1. cpeacock

    IPod Issues - Sorting by Artist/Album etc

    Hi All I've had a look through some of the older posts but couldn't find any definitive answers to this problem! I've just bought a C Class Coupe 220d Sport Edition (no sat nav fitted) and I'm having issues with the Ipod connectivity. I am connecting it in the arm rest via an Ipod cable and it...
  2. lordlee

    Busy sorting the SLK's paint

    Well its been a busy weekend fitting bulbs, cleaning, polishing and re-polishing. I started off removing the orange bulbs that kinda spoil the look (IMO) of the headlights. I stuck in some Osram Diadem - not the chrome ones but the other ones they do as I love the colour of them. The rear...
  3. N

    How do you go about sorting rust?

    That wasn't more a question to each person as I'm sure we each have our own ways but always interesting to hear other people plans of attack, tips and tricks etc. So my way depends on how bad the damage is, if its some light bubbling then, sand back to bear metal, and apply a rust reverter...
  4. P

    Sorting out a Black Bentley GTC for a Bentley Dealer

    I had to sort out this black GTC for a dealer that had had the car on stock for over 150 days :eek: The car was suffering from the usual swirls and a few da marks, but where it was black it showed up pretty bad in the light. They had got some interest in the car from a very fussy client so...
  5. ringway

    MP3/4 Music sorting advice for Android phone.

    I've bought a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy SII. On my previous Samsung i8910 phone, I had real problems organising the music files. They were all over the place and difficult to access easily. Is there a music sorting product available to use with my new handset that will make finding and...
  6. B

    W210 Estate - sorting the suspension

    Starting to enjoy driving the big old estate around, a real change from the Delica and the Impreza before that, much smoother and more wafting (is that a word???) Anyway to the point... She can get a bit of a shimmy on at the front, almost feels a bit floaty. What are the typical bits and bobs...
  7. BenzComander

    Sorting data in Excel

    Does anybody know if it is possible to sort data in an Excel column alphabetically from the right? Thanks!:D
  8. A

    Thanks to Compaq for sorting this one out for me!

    See their response..... :D
  9. Dieselman

    Sorting S/W switch problems

    After there being a few threads relating to S/W switches being stuck in W I decided to play with mine. After rocking the switch several times and feeling the box change ratios it then decided to stick in W mode. Knowing there is a little plunger and then a switch I decided to have a look...
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