1. T

    E class Estate (W210 ) MB Boot Liner ( Hard Shell )

    W210 E class Estate (2001) MB Black Hard shell Estate Boot Liner No reasonable offer refused keeps your boot floor and sides clean on trips to tip Nice accessory for someone keeping their W210 in Tidy Order Boyd
  2. T

    thoughts on shell helix ultra

    sorry for another oil question, was all set tom order some mobil 1 new life oil but been reading a lot of recommendations for shell helix ultra, any thoughts if it's worth the extra money for mobil 1 over shell? thanks
  3. D

    Shell V-Power Nitro vs BP Ultimate Active petrol

    Any preference re either of these two and why?
  4. BlackC55

    PCS Soft shell jackets and polo shirts for sale.

    Hi all, We have started selling PCS Soft shell jackets and polo shirts after a few requests for them! The soft shell jackets are £40 in black and come in sizes S/M/L/XL. Polo shirts are £20 in black and the same sizes as above. Please pm me if you would like one or email...
  5. Stratman

    Ignition key shell

    Are the outer shells available separately for my W203 Estate ignition key (2 button)? The buttons on mine are starting to disintegrate. It's the 2 button version of this
  6. aquanaut

    Shell V power money off vouchers

    Just curious, try to use shell fuel as much as possible, v-power and member of drivers club where my choice is money off vouchers. Not received any since September last year. Was supposed to get some this month and again nothing. Anyone else been missing them or have mine gone missing in my...
  7. A

    Mercedes w115 body she'll or car

    Hi looking to buy a body shell or car w115 shape as mine has rusted through. I have all other parts so as long as the shell is good I'm interested in buying.
  8. 190

    Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 at £17.99 ECP

    Currently a 10% discount at ECP bringing Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 down from £19.99 which was in itself a decent price to £17.99 but only if you use the old web site. Bizarrely the new ECP site lists the same oil Part No.: 521772211 at £29.94. Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 is approved to MB 229.5 and for...
  9. ian1676

    Shell fill up and go

    Filled up at Shell today and was given a leaflet advertising their new "fill up and go" system - basically you use your mobile phone to scan a barcode thingy on the pump and pay for your fuel via paypal over your phone rather than having to walk inside a shop and talk to a cashier when paying...
  10. dan2014

    Shell standerd diesel v's supermarket diesel

    I treat my car to a full tank of shell v-power diesel about every 3rd fill up and the other two will be shells standard diesel my question? Is shell's standard diesel better quality than supermarket diesel? What's your opinions? Thanks in advance :-)
  11. CLK55 CAB SB

    WTB - RHD W208 CLK Cabrio shell

    WTB - RHD w208 CLK Cabrio shell or rolling chassis. Thank you Cheers Mick
  12. S

    Shell Drivers Club Card rewards question ; how to correctly put the card in the pump

    Hello; I hope someone on this forum may be able to help? I note some threads relating to the Shell Drivers Club Card reward system but none seem to have the answer I seek . I am having problems when I do my self service at the pump with inserting the Reward Card in the correct way at the...
  13. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz SEC 126 body shell

    Apologies if already posted! Mercedes Benz SEC Bodyshell and running spares car, A one off opportunity | eBay
  14. travelininstyle

    Shell Drivers Club Points - have you had problems ?

    Our local Garage recently converted from a Shell Forecourt to a Texaco Forecourt.Prior to this I collected fuel points on my Shell Drivers Club Card - to be honest,I was never over enthusiastic about the points - they seemed mean - but the Garage offered its own 3p/4p off a litre coupons so I...
  15. 24karrat

    Shell V-power +

    Will shells v power fuel make any difference to a 560 sel?
  16. N

    Hello, anyone got any shares in Shell going cheap?

    Hello all, New MB owner here having come from the lofty world of VW Golf R32 ownership. I considered my options and decided that as the C63 AMG is the father figure for my previous car, I'd take the plunge. Picked up a 2010 saloon in Palladium and despite running out of fuel once (that 30...
  17. Merty

    Shell FuelSave Diesel vs V Power - Difference & effect

    Afternoon ya'll What's difference between these two fuels. What advantage does it have over each other apart form the price. Would i benefit my E220, if i start using V Power. What are you thoughts Thanks
  18. C

    Before I shell out on a STAR...

    Ok all my last stab at this, I appreciate all the help so far, and I'm new so I've been 'wittering' about we go...I'll try explain better 1999 w208 320 clk auto ABS ASC lights on ...but now and again go off. D light doesn't always stay in sometimes flickers Start...
  19. The _Don

    Shell lego model ferrari giveaway
  20. Mick1982

    2004 R170 shell

    scouring the interweb, stumbled onto this MERCEDES SLK 170 FULL BODY SHELL FROM 2004 VEHICLE | eBay Any body wanna re shell a 2004 slk for cheap?
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