1. yuriboy

    w211 side skirt

    hi all , i am looking for a drivers side skirt for a w211 in teallite blue 353 thanks 07729077177
  2. John N

    AMG Style Side Skirt Inserts!

    I have discovered a problem with both sides AMG Style Side Skirt Inserts in the area of the Front Jacking Pad Points, there appears to be either Flaking Paint, a Hairline Crack or a Crack in the Paint running for approx six inches! :wallbash: The cause MAY be down to incorrect or careless...
  3. E

    anyone got skirt extensions for w204 c class

    I am looking for some carbon sideskirt extensions and for rear bumper too and a carbon front lip Anyone on here got them fitted to their own car?
  4. EDDIE12

    W204 c63 carbon side skirt extensions

    Hi, I have for sale a set off carbon side skirt extensions that I recently bought from RW Carbon in California. They were only fitted too my C63 for a few days but the car was never driven. The only reason am selling them is because I've traded in my C63. RRP on these delivered too the UK with...
  5. F

    Spider cracks in gel coat of skirt.

    Noticed a few very fine cracks in one of my fiberglass skirts on my 209, could these be cleaned out with thinners (scored with a Stanley knife?) and filled with touch up paint, then sanded down and compounded after a few days, or is that just too easy to be true?
  6. C

    rear end bumper skirt

    hi, Any ideas how much the dealers will roughly charge for installing a new rear end bumper skirt ?. Also if someone could provide me with a part number, it will be handy. car w205 c class. thanks. MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS W205 2014- REAR BUMPER SKIRT PDC PARKING SENSOR | eBay
  7. poormansporsche

    WTD W202 F/L Rear Bumper / Skirt in 744 Silver

    like it says, facelift rear bumper apron skirt thingie in 744 Silver or a complete rear bumper in 744 anything let me know Cheers Brett
  8. G

    w221 side skirt

    Can someone help me with how to put the skirt back in place? I have no idea how this has happened and pushing down on this makes no difference. It's supposed to sit flush and flat.
  9. shaze30

    C43 AMG side skirt covers

    In need of 2 jacking point covers If anyone has 2 please let me know Thanks
  10. design guru

    Side Skirt W220 removal

    Hello all, I have decided to deal with the small patches of surface rust on my car myself. I have managed to get the rust removed back to bare metal but as some areas are near the edges I need to remove the side skirts. I can see the obvious bolts on the lower part of the wings but just...
  11. G

    AMG Side Skirt W221

    Hi guys, I need a N/S AMG side Skirt for a W221 S320L CDI (pre-facelift) can someone point me in the right direction please? Can't find anything online
  12. N

    W124 Estate OS side skirt in Smoke Silver

    Long shot I know but I'm in need of a Smoke Silver OS (driver's side) side skirt to fit an N reg W124 Estate. I think the saloon one would fit. Ta!
  13. B

    Plastic flap jack point for side skirt on w202 estate

    I wonder if anyone knows where I can get the above part? its an offside jack point plastic cover rear, which is situated on the side skirt. Any advice will be gratefully appretiated.:thumb:
  14. jasons

    W202 side skirt clips.

    I noticed when I was washing my c180 sport that some of the clips that hold the underneath of the skirt on are broken,does anybody know if they are still available from the dealers and how do they come off.
  15. L

    C43 side skirt removal

    Hi, just doing a bit of rust work but wanting to get the sideskirts off my c43. (Really not looking forward to it though!) Undone all the plastic screws underneath and one bolt at the very front of the skirt but then stuck. I presume the side skirt is held on by clips all the way along. How do...
  16. arfan786

    SEC AMG sides skirt rear lip etc needed

    hi guys I am looking for some AMG side skirts and rear bumper splitter for my 560 sec so if anyone has one for sale or knows of someone breaking a car with the amg styling then please let me know thanks.
  17. W

    SLK Side Skirt Removal

    Hi Chaps, I have removed the bolts and under side clips but the skirt seams to be attached underside at the jacking points. Two black circular bungs for want of a better description. How can I get it off. Also I have some nasty photos of behind the front fender now that I have taken it off to...
  18. horgantrevor

    c43 amg side skirt clips part numbers

    hi i have been working on my car for a month on and off fixing all the little niggles of rust i removed the side skirts but broke a few clips i want to get new ones has any one got some part numbers for the inner sill ones the ones under the car and the one at the end buy the rear wheel...
  19. C

    O/s amg side skirt w209

    O/s amg side skirt w209 Any colour, even damaged
  20. M

    where do i find a side skirt for my w210 estate???

    I've got a w210 E240 Elegance Estate in Azurite blue and my passenger side skirt is cracked and i need a new one, does anyone have one or if not does any one know where i can find one???
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