1. Peter103

    Is there a stone chip repair secret?

    Today I bought some Diamond Silver touch up, for a recent chip on the front of my E Coupe, thinking, it can't be that hard to make a half decent job of it, big mistake. So what is the correct procedure for what I thought would be a reasonably simple job? Any advice on DIY will be gratefully...
  2. Ruonis13

    Secret esp menu

    Hi Guys, This is my first post I'm new here.:rock: So I bought Mercedes E class 240(2.6 v6) - (2002) WD11 Si I'm trying to access that "secret" menu,with reset button. Key position no 1,then press "reset" button 3 times...and aparently youre there...mine dosent work at all...tried...
  3. Fudger

    Secret Santa

    Guys, together with 3 other friends I am doing a secret santa with a value of £50. Seems a lot but we decided that instead of buying each other 3 x £25 pressies we would do one £50 pressie saving £25. So, if I was going to spend £50 on you, what would you want me to buy you? All 'clean'...
  4. s4mb0

    Help with secret menu

    I am trying to get the secret menu up in engineering mode, my sequence to get into engineering mode is different to all the ones i can find its go into language then Mute+endcall+diagonal arrow up+audio But then i cant get the secret menu up any1 no the sequence ? Mercedes E320 v6 sport
  5. C

    C63 - Hidden Secret's

    Just picked up my C63 today and wondering if there are any hidden secret or useful hidden options hiding away within the car?
  6. johncook109

    Secret menu for engineering mode on NTG3.0

    Is there any secret menu for the engineering in the NTG 3.0 comand. I have seen many instructions posted and u-tubed for all the others but never for this particular version. :dk:
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Obama's Secret Ride

  8. V

    My new S-Class - the secret's out

    Guys - I want to tell you about my latest purchase. Its a beautiful Chrysler 300C V6 Auto with only 49,000 miles on the clock. I bought it for an incredible price from a somebody in the trade who knows Mercedes Benz cars inside out. Not many people know this but Chrysler owns Mercedes Benz...
  9. S

    Customer Service Surveys- The Secret to Success

    Hi Just had both my 210 saloon and estate serviced. A couple of things I notice have changed. The first is that my MB dealer no longer itemises the cost of any items onto the invoice i.e you only see the one price and that is for the whole service including oils, any bulbs etc. I like to know...
  10. AANDYY

    The Secret Life of the motorway - tonight BBC4 22.00hrs

    Repeat of this fabulous series. :thumb: BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Secret Life of the Motorway
  11. M

    Secret Compartment

    I bought an 08 CLK a few days ago and just discovered a 'secret compartment' (well I only found it by accident!) It's in the glove compartment, on the front bit that swivels downwards. Its about the size of a spectacles case, and the door of the compartment is hinged. If it's just a storage...
  12. Z

    Secret menus from a w203 2006 c180 cluster

    HI, soon i wil be taking my car for service and i wuld like to have some of the functions activated from the secret menus i believe. i heard i culd have the following 1 -auto reverse mirror 2 -monitor tyre pressure pliz list the other functions i can have thank you
  13. 312 Sprinter

    Anyone know the secret of good Sprinter brakes?

    My Sprinter failed its MOT today, I'd let the MOT run out and not used it for several weeks before that which is never the brightest idea! The MOT tester decided he doesn't like the typically spongy Sprinter Brake pedal on my 312 MWB. I've had a go at this before. I reckon it is the ABS pump...
  14. AANDYY

    The Secret Life of the National Grid-tonight 21.00 BBC4

    Cool :thumb:
  15. iscaboy

    How much did you pay? Secret? Or not?

    Was talking to a chap today (was in the bank, reporting lost wallet complete with drivers licence and all plastic, then returned home to find the bloody thing down the side of the chair, so no plastic for 3/4 working days now... sigh) about cars and stuff, he's just bought a new (used) car, saw...
  16. arkamelis

    secret menu

    hi all does the w210 2001 e320 cdi have a secret menu, so you can put car on to dyno mode ?
  17. A

    Secret Menu MP3 settings

    Hi all, I recently retro fitted a command APS DVD to my 2006 C Class, and got into the secret menu and enabled MP3 support, unfortunately at the last service the firmware was upgraded and this now no longer works. I have found a way of getting into the engineering mode serv>system>lang then...
  18. B

    W221 S-Class Comand Secret Menu & Navigation version

    All, I have 3 questions: 1) On an S-Class W221, is there any special key sequence that allows you to get into an Enginnering mode or secret / hiddent menu for the Comand? I was able to access this on a W211 E-Class using the 3-5-7 trick 2) Also, since the Navigation DVD is copied onto a...
  19. A

    Secret cubby behind seat controls on a 211 ?

    Hello Hope I have the number right on a W211 E class (2003 on) they have on the centre console a row of buttons with the (I think) from memory Hazzard lights, heated seats etc. On my dads car this raises up to reveal a secret cubby (or I guess where the 6 cd would have been) his car does...
  20. R

    What is this secret car??

    My lad and I were driving around the M25 when we saw two of these disguised cars. Any ideas??
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