1. Benjy

    Skirt Repair

    Hi Guys Unfortunately tonight I reversed out from a friends drive and didn't realise that the front right of the car was not on the slop of the drive but on the kerb and subsequently banged down the kerb and nearly ripped my front spoiler off.:doh: What I have done is split the underneath of...
  2. S

    Missing Part on Skirt, Help please

    Recently discovered a missing insert on the bottom of the SL350, i have no idea what it is called, or where i can purchase a replacement. It's located just below the rear end of the driver side door. Any help would be appreciated.:thumb: S.M
  3. dvb247

    ML270 Side Skirt LED Light Replacements?

    I've just bought a Brabus D4 Ml270 facelift on a 2003, the car has the side skirts with the LED lights one either side of each side step, I've pulled the little LED block out of the side skirt to get a part number but there wasn't one! Anyone know a part number? do replacement LED lights come as...
  4. F

    1999 SLK - Possible to update with facelift side skirt?

    Having recently bought a 1999 SLK, is it easy to make it match the facelift version, post 2000?? To fully paint the front/rear bumpers and loose the black bottom is straight forward but what about the sills. Are the facelift sills just painted or are they in fact a bolt on side skirt, if it's...
  5. K

    W203 Coupe Skirt

    Hi Guys, I'm a long time lurker and have gained some great advice from the forum. I need to ask for more advice please. I have a 53 reg C Class sport coupe (W203). Last week whilst trying to park a dodgy kerb edge punctured my front tyre and ripped the side skirt. I have been quoted approx...
  6. A

    W208 CLK facelift drivers side skirt

    Wanted..... W208 CLK facelift (2000) onwards, drivers side skirt any colour will do... Cheers
  7. aziz

    W202 AMG Side Skirt

    Hi ... i was trying to fit amg side skirt to my w202 today but i didnt have the strip wich go over the top any one have any idea wat i can do withit or how to fit it ?
  8. Godot

    Ladies Burberry Leather Jacket & Skirt

    A size 12/14 Ladies Double Breasted "Blouson" Style Jacket with matching 29" long skirt with 10" rear vent at hemline Superb condition worn the once. Very very soft leather. No, not at all "chav like" £75.00 ovno Can photograph for you if interested :)
  9. R

    w202 side skirt fixings??

    Hi all, Just bought a C36 w202. Does any one have any idea how the sideskirts are supposed to be held in place? The passanger side skirt seems to have either come off or is not being held properly. I tried to have a look yesterday but couldnt see whats wrong. Its come loose at the front arche...
  10. NICKYB

    clk rear apron / skirt

    does anyone know how easy / hard it is to fit this? is it just a case of clipping it in to place?
  11. P

    Cill cover (side skirt) W210 - £££££?????

    Does anyone know the price of the plastic cill cover (left side) for a 2000 E-class w210, is it available colour coded (silver?) - I ran over some debris on the motorway and tore a titanic type rip along its length:( . While, I'm asking, I would like to replace the bumper cover strip, ie the...
  12. B

    Nearside W202 Headlight and side skirt wanted!!!!

    does anyone have the following to offer for a 1997 facelift W202 sport Nearside W202 Headlight and side skirt wanted!!!!
  13. Rumble

    Elegance Per-Facelift Rear Bumper (Skirt)

    Elegance Pre-Facelift Rear Bumper (Skirt) Hi all, does anyone know the part number(s) for the rear bumper on a pre-facelift 96 elegance C180 like c13tay's If its aftermarket does anyone know where it can be purchased from? Cheers!
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Side skirt sealant?

    Lately, I have been spraying the green sideskirts I bought off Shude with halfords spray cans, and because im taking my time, they look nearly as good as if they were sprayed by a bodyshop! Anyway, when I was sanding them down, I noticed each one had what appears to be signs of some type of...
  15. W

    190 Rieger front skirt for sale

    Well as I now have to riase money to pay for my new Autogearbox and exhaust system. I'm going to be selling my Rieger Infinity front skirt....amonst other things. It fits onto the front bumper giving a lower more agresive stance. Heres a picture of one fitted Mine is totaly brand...
  16. Msmax

    Side skirt upgrade for E class of 1996

    Can anyone tell me if it is easily possible to mount (clip on?) the side skirts as mounted on the E-Class models from 1999 to 2002 on a E-Class of 1996? They are much cheaper compared to AMG or Brabus. What about the front and rear bumper lips? Any one done this already? Your help...
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