggling detail. The frontal collision...
  18. L

    A12 Kelvedon OverPass ! Safety Camera

    I am sure that some of you have seen and heard about the A12 safety camera site, near Kelvedon in Essex. Well, I have now heard about this site and seen it, in action. The site is located on an overpass, and a famous Safety Camera Van is allowed to park there and do its business. The other day...
  19. T

    C-Class 2000 safety problem:autobox

    You're going to find this hard to believe... We were on holiday last week. Stopped the car poured out a SMALL cup of tea. Less than 100ml spilt by accident over the auto selector mechanism ie the gear lever. Mopped it up quicky. All switches appeared to be working. Set off on narrow main road. A...
  20. Satch

    EURORAP report on road safety

    So, the report notes: "Single carriageway roads once again dominate the list of roads where death and serious injuries are both routine and predictable. Some of these consistently higher-risk roads have been at the top of the list since our work began in 2002. This begs the questions: “Are...
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