1. mazzerman

    Eaton Kompressor serial number?????

    Hello all. I hope someone can advise? Is there a serial number on every eaton Kompressor that can be verified with Mercedes database as the original one fitted when car was built? The reason i ask is that a Mercedes dealership mis-sold me a brand new supercharger for my 2000 CLK 230k . The car...
  2. J

    W220 Central locking pump part serial number replacemet

    Hi im new member, my central locking pump is not working my part number is 220 800 12 48. My question is if i can replace 220 800 12 48 on to 220 800 02 48 is much much cheaper, will this work?
  3. W

    Wanted - Cheap laptop with serial port

    Hi All, Anyone got a cheap laptop with serial port and XP? Need one to run carsoft - dont mind if it is marked etc. Cheap is key! it will not be getting much use! Thanks
  4. 2

    fog lights serial number?

    Hello everybody. My right fog light has broken and I'm trying to find something at eBay. Could you please post the serial number of the lights? It's a W209 CLK AMG bumper and the car has the adaptative curve light option, I'm saying this because I don't know if the lamp or the external...
  5. D

    Serial Merc Lover saying hi all!

    Hi guys, Not long signed on - Thought I'd say hi! I have a habit of accumulating classic Mercs and then selling them on once I fancy / acquire something else. Currently I'm breaking a W123 280e saloon for spares (let me know if you want anything!) and also to provide an engine for my 280ce...
  6. P

    CD changer code/serial number?

    Anyone know the batch/code/serial number for the CD changer unit in the boot for a 2001 CL55, I need to have repaired or replaced??
  7. L

    Help with Deciphering Old Serial Plate

    I am restoring a vintage tractor. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to read the letters/numbers on the serial plate. A few can be made out. Is there any way of identifying the remainder? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanking you.
  8. Donza

    Serial Port Remap?

    Hi, can anyone enlighten me on a serial port remap. What is the difference between this and the ECU remap, if any? I have a friend who had his W211 serial port remapped and he tells me it can not be detected by insurance companies etc.
  9. R

    Serial Hybrid electricals that work!

    Have a look at a new concept in electric hybrid vehicles, Chorus™ for Cars, that really work, unlike the current crop of dual hybrids that are heavy, very complex and hugely expensive. Series Hybrids are very simple. They use a single-speed engine to power an alternator used to supply...
  10. A

    programmer or serial killer

    spot the faces 8/10 for me Andy
  11. Y

    engine serial number (v6 engine)

    hi there, i just wandering if anybody here knows where the engine number situated on v6 engine. i have look several times in the engine unfortunely i can't find one. thanks.
  12. I

    Radio serial number

    Hello, I am new to this forum and really hope to find an answer to my problem. Last week I messed up when I decided to buy an ML MSC command unit (radio) On eBay. I received the unit with out the 5 digit code to active it. This is only the beginning on my problem, as the serial...
  13. mercmanuk

    how to change the serial number once installed

    does anyone kmow how to change the windows xp serial number once installed
  14. J

    Audio 10 serial numbers

    I have a E220 cdi 2000 facelift, multi function steering wheel with audio 10 radio/tape player serial no. BE 3100. I want to swap this to an audio 10 cd player.I am trying to find one thru the classifieds but want to make sure i get one which is compatible. Do all audio 10s fit or should i be...
  15. scotth_uk

    Engine serial number - where?

    Hi Guys, I am trying to buy a water pump from or, and there are two listed for my car on each (confusing me): WATER PUMP M103(HOLE ON 1 SIDE 107 124 6 9 201 460 (260-300) AUTO RHD FROM 043383 TO 050974 or WATER PUMP M103 HOLE BOTH SIDE...
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