1. Herishi

    Glow time output stage (Glow plug relay) can bus?

    doe anyone know if the glow time output stage is on the can bus on a 211 2007 3.0 V6 Diesel? Part number A 642 900 58 01 I have a glow plug warning light on my dash ( though no issues starting) and when I read the error codes I get a Can Controller "Can bus OFF 1 2 4 8" error Thank for...
  2. G

    45 AMG Stage 1 V2 iTuning system for sale

    I have a stage 1 kit for sale for £300.00 + postage £15.00 (new retails for £699.00) The Rebellion iTuning Systems are built with performance in mind. Gains for the A / CLA / GLA Pre-facelift 45AMG Stage 1 are as follows: 360BHP - 420BHP 450nm - 570nm Gains for the A / CLA / GLA Facelift...
  3. jih2000

    Stage 1 Weistec SC

    Hi, I'm tempted to get my car supercharged. Interested in the stage 1 Weistec package. Anyone who has had this done and where, is their any kind of warranty against it going bad, and the other thing is insurance, how much did it add? I currently have the ECU tune and the insurance let me have...
  4. B

    stage 3 weistec for sale so soon

    2013 MERCEDES-BENZ C63 AMG SUPERCHARGED for sale again and so soon? wasn't this someone's on here I'm sure I've seen it before? looks like the same advert from the previous post
  5. Y

    glowplug output stage short circuit to positive

    glow output stage short circuit to positive hi all my cars has a problem glowplug lights is always on i have check all 4 plugs which read 0 ohms the relay reads 17 ohms at all 4 points i have opened up the relay and it looks good testing voltage at power wire i gt 0 volts all...
  6. ACID

    C63 Stage 1 Remap and Dyno

    Another C63 today in @ MSL Performance! Beginning to become childs play Stock: 394.59 Whp (465.62 Bhp) 396.97 Wtq (468.42 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 442.68 Whp (522.36 Bhp) 408.51 Wtq (482.04 Ft Lbs Torque) NWMOVeNgxlw
  7. ACID

    C63 Black Series Supercharged Stage 3

    C63 Black Series in with us @ MSL Performance!!! Equipped with a Weistec Stage 3 Supercharger and an iPE/FI Exhaust System Running at: 808.38 Bhp 700.32 Ft Lbs Torque pIFoxWavcgc
  8. ACID

    C63 Black Series Supercharged Stage 3

    C63 Black Series in with us @ MSL Performance!!! Equipped with a Weistec Stage 3 Supercharger and an iPE/FI Exhaust System Running at: 808.38 Bhp 700.32 Ft Lbs Torque pIFoxWavcgc
  9. dan-mb

    C63 weistec stage 2 MSL

    spotted this whilst having a browse on autotrader: Mercedes-Benz C Class 6.3 C63 AMG 7G-Tronic 4dr Ex/forum member?
  10. ACID

    GLA45 AMG Stage 2 Remap

    A GLA45 we had in today with us here @ MSL Performance for a Stage 2 Remap Weistec Downpipe AMS Induction Kit Stage 2 Remap Stock: 366.34 Bhp 360.56 Ft Lbs Torque Tuned: 437.85 Bhp 475.28 Ft Lbs Torque
  11. W

    a45 litchfield stage 1 vs c63amg

    Hi, Just a quick one, my friend has purchased a 64 plate a45 with the stage 1 Litchfield remap. all I have to say is wow, certainly holds its own against my c63 which I was very shocked with! anyone experienced anything similar?!? I almost want to get rid of the c63 for the...
  12. ACID

    Mercedes C63 Stage 3 Build Forged + Gearbox @ MSL

    Hey Guys its time for a Quick Project!:thumb: C63 2013 Stage 3 Supercharger Fully Build Forged Wesitec Engine Block Bullet Proof Gearbox and TCU Tune Ice Tank Coming soooon :bannana::bannana::bannana:
  13. ACID

    Mercedes C63 Weistec Stage 2 Flames ! MSL

    Mercedes C63 Stage 2 Weistec Supercharger Full Fi Exhaust System Catless And 740 BHP from Utter Power!!!!! PWV7vhC1oQw
  14. Lee C63

    Weistec stage 2 /3 questions

    This will only be of interest to those of us running Weistec Superchargers. But a good explanation from Weistec themselves how far you can go with stock internals and transmission.. Full thread here- Weistec blower efficiency - Page 2 - Forums Boost Ratings Our Stage 2...
  15. D

    BMW boss faints on stage

    omg!: BMW Chief's Collapse Shocks Motor Show Crowd
  16. grober

    BMW CEO faints on Stage

    Newly appointed BMW AG CEO Harald Krüger has had a rough start to his first Frankfurt Motor Show . Krüger fainted about five minutes into the BMW press conference. Had he just heard how much it was costing BMW to make the i8? we can only speculate at this point. ;)
  17. Lee C63

    Aquamist HFS4 Install on Stage 2 S/C C63

    Just had a Water / meth system fitted to the C63….main reason for this was to help control IAT (even though I have a Killer chiller installed). I opted for the HFS 4 Aquamist kit which will allow me to have the ECU map finely tuned and may give a slight increase in power (due to the Meth raising...
  18. ChrisA

    CLS 55 Weistec Stage 3 for sale

    Hi Guys Putting the feelers out to see if there's any interest in selling my car. I am in need of a 5 seater due to family pressure and practicality so not in a rush but will need to sell this year. Most of you know how quick and crazy it is but also the comfort for every day driving which I...
  19. Lee C63

    iller Chiller install on Weistec Stage 2 C63

    Well its been sat in the garage for roughly 12 months and finally managed to get down to MSL yesterday (part of the Mini Meet) and have the Killer Chiller Installed. I already have the Weistec Ice Tank installed which after some spirited driving would get quite warm. However, now with the KC...
  20. D

    764BHP Stage 3 Weistec Build @ MSL

    Hi Guys, Not one for starting many threads on here, but thought it would be good to share with you my recent experience @ MSL and the build we have recently conducted on my C63. I approached Acid last year with the view that I may potentially look to Supercharge my C63 in the future and...
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