1. E

    throttle valve actuator seals leaking oil.

    Engine oil cooler in our ML250 (reg 2015) was found leaking oil. When the car was brought to the dealership additional problem was diagnosed. Namely "... and also found the throttle valve actuator seals also leaking oil" I am not a mechanic, but what oil should be doing near throttle valve /...
  2. cellarmerc

    how many hrs to change seals in rear transmission

    Hi, my garage charged me 11 hrs to change the seals and whatever else they are called in the rear transmission diff for my E320 W211 it had started a small oil leak on one side of the diff. I paid Euro480 to get it fixed a after market specialist not Mercedes as is 2005 car . Did I pay too...
  3. E

    07 e class turbo seals om642

    W211, e280, 2007, Just changed the 3 turbo seals today, the resources and advice on this forum were a big help!! The seals were bought from my local parts store at the Mercedes showroom. When I compared the old and new main orange seals it seems they are different. (Please see attached image)...
  4. E

    e280 Turbo Seals

    W211, e280, 2007, om642 engine. Hi, while changing the diesel fuel filter advice on this forum is that we should also change the air filter and turbo seals. I see there are 3 seals. 2 orange round ones and one green O ring which goes in the steel pipe on the right. How do I get this seal...
  5. E

    E280 CDI Turbo Seals

    So looking around on here its recommended the two turbo seals are changed at every service. I understand there are newer upgraded ones which do not suffer the same problems as the old ones. How do I identify these? Is there a guide on how to replace them? Thanks
  6. L

    W210 smoke issue after changing high pressure fuel pump seals.

    Hi, Need massive help from you guys if possible please? I have W210 320cdi. High pressure fuel pump started leaking. So I changed all the seals and it's fixed now. HOWEVER!! since then it's causing blue (ish) smoke. Before sorting the high pressure fuel pump it had no smoke issue at all. My...
  7. bob6600

    W210 OM613 fuel system seals

    Need some clarification please. My W210 normally starts first time, every time but recently if left for a day (flat surface) it takes 2 or 3 attempts but is fine for the rest of the day. Clear fuel lines are around 2 years old so not those but reading about it, this is common and the seals need...
  8. wu56Shoozz

    OM642 Turbo Seals (W203 C320CDi)

    Okay, put new seals in and a new Y duct .. however I notice that the new pipe doesn't go right home against the turbo face, it sits a couple of Millimeter off the face.. now it could be that thickness of a new seal has come into play, would I be right on thinking this - that its thicker now than...
  9. wu56Shoozz

    OM642 Turbo Seals (W203 C320CDi)

    I saw that someone mentioned "Coating the outer surface of the turbo seal with silicone grease" can someone help me by explaining why and what good it did? I have silicone grease at the ready, just need the rubber gloves and yes..lols!
  10. E

    '08 E350 petrol - M272 engine camshaft plug seals

    I have a leak from at least one of the camshaft plugs on the E350. Is there anything special-to-type about the plug seals, or are they just standard O-rings?
  11. L

    203 Rear diff seals

    Two seals for the rear axles and protective rings. In original MB packages. £20 "][/URL]
  12. wu56Shoozz

    OM642 Turbo Seals (W203 C320CDi)

    Just a quickie really.. When you replace the Turbo Seals (Big Red One & Smaller Red) do you coat them with anything, like a smear of silicone grease to stop them brittling?? Or do you just pop them in and hey presto! Just Curious as I'm doing mine shortly...
  13. B

    W123 Window Scrapers / Seals

    Hi all Restoring a W123 Coupé and have run into a difficulty with window scraper seals (front and rear both sides). Apparently MB have discontinued these: I'm really hoping that someone here knows where we can get some. Anyone have some for sale? Is there a source of these somewhere...
  14. K

    W164 Inlet Manifold Seals

    I know I should be able to find this witrh a search, but I haven't managed yet... I'm looking for the Part Numbers for the Inlet manuifold seals on my ML 320 2007, so I can order them. There are two of them that leak oil after a few years and cause other (more serious) problems. One seals...
  15. Celicasaur

    W124 cabriolet hydraulic hood seals supplier in UK?

    Hi guys, what's the general direction that you guys take when the seals in the soft-top hood rams fail? Do you guys buy new from the dealer, or do you get them rebuilt? If so, where/whom can do the rebuild of the rams in the UK? I've managed to find Top Hydraulics | Rebuilt and Upgraded...
  16. Jay2512

    GLC & C Class creaking seals

    I've seen a few comments about the creaking door seals / windows on the W205 and as a previous sufferer with my S205 I had hoped the GLC would be different. Well maybe not, as the cold damp weather has set in the doors have slowly started to creak. I've tried the usual soap, washing up liquid...
  17. Gaz-M

    2012 Vito 122 Sport-X Power Steering Fluid/ Leaking Past Rack Seals..

    Well after a long huint I bought a 2012 Vito 122 Sport-X, and Im loving it bar this problem that just arised at the weekend past. After a week of ownership and a few hundred miles, last weekend I got the very obvious power steering pump noise when its low on fluid. Luckily i wasnt far from a...
  18. T

    E320 injector seals 2006

    hello. 2nd forum post ever. i'm new to all this. Since buying E20cdi estate in Sept 15 at 101k, my left bank injectors have failed twice. 1 week after purchase, smell of deisel led back to MB indy nr Leicester and injector seal fixed. On colder days, the car was/is rough to start and noisy...
  19. H

    W123 coupe bottom rubber door seals wanted

    Hi folks, anyone know were I might track down door seals for w123 coupe, not the door rubbers but the one fixed to the car body at the cill. Thanks
  20. J

    cdi injector seals leaking

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and realise I'm raising a much discussed topic, apologies if I'm covering old ground. I have a 2002 ML270 with 150k miles. It's had 3 of its 5 injectors removed within the last 3-4 years and I believe the retaining bolt holes for a couple of them were helicoiled or...
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