1. Sumac09

    Help! SAM unit or Battery's Drain ???

    Hi, I hoping somebody can give me some idea why my '07 ML is having some kind of electronic breakdown ! Drove 2 min up the road warning light comes on to say the bonnet is open, then the third brake light had failed, then the red car outline, then it came up left side SRS failure. Parked up...
  2. J

    W204 possible SAM defective help please

    So I bought a new car and knew the front wipers and pump don't work . On further research i read it could be the sam Does anyone know how I could test it and any where near to get it repaired Please help
  3. M

    2005 E270 CDi Front SAM module problem

    Almost certain that the front SAM module has given up the ghost. Multiple warnings, beeps etc (SRS, ABS, speedtronic, rear brake light lights etc). Looking for guidance on replacement and repair please. Newbie - go easy on me please ;)
  4. W

    W164 rear SAM unit gone

    Last Thursday I got a mrssagebon the dash saying that my brake lights had gone and I had to change. The backup light were turned on and wouldn't turn off. So I bought a paid and changed both but the message remained. I took the car to Andy Gayle who told me today that its the SAM unit that is...
  5. H

    Test Rear Sam

    Hi I have ML320 w164 and my star is telling me there is a problem with my rear sam, is there anyway to test it or send it off to be tested??????? Thanks Hog
  6. J

    W164 rear sam unit

    Any thought on a WI64 fault code 90b5 The Line from component N10/8 (REAR SAM CONTROL UNIT ) pin F13 to component A72 Rear door locking unit (pin 1.3 has short circuit to positive. Am I looking at a cable fault from the sam to the door our a faulty Sam. Rear door make opening noise...
  7. F

    W211 '04 E55 - KeyLess Go Starting fail after front SAM Replacement

    Hi guys I'm experiencing a strange problem on my '04 E55, and any kind of help will be appreciated. The story : few months ago, my front right turn signal stopped to work; first I thinked about the headlight, but after some search i found that was the front SAM module need a replace. So I...
  8. GLK

    SAM: reason for separate wiring for left/right lamps?

    A question has come up during a discussion, on the best possible location for my FLASH••A••BRAKE™ unit, when a customer desires to have all three lights controlled by the adaptive brake light system, just like the OE system does. Say, we have a SAM with three different outputs (pins) for...
  9. S

    rear sam

    I was wondering if it is possible to to code a used (ebay ) rear sam from a same spec car to my car so as to dave buying my new from the dealers ? thanks !
  10. M

    SAM box replacement

    Anyone had failure of their SLK SAM box? My in laws car failed due to corrosion during the fourth year. I ask how can water get into a sealed box? Only time it ever might have been opened is when serviced? MB reckon it's just hardly.
  11. K

    CLK 200 Kompressor 1.8 Petrol 2004 SAM Issue?

    I need some Help I have purchased this car in July 2016 and it has been running fine until recently. Issues I have discovered happened overnight:- Cannot lock/unlock the car from a distance. (I can unlock using the fob standing next to the door handle sensor) Upon opening of the...
  12. S


    My mechanic says my ML320 Electronic Ignition system part number A1645451508 is broken. Its year 2009. Does anyone know where I can get another one?
  13. D

    c.class w204 estate 2008 front sam unit

    Hi all. Totally new to this so apoliges if going over old ground. Just purchased car from Dealer 200 miles away. (yes get it). Engine temp rises and falls within accepted temps, but far from constant. Traffic quickly up to 90c. Moving quickly down 40 mph 60c. Constant speed m/way constant at...
  14. Twistedmind

    Sam Location

    Hi All, looks like i have no can bus communication from the internal drivers SAM Where is this located, might have a look for corrosion or water ingress 03 E class W211:wallbash:
  15. M

    W211 Passenger SAM location PLEASE.

    I have a fault with my whole n/s/f light unit not working. I want to check connections on the passenger SAM, I've searched Google for 45 minutes and can't find a definitive answer. Could one of you kind people please enlighten me. Thanks.
  16. K

    Front SAM replacement.

    Hi guys quick question I have a W203.016 C270cdi 2002 and I need to replace the front SAM. Will this need programing or is it just a case of swapping them over? Thanks in advance
  17. L

    If I replace the front SAM would it need recoding

    Hi. Would anyone know if I replace the front SAM for the exact same part number on my 2000 C240 would it need recoding by a dealer? Cheers.
  18. Stray Cat

    W208 fuses or SAM module?

    Hi Guys I was trying to change one of the rear number plate bulbs that didn't work and forgot the lights were still on, subsequently causing a spark and blowing the least that's what I thought until I couldn't find the fuse! Some post said they weren't fused but were controlled by...
  19. D

    Diagnosing a rear SAM failure for w203 before i fork out!

    Hi guys, I've had a few issues with the car and thanks to everyones help its sorted so far. I BELIEVE I have a rear SAM failure but will put the signs and symptoms below if anyone can help. Firstly , It was raining loads, the car started (slowly) but had a light sensor fault. The next...
  20. D

    Rear Sam and can't access boot

    Hi guys. Just need some help. Making a fresh post as it's a different problem. I noticed after the rain my central locking wasn't working. Opened the car manually and the alarm went off. Started it and it gave a light sensor error and then the next day just was completely dead. I opened...
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