1. lfckeeper

    Inlet port shutoff ist kaputt

    As above my inlet port shutoff has put the car into limp mode with the orange engine light on. After a bit of research on this I've been left fuming really as the words 'badly designed turbo' and 'common problem' keep coming up. Then to read mercedes were aware there was a problem and...
  2. pmcgsmurf

    Fault Code 2513-1 / Check Component M55 Inlet Port Shutoff Motor / W211 E220 CDi OM64

    Hi folks Today my old W211 E220 CDi wont rev. above 3,000 RPM and shows code 2513-1 Check Component M55 (inlet port shutoff motor). I'm guessing the motor may be bunged up and stuck/sticking. Anyone any experience of this and am I right in the below sequence? Soon as I get some time I'm...
  3. F

    CLS63 (W219) whistle on shutoff?

    Not sure which section this should go under as I don't know what part is doing this, any ideas what may cause a very brief whistle when I shut the engine off? Air matic components? Thanks
  4. S

    inlet port shutoff motor and turbo acctuator

    inlet port shutoff motor and turbo actuator these both went on my 2008 E270 diesel. I have just bought an E350 S212 does this suffer similar issues?
  5. A

    OM642 Turbo/EGR/inlet port shutoff problem

    Hello, I have a 2005 w211 estate with 130K miles. I've been experiencing a whole rage of problems which, I believe, are related to the turbo and inlet shutoff motor. Apart from this the car runs well and I really want to resolve the whole problem rather than part of it. Here are the main...
  6. mickday

    9027 - M16/32 Heat Exchange Shutoff Motor replace DIY?

    Star brings up error 9027 for my S211 E55 - M16/32 Heat Exchange Shutoff Motor faulty or open circuit. I intend to do this job myself but having bought the replacement part and looking at its location on RHD cars (under the master cylinder) the job looks like a complete ****** to do...
  7. M

    W211 Port shutoff motor; Warranty covered?

    Hi All, My E320 is in the dealership and they have told me that I have the seemingly common problem of oil leaking onto the port shutoff motor which now needs replacing. I have a Warranty Direct warranty (the highest spec that they offer), however the dealership has said that they might...
  8. C

    Engine Shutoff question/solution

    Hi, I've been chasing the problem for months now. Problem: Car shuts down while driving, while slowing down or driving at constant speed or stopped at traffic lights. Once it stalls, I restart the engine and everything is fine, No codes or anything. Solution: I thought that the Torque...
  9. BlackC55

    V6 Diesel inlet port shut-off motor FIRE

    On a V6 diesel the inlet port motor caught fire. The white stuff is foam from the extinguisher. Very scary stuff as the flames were huge!!
  10. steveskeggy

    Cylinder shut-off

    I have a misfire on 10 11 and 12, so I am going through the fault possibilities, the first being the pre-cat o2 sensor for the rear exhaust bank on that side which has definately gone. When I had problems with 1 2 and 3 I went through the coil pack (which was faulty) The plugs (which were a dire...
  11. I

    Navigation 20 ipod shutoff

    Hi All, Got myself the Nav 20 upgrade for audio 20. in a c320 2007 question is re the ipod. I have an ipod classic and would like to leave it in the car. But it does not powerdown, only goes to pause when i turn off the ignition. anyone got the same ? rgds ian
  12. T

    W124 300D OM603 Engine - Diagnosis of Faulty Vacuum Shut-off valve

    Hi All, Following on from an earlier thread regarding problems switching off my 300TD, it appears that either the shut-off valve is faulty or there is an intake of air somewhere in the vacuum system leading from the ignition switch. Can anyone give me a few general pointers on how to...
  13. M

    Inlet Port Shut-off Motor

    Can any of you help with the below post? I bought an 'Inlet Port Shutoff Motor' and tried to change it yesterday but failed. We managed to get two bolts out but couldn't get access to the third (lowest one). It looks like it bolts onto the gearbox but we just couldn't get our hands down...
  14. N

    Delayed Headlamp Shutoff

    AKA "Follow me Home". Hi Chaps, another poser for our collective wisdom. On a previous chariot I had this fab feature - tickle the light switch, get out of car, shut door, then the headlights turn themselves on for 30 seconds so you can find your way to your front door, garage, whatever...
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