1. C

    Becke Map Pilot Safety Cameras

    Becker Map Pilot Safety Cameras :) Have you noticed that it is available on the shop the safety camera function?:thumb: In the last day it has appear the option to buy the package "Danger Spots Europe" at 24.95€ with the following description: It is also included two images in which it...
  2. markjay

    Safety at work

    :doh: :dk:
  3. S

    C63 DVD motion safety bypass

    Hello I have a 2012 C63 AMG Coupe While DVDs are playing it cuts out when you drive off I know its a safety feature, but can u bypass it so DVDs still play when in motion? Many thanks :-)
  4. KillerHERTZ

    C63 AMG Coupe Black Series DTM Safety Car

    Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Black Series announced as new DTM Safety Car C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series provides for safety in the DTM: The new DTM Safety Car: the most powerful C-Class of all time A further highlight of the 2012 DTM season in addition to the spectacular new Mercedes-AMG C-Coupé...
  5. ironsheik

    Safety Recall...

    I received a letter from MB this morning telling me to book my car into the workshop asap because there is an urgent safety recall on certain diesel models.. "Diesel fuel leak may develop at the fuel filter assembly.. Inspect and replace if necessary." Anyone else?
  6. A

    Karimor Black safety boots (Steel toe) size 11

    Black size 11 Karimor saftey boots. Worn to wash the cars once and they are too small, hence look at the tread - Brand new - Boxed (athough tatty). Steel toe Great work boot. £22 posted.
  7. D

    Safety Cameras

    Does the Command APS Pop up Sat Nav in my C-Class have a Safety camera database installed, cannot seems to find them. Cheers in advance
  8. davethemus

    anything in safety deposit boxes? move it now!

    British government begins stealing its peoples’ bank deposits ahead of the global financial collapse. | PRESS Core – Evidentiary News, World News, Special Reports, Technology, Health, Videos, Polls, Free energy, Cures, War Crimes, Crime A The raid that rocked the Met: Why gun and drugs op...
  9. trapperjohn

    Canal Lock Safety. Children.

    Went for a chug down the Leeds Liverpool canal last Sunday with members from the Mercedes Benz Club and had Sunday Lunch on board a barge/motor vessel/pleasure cruiser. Good food and good company. What crossed my mind though was. Do children of today get taught just how deep canal locks are...
  10. M

    W202 safety?

    Hi everyone, I have been looking around for possibly a Merc W203 C220 CDI in the summer, but I am getting tempted by some of the W202 cars as they have simpler and better engines with regards to overengineering vs the newer mercs that have quite a few electrical issues etc. I was just...
  11. D

    Experiences with Distronic Plus

    Would be very interested in hearing people's experiences with Distronic Plus, both positive and negative. I have just got my 2011 E350 Cab (A207) with Distronic Plus because I'm refusing to pay 5k for a train season ticket and am going to not worry about sitting in traffic running in and out...
  12. ringway

    A disregard for the safety of everyone.

    Working at a grammar school today I saw this. This is a blatant disregard for the safety of all walks of human and animal life. Far worse than using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel. This person is potentially out of control every time they drive this car and no matter what...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    2011 SLS and Facelift C63 AMG F1 Safety Cars

    High-performance cars from Mercedes-AMG ensure safety: SLS AMG and new C 63 AMG Estate on standby in the Formula 1 World Championship OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE Affalterbach, Germany, Mar 22, 2011 – Ready for the starting event of the Formula 1 World Championship in Melbourne, Australia...
  14. ringway

    Plans to move UK to European time zone edge a step closer. Road Safety Affected?

    A new tourism strategy, which is expected to contain plans to move British standard time to Central European Time, will be published by the government later this week. If the plans get the green light it would mean that the clocks would be brought forward an extra hour from Greenwich Mean Time...
  15. Godot

    Ad for Danish Road Safety Council

    Is that a MB in the closing shots (no pun as you will see) The Party on Vimeo
  16. grober

    New SLK safety

    Mercedes has released details of new [to the SLK but already seen in the E class] safety features of the new model. More details and some other pictures here. 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK teaser no. 3 - safety systems OOPS just seen this has been posted already by KillerHERTZ sorry.
  17. oldcro

    Urgent - Safety Recall

    Just received a letter from MB regarding Inspection of power steering pump. Certain vehicles produced between 01 June 2009 to 28 February 2010 could develop a power steering fluid leak etc. etc. Contact dealer to arrange inspection...
  18. ringway

    Car Buyers Rank Entertainment Over Safety

    Article based on U.S. trends. Same in the U.K. ? Car Buyers Rank Entertainment Over Safety 2010 Honda Odyssey Rear Entertainment System. Honda© It’s the great high-tech showdown: As new technology floods into vehicles, consumers are starting to favour infotainment over...
  19. kwakdonut

    Welding - Safety Precautions?

    Hi all, following my pre-MOT check of my car, I noticed a crack in my exhaust, running about 2" round one of the pipes that exists the cat. It's not leaking and passed the MOT with no problems but I don't want it to get any worse. I am proficient enough to weld it and I intend to do it in...
  20. bpsorrel

    F1 Safety car... :)

    I just love this photo from todays aborted qualifying.. :) Anyone staying up to see quali at 2am and then live race at 7? I know two people that are... :)
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