1. RyanMuller

    Best way to remove oil stain from drive?

    As above. Any tips? :-(
  2. L

    Carpet Stain Removal help.

    So when i recently gave the inside of the CLS a clean and removed the passenger side floor mat i found a secret lurking deep down. A large, what i presume to be Coffee Stain. I have no idea how long this has been here and attempted to remove this at the weekend. Fortunately i own a VAX 6131T...
  3. M

    Does artico stain like leather?

    Hi all Looking at the spec of a w205 or s205 C-class, and quite like the idea of a dark car, maybe cavansite blue, with light seats (prefer grey to biege). Do the grey artico seats seats stain like leather ones do, for example if you wear jeans in them? The car will be a company car so long...
  4. Charles Morgan

    Carpet stain protector

    Been busy cleaning up the Citroen SM interior. The carpets are quite light and immediately show the dirt quite badly in the pedal area. Has anyone used a stain protector like the 303 High Tech Fabric Guard on their cars to any success?
  5. MB James

    Removing stain on Artico suede seat

    I dropped some of the gunk from the tyrefit canister on to the seat. Its black suede on an Artico seat. The tyrefit that leaked out is like glue. Anyone suggest a product to clean it with?
  6. P

    Belt stain on porcelain leather seat

    The belt on my trousers has stained the lower back of my porcelain leather seat. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way of removing this? I've tried with the Starguard leather cleaner and it has no effect, I guess because the dye from the belt has effectively dyed the seat. Any help...
  7. martinc65

    Dinamica/Artico seats white stain problem

    I own a 2013 C Class C250 CDI Estate Sports Plus with Dinamica/Artico interior seats with the red stitching I've had the Car for nearly 12 month now. The car was only 11 month old when I bought it, from early on I noticed little white marks appearing on Dinamica inserts, and its gradually...
  8. S

    stain removal on a leather seat

    When I got my car delivered new about 5 months ago, I went to get my windows tinted at the rear from a 3rd party. Didn't notice at the time but maybe a couple of weeks later saw a couple of stains on the driver's seat. I am guessing must have been some sort of glue that was used to apply the...
  9. marty359

    Bird poop stain

    What can I use to sort this out :( left the car under a tree for 5 mins yesterday and when I came back mr pigeon was sniggering at me from the tree. I wiped it off with a baby wipe when I got home and today cleaned the car but its left this stain(the one next to the fluorescent light...
  10. A

    leather tyre stain removal?

    Hi Bought a nice all round CLK 208 convertible with - I think - Light ash grey leather interior. Or it was a nice interior until some idiot - me! - put a tyre on the back seat. It was there overnight and I now have a tyre tread stain on the seat. Ive tried quite a range of cleaners and...
  11. L

    Help - Can't get rid of the stain on my car

    Hi All, About a mounth ago, I noticed a black metallic type stain on the bonnect of my car. The car is metallic silver and I bought 'star protect' from the dealer when I bought the car almost a year ago. The stain won't shift and is grainy to the touch. Any idea what to do? I haven't...
  12. markjay

    Paint stain removal from cloth trim?

    I seem to have sat on some fresh white paint, my jeans are stained but more worryingly the driver's seat now has a nice (dry) white paint blot right in the the middle. The interior is black cloth/fabric. Any ideas how to get it off? From the driver's seat, that is, I'll bin the jeans... Thanks!
  13. R

    HELP! Filler on my pine doors will not stain - now patchy!

    Hi, So whilst I realise this is a car forum, I'm oping someone will be able to help! The decorators have used cuprinol and ronseal filler on my reclaimed pine doors. When trying to then wax with briwax - the doors not look extremely patchy. The filler just doesn't take the wax. I have...
  14. A

    Leather stain

    Hi, Whats the best way to remove an old leather stain. thanks
  15. W

    How to remove water stain off a cloth seat?

    One of the less clever features of my car is that to change a headlight bulb you need to remove the front bonnet. Which left me with the problem of where to put the bonnet whilst changing the bulbs? So I placed it over the rear seats, since the bonnet was clean. When I took the bonnet back out I...
  16. BaldGuy

    Leather Sofa stain

    Help!! Just bought a new sofa in the worn look very light brown leather where its easily marks and adds to the age etc etc .... fell asleep on the sofa last night and where I've had some tattoo work done on my arm last week it has stained the cushion... Ideas for removal???? Cheers Greg
  17. B

    Mystery stain on carpet

    ML270 2002 Australian 120K km's. Noticed this dark stain next to park brake pedal. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Feels dry to touch, no signs from above the stain to indicate what might be causing it. Right hand drive vehicle. Any suggestions.?
  18. 8

    Ink stain on leather problem.

    :bannana: anyone know how to get ink stain off leather
  19. A

    Can I stain MDF? at least I think it is...

    Hello, Our little bundle of trouble is getting far too mobile and quick on all fours...and trying on two...although only a few steps. Upstairs in the landing we have quite open banistar/ rails and I have bought what is one of those patterned radiator fret work things to cover the holes in...
  20. jadefox

    UGHH can someone help? Stain on dash.....

    I had an air freshener in the car, it was one of those Ambipur ones - the little glass vial of perfume in a holder, my daughter accidentally kicked it off, but without telling me had replaced it (she's only 5) but put it upside down. :rolleyes: By the time I looked, it was too late and the darn...
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