1. W

    Mercedes Me - new additional services

    Just trawled through the new Mercedes Me conditions and services. There seems to be additional services for E Class 2016 and C Class from June 2017. It looks to me that the C Class gets as an option the remote park assist (the one from outside the vehicle) from June 17 model - I am sure you'll...
  2. R

    Merc Services Mitcham

    Has anyone used Merc Services in Mitcham South London? I'm in West Sussex, but travel that way.
  3. D

    Using onboard internet services

    Hi all, Has anybody any idea how to get internet/internet radio to work? I have a April 2017 C63s and every time I try to use(doesn't matter where) it comes up with unable to connect to data at this time. I have an iPhone 7 fully connected to car as well just in case it uses that for internet...
  4. kalvin928

    VCT mobile air conditioning services

    Air conditioning was warm to 1 x side (drivers) gave these guys a shout; full service with antibacterial treatment, new oil and diagnostic printout for only £30 fully Inc. Mobile service
  5. gr1nch

    Mercedes Me : new services on some existing cars from 1st June

    Just got this email today. Will be interesting to see if the services catch up with the latest E class, is from the new 2018 S Class or something else. Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  6. gigdesigns

    New Services Coming 1st June 2017 - Mercedes Me

    I've had an email come through this morning advising of an update to the Mercedes Me terms and conditions. The email states it's in response to new services available from the 1st of June. Just wondering if anybody has any details on what these services might be? I'm really hoping they're...
  7. M

    Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere SY12?

    Any brainstormers? I need: Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere postcode SY12? To pick up a not so big box thats weighs 12kgs & forward it to me via drop off service point post office UPS hermes etc... as I am In London. they would need to have...
  8. P

    Detailing services

    I have a C class estate iv just bought, metallic magnetite black and generally in v good condition. There are however some light scratches down both sides where it looks like the past owner lived down a country lane and hedged it a few times, I can't feel them with my finger nail but they are...
  9. J

    Target pricing for services?

    My E350 Cabriolet is due its first service shortly. Does anyone have any advice on what target price I should be negotiating with the dealership? I'm based in Surrey. £357.37 is the quoted price on the MB service website which seems bonkers money tbh! I've had success in the past with them...
  10. Brian 1

    2 free services

    When I bought my car last year I was given two free services at any Mercedes-Benz dealership, what can I expect when I book it in???
  11. OBZ274

    Star Motor Services Reading

    These guys appear to be my closest Inde. Does anybody have any experience regarding them?
  12. K

    Star Motor Services -Reading

    Just a quick thumbs up to Star Motor Services. Just had my S212 E350cdi in for an A service and ATF and filter change. Friendly, accommodating and professional service. I would highly recommend them. Mark
  13. D

    A,B,C Services

    Hello So my car needed a B service according to the on board computer. It was in fact a B1/2 606 code. So, called to a few local specialist and dropped my car off at a garage in Manchester this morning. What's included in the B1/2 service as from what I can see I've paid through the odds for...
  14. L

    Cob ham Services Meet

    Hi guys Just wondering is anyone going to the meet at cobham services tonight? Link below Upcoming Events | Surviving The Nightlife @ Cobham services | The Car Show Collective
  15. D

    MB to target younger drivers with Financial Services

    Had a quick look at the Daimler 2015 Q3 Interim Report here. And a couple of things that caught my eye from DC Financial Services (my emphasis) Double-digit growth in new business in Europe In the Europe region, new business increased compared with the prior-year period by 16% to €6.3...
  16. thebig1

    Services and Eurocharge Map

    Hi Guys, My car is in for a B1 service tomorrow at the dealer and it is re-mapped etc with a Eurocharge map. Should I take the map off incase they notice or is there no way they can tell?
  17. M

    Cobham Services M25 for PCS GTG - 16 May 2015

    I will get the ball rolling, I can change the times if the majority prefer a later start :) Meet at 7:30 Leaving 8:15 1. Major774
  18. raklfc2015

    Services preston

    Hi all, please could someone recommend a good trustworthy local dealer to service a Mercedes w204, 2011 in the Preston area ? Also abit of advise, previous services records are held digitally, can still be maintained by Indy ? Thank you
  19. ckember

    south mimms services this sunday 12th april

    It seems that The South mimes services on Sunday the 12th is the place to be seen if you have a v8 or a hyper car, two events kick off from there during the morning. The v8uk event starts at 8:30 heading to topcats racing near Aylesbury The second is a MSL performance run from there to...
  20. S

    MB UK customer services.

    Simon Oldfield has now left this position. Does anyone know who the new head of customer services is, and ideally a contact email address for them?
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