1. J

    Searching for friendly C63 AMG Coupe owners for a feature in CAR magazine...

    Hi all, My name's James and I'm staff writer at CAR magazine. I'm wondering if anyone can help - we're currently in search of a previous-generation 6.2-litre C63 AMG Coupe to star alongside another car in a photoshoot for a feature in the magazine. Unfortunately, we are without a C63 at short...
  2. J

    Searching for secondhand SL350's

    Visited two dealers today with a pal who is in the market for an SL350. Both had flat batteries in their boots, so flat that we were unable to test electrics in the first car including the hood. The first was a 2005, 90k, ~£7,500 rust in the rear wheel arches, bit on the front. Bit of rust on...
  3. Gollom

    What should I be searching for?

    We have a white 1.5 sink and I need to replace the inserts in the holes that the water goes down (both of them). I can find stainless but not white. Anybody? Ta
  4. jimiE55

    New member searching for e55 w211

    Hi All, I am new to the MB Club, and any forum for that matter. I joined as i am actively looking for an E55 w211. I am in Cardiff, so all cars are miles away, but time to start travelling to see them. Going this weekend to look at a car in birmingham, and hopefully talk to Acid or one of...
  5. Marcel-Anthony

    Its Late, Google searching and found this.

    May not be to everyone's taste, but made me laugh. Why Not To Buy A Mercedes - YouTube
  6. Spinal

    EuroCarParts Searching Help

    Any idea how to search for something on eurocarparts' site without using a car? E.G. I need some coolant (ethylene glycol) for a car, but according to ECP using the registration number they don't have any for this car. That said, I know they do coolant, and it's not that complex that it...
  7. 2

    Searching manual for suspension

    Hello, I have got several problems with my W124 300TE 4matic. There should be a special manual for testing 4matic problems, the original title in german is: Diagnose-Handbuch Fahrwerk Band 2 – 8.1, 4MATIC. Does anyone have an edition of this book? Thank you very much This...
  8. PXW


    Just went on the Halfords website (yes, I know...) to see if my local store had any car ramps - the MGB is due an MOT but I need to get under it to adjust the handbrake first; it's a low car and these days I am not low when lying down... Anyway - put in the cunning search term of 'car ramps'...
  9. N

    Searching for engine: m271.941

    Hi, I'm searching for an engine m271.941 for my W211 e200 kompressor -03. Could anyone recommend where to find an engine in UK and what are the prices? I live in Sweden and i can only find 1 engine but to expensive. All advice welcome.
  10. C

    Searching for a Specialist in Surrey or Sussex?

    Does anyone have the contact details of a good, trustworthy Mercedes specialist in Surrey or Sussex area? What an honest opinion on a slipping autobox...
  11. nickid

    radio not working just keeps searching

    when I put an aftermarket head unit into my 02 yellow coupe the antenna cable fitted the new unit and worked. just put the same type of unit in the new coupe and radio doesn't work, it just keeps on searching? am I missing something
  12. dresho

    searching for a black mercedes front bonnet emblem

    hi firstly want to say thanks for the great help ive got from this forum Now im looking for a flat black mercedes emblem for the bonnet of my car I have seen the amg ones and the brabus ones etc but dont want that, just want a flat black emblem with either a silver mercedes star in the centre...
  13. D

    Newbie saying hello and searching for advice/reassurance!!

    BIG hello to one and all...... I am new on here and am searching for some advice/reassurance on which merc to buy. I am in the process of selling my 520d bmw and am looking at upgrading to an E class. My quandary is which one!! I have a budget of about £10,500 and from what i've seen on...
  14. A

    searching for good Independant dealer

    Hi all, Anyone know of a good independant Merc specialist in West Sussex, surrey ?? Regards Andy
  15. ringway

    Searching for a Canon EF 100mm F2.8L Lens.

    Evenin' all. A very good friend of mine is trying to source a Canon lens. Obviously the best deal possible is what is required and I thought I'd draw on the expert knowledge of the members here to see if we might be able to help him out. The Lens is a Canon, EF 100mm F2.8L IS USM Macro...
  16. girlyhood

    Searching for an R129 500

    I am looking to purchase an R129 SL500 in southern England. I want a 1998 or later car in either green, blue or black with a grey or cream interior and a panoramic roof. Highish mileage is not an issue but it must have a complete history. I am not interested in a car with ADS Also no silver...
  17. B

    searching the web isnt helping me

    Hi guys, long time lurker (soaking up the quality info on here) newbie poster. This time a search just isn't coming up for me..:( I am wondering this.. I have a 1997 w202, c250TD. I have the rare chance to purchase some AMG alloys, they are 18" Monoblocks (correct style for the car)...
  18. npuk

    Searching for used cars

    Mercedes Benz Direct - Mercedes-Benz Direct :: Buy Used Mercedes-Benz Direct from the UK Dealer Approved used search - Mercedes-Benz Approved Used Car Search Motortrak - Mercedes-Benz Used Cars | Used Mercedes-Benz Cars | Mercedes-Benz Nearly New Cars | used A-Class cars , used B-Class cars...
  19. imadoofus

    Google Searching

    As of this evening, if I search for something on Google, I get this: I've deleted my cookies several times, and I keep getting the same thing! What's going on? :dk::wallbash::mad:
  20. Frank_S500

    W220/C215: Searching for heated steering

    In "Stone" colour. Chestnut and Nappa Leather optional. If you have one to sell please PM me. Cheers, Frank
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