1. R

    Road safety ad - 'Mistakes'

    A powerful road safety advert currently running here in New Zealand: Speed ad - Mistakes - YouTube
  2. mercmanuk

    blackview safety camera fitting

    cant believe a manufacturer would recommend fitting like this,wrap wire around fuse,fire hazard How to Hardwire a Blackvue Power Magic Pro - - YouTube
  3. I

    Why do some lorry drivers think keeping their momentum is more important than safety?

    One of the things I find most frustrating is HGV drivers who pull out in front of you - or even into the space you are occupying, forcing you to swerve into the next lane. Often, with no indication whatsoever. I know they need to keep up momentum, but this should never take precedence over...
  4. sssammm

    Garage Safety

    is your garage a tight for for your beloved motor, check this gadget out
  5. grober

    Mercedes Safety data critical component locations

    An illustrated webpage/file describing the locations of critical safety components on all Mercedes models for accident services...
  6. G

    Start/Stop system use and safety

    I have a new C coupe Auto. Its my first car with Start stop system. I undertsand why these systems are on the cars, I am trying to get use to it. I was wondering about the safety aspect. For instance, at a busy roundabout, junction the car engine stops and you want a swift pullaway. Although the...
  7. st13phil

    Road Safety Law "Undermined" by Supreme Court?

    ...or did the Judges show a welcome degree of common sense and logic? Supreme Court rules against 'death by unlicensed' motoring law Personally I've always felt a little uneasy about this sort of sledgehammer legislation and it would appear that their Lordships were similarly concerned...
  8. R

    Mercedes gives away copyright on safety idea...

    BBC News - Mercedes-Benz adds QR codes to save car crash victims An interesting development.
  9. J

    Northern Ireland Road Safety Adverts (Hard Hitting) Pardon the pun

    This is a few videos of our Road Safety campaign here in Northern ireland. Hopefully some of you take it on board and take abit more care when driving. Most mainlanders are shocked when they see these. So please be advised. And take care of yourselfs and others on the roads jaTmf3B9xVg...
  10. alanuk400

    Dash Safety Camara video in

    Following on from this thread, The back of my Comand is different to the picture I put up before and the pin layout is different, where would I put "video in" on this system please Thanks Alan
  11. alanuk400

    Dash Safety Camara

    Hi I am thinking of fitting this in my 2007 W251, HD 720P Mini Car Dash Camera DVR Video Recorder Smallest Camcorder G-sensor TFX | eBay To have it viewing through my Comand, is this the lead I need RCA female to Fakra Z jack pigtail cable RG174 | eBay I think I have Comand NTG2.5 in my car, I...
  12. R

    RUST failure in safety...

    ...sensitive area: This ever happen to anyone ? - - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum
  13. dokalj

    Tyron Safety Bands

    Does anyone know anything about tyron safety bands? Are they worth the investment? - about us - what is tyron?
  14. ringway

    The future of Road Safety?

    Source. The Telegraph. It's 30 years since it became compulsory for drivers and front seat passengers to wear seatbelts, but what safety innovations are next? Video Link. Car safety has come an awfully long way since January 31, 1983. That was the day it became mantadory in the UK for...
  15. C

    Upcoming Map Pilot update (improved safety cameras)

    Hi guys, I am using the Becker Map Pilot one year and some months ago I purchased the danger spot function. My feeling about how danger spot function works is really bad. The warning level is weak (similar to the phone noise when we receive an e-mail), do not give sign if overspeed, do...
  16. tanuie

    Kenwood SATNAV DNX5210BT - Safety Speed Cameras Installation

    Hi I am trying to install the Garmin Software for my Kenwood SATNAV. Have followed instructions from the Kenwood Website - subscribed to the Pocket GPS World, and downloaded the software to my SD Card as instructed and seemed to have copied successfully. The instructions then say to put in...
  17. C

    Sprinter overheating safety device??

    Hi, can anyone tell me if a 2007 sprinter has a safety device that won't allow the engine to start if its at to high a temperature ?
  18. A

    W204 safety recall

    Thought I'd let you know, I received a letter through today advising of a recall on my 61 plate c220. It affects the charge hose which may develop cracks which will cause limp mode.
  19. S

    Mercedes SL63 AMG F1 Safety Car Experience at Yas Marina

    During my stay in Abu Dhabi I went to the Yas Marina circuit where I was able to do the passenger experience in the SL63 AMG F1 Safety Car. There are also a lot of other experiences at the Yas Marina circuit. You can drive yourself of be driven. Unfortunately for the tall people like me you...
  20. SL300-24

    W211 urgent safety recall received - Estate produced between July 2006 and April 2009

    Today...... Check level sensor linkage at rear axle....replace if necessary Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 recall | Latest car news on Euro DB Automotive same as this one in the link, anyone know anything about it?
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