1. Spinal

    Electric Scooter

    I've been working with a new client, and realized that I can take an entirely different route to work. The route involves driving 10 miles, then getting a train; but it saves nearly 40 minutes of journey if I can do those 10 miles in a reasonable time. That said, traffic is an issue, as...
  2. Godot

    Worst Scooter Driver Ever! Apparently

    Watch the scooter rider top middle (white shirt). Watch to the very end. // Media » Worst Scooter Driver Ever!
  3. crockers

    how to drive.........a scooter

    This had me in stitches // Media » Worst Scooter Driver Ever!
  4. D

    Scooter Dead

    Trying to diagnose a scooter fault complicated by 200 miles. I want to sell the thing so need to try and work out whether I have big or little problems. Scooter is 2 years old, never been registered and unused to any significant extent. While it was up here the battery was draining through...
  5. A

    Piaggio ZIP 50cc, 4 stroke Scooter for sale

    Hello All, I have for sale my 2009 Piaggio zip 50cc, 4 stroke engine. Low milage 5900 KM only!! Lovely bike. Totally untouched and in original condition. Taxed and MOT. I have had this bike for about a year but hardly used it...
  6. Stempies

    Mobility Scooter for sale

    SuperLite 4 Mobility Scooter Have not taken any pics of it as it's too cold, here's a couple to show what it's like! Except mine only has 1 basket!! Even folds up to store in a car boot!! Features of this mobility scooter: A lightweight mobility scooter with extra stability...
  7. 300CE

    Gilera GP 850cc V-Twin Scooter!!!

    Had one of these pull alongside me at the lights on the A3 yesterday. Not a looker, but man was it quick. 7k new though - i'd most definitely have something else. It seems some nutter has turbocharged one and i've attached a youtube link. Just check out how quickly the speedometer reaches max...
  8. Gucci

    Scooter advice?

    Now, this isn't something I considered before, but I have a new job (yay) but it's in Walthamstowe E17. I Live in SE9 and driving is about 50 mins. Train = 1hr 20 mins. Scooter? What think? Suicide? Much quicker? Travelcard is £1,300 for the year. So what about the economics? :dk:
  9. Sp!ke

    50cc scooter for sale

    Baotian BT50 QT-9 50cc 4 stroke moped for sale. 2007, Only 1957 miles from new. This can be ridden by a 16 year old after taking a compulsory basic training (about £70) or without learner plates on a full car license if full car license was obtained prior to February 1st 2001. Insurance...
  10. B

    exporting a scooter to france

    My parents have a property in France and my wife and I often use it for holidays, normally we fly to spain and hire a car. The problem is during peak season the traffic is very bad and we found renting a scooter to be much easier but very expensive. So i'm thinking about getting a scooter...
  11. robert.saunders

    The Carole Nash International Motorcycle & Scooter Show

    Anyone going? I'm there Thursday 4th in case you are going but wanted to avoid me :devil:
  12. SilverSaloon

    Buying An Old 1978 Scooter For Registration Plate!

    Hi i have the opportunity to purchase a registration plate for my wife, which has here 3 letter name as the 1st 3 letters and then 3 numbers and V. ie XXX 123V (XXX is not her name by the way :rolleyes: ) The reg number is currently the original one which is currently on the...
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