1. Sturge

    Front bumper on Vito spot x 639

    Hi all, can anyone get their hands on removal and fitting instructions for the front bumper on a 2014 sport x brabus bumper? Would be nice to know how to remove/refit property. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. S

    Spot the difference?

    Can't believe I never spotted this before and the drivers side drl is cracked again! Only changed it earlier in the year.
  3. grober

    The Great Red Spot. [YOUTUBE HD]SgEsf4QcR0Q[/YOUTUBE HD] Yesterday the Juno probe flew diectly over the Jupiters great red spot- we await results!
  4. gr1nch

    Spot of golf with your A service, Sir?

    Seen on the wall in MB Ashford this week. What other inducements have been seen in other MB dealers. Any of real value? Wouldn't mind a voucher for Eurotunnel of Ferry for 1, or even better, 2 way journey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *...
  5. jih2000

    retrofit blind spot assist / distronic plus

    Hi, Anyone had blindspot assist or distronic plus retro-fitted? I have a 2013 c63 facelift model I want to fit this to
  6. B

    2014 s class rear bumper blind spot sensor

    Hi, The sensor has stopped working I'm getting the lane assist assist and blind spot inoperative in he display. Anybody changed one and is it difficult? Thanks
  7. S

    A class spot of bother

    I am the unfortunate owner of a 2004 A160 whom has been doing a spot of maintenance on it in my spare time. Nothing to extreme, just replacing the auxiliary belt, followed by the water pump then the auxiliary belt tensioner unit. As if that wasn't enough I discovered that during the strip down...
  8. D

    Vito 2016 W447 front bumper spot /fog lights

    Hi all , Could anyone point me in the right direction as to a part no or where to buy the MB front fog lights for the new Vito ? Many thanks in advance .
  9. D

    Spot the difference

    'Er indoors told me that no one would notice what change I have made to my project c124. I bet her people would. Can you spot it (Door in wrong shade of silver not included and being rectified!!)
  10. D

    Clk430 208 flat spot - intermittent fault

    I don't drive the CLK very much but a wee run today has unearthed an odd problem. The car runs perfectly, but every now and again after I kick it down for a bit of speed, it seems to after that have a massive flat spot before it picks up. It idels fine it just seems as tho there's a 5 second...
  11. grumpyoldgit

    C Class makes number two spot in the most stolen list.

    Keyless go is a bit worrying, if these details are correct.
  12. K

    W202 (Petrol) Flat Spot at low revs

    Hi folks, I hope someone can help. 1998 W202 C200 Saloon Petrol 81,000 miles. Engine runs beautifully apart from a very annoying Flat Spot at the bottom of the rev range, i.e. when you put the car into D and press the accelerator, nothing happens for a second, resulting in a slightly lumpy...
  13. merc85

    HUFF post spot the mistake lol

    Migrant Treated For Petrol Inhalation After Being Found Crammed Behind Car Engine
  14. 219

    Spot the station !

    Despite it not being properly dark at 22:04 tonight , the International Space Station was still easily visible to the naked eye as the third brightest object in the night sky . I've seen it a couple of times before but it is always something to behold . NASA - Spot The Station
  15. M

    Blind Spot Assist Inoperative

    On the way home last night I got the Blind Spot Assist Inoperative message on the display. This stayed on for about 5 minutes which was the remainder of my journey. I then turned the engine off and removed the key before I started the engine up again. The yellow triangles in the mirrors came...
  16. F

    Led spot lights in the the roof of my vito

    Hi all I'm in the proses or insulating and carpet lining the rear of my van I'm looking to fit 4 led spot lights for more light As I'll be using it to camp in So can I just wire them in to the light that's in the rear of the van that comes on when you open one of the doors? Or will the led...
  17. Simon_M

    Can you Spot the F1 Drivers Signatures?

    While on the AMG trip last month, nosing around the Secured parking of the Ferrari / Maserati garage I spotted this. I know it is the 695 Tribuno Ferrari Fiat 500 but on closer inspection the bonnet was signed... Now I can make out Nico Rosberg's signature (middle left, to the...
  18. demetrios

    small rust spot on by wheel arch. repair advice?

    On the drivers side wheel arch there is a small rust spot and a button paint bubble next to it. It's not enough to warrant a respray. I was going to lightly sand the area to remove the rust and bubbled paint then apply some kind of rust remover then get chips away to put the colour on it. Does...
  19. T

    Spot the error

    looking at wire crimpers and this was a spec. I have some of these terminals :D This trade quality Automatic 3 in 1 Wire Stripper and Crimper is suitable for both professional or DIY use. It allows the single motion stripping of wires/insulation and the crimping of insulated and non-insulated...
  20. daveenty

    Spot the Difference

    Thought I'd share this which was pointed out by John (Developer) to me on Wednesday. It's practically impossible to spot unless you're underneath the car which we were as it was on the ramp at MSL with Mike's (doughboy) on the ramp next to it. Mike's car: - My Car: -...
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