1. M

    Is ILS now standard on E class SE?

    Hi, noob here. Hope this is the right place to post. I am in the process of ordering my first Merc (E300 Hybrid SE) through my company's Fleet website. I would like ILS but unfortunately this takes the car outside my budget, so will spec the car without ILS. However, when I spec the...
  2. T

    Standard tint level new E300

    I've ordered a new company car to be delivered in April all being well. It's a E300 hybrid S212. Tenorite Grey, AMG Line, Premium. I haven't gone for any options over the standard Premium toys, except for intelligent lighting. Anyway, without bringing up any of the topics that come up on a...
  3. Chalpkin

    Standard or sports shocks.

    Hi all, I've fitted a h&r spring kit to my 2001 Mercedes C320 Avantgarde Saloon it originally had standard suspension, now that it's dropped by 40mm could I fit the sports version shocks? Any advice/help would be most welcome. Regards, Chalpkin.
  4. W

    Replacing the standard Mercedes cd head unit

    How hard is it to change the standard stereo? I can't seem to see any key holes to remove the stereo as I want to put in a pioneer. Thanks
  5. W

    is this a standard interior colour?

    hi guys Going to go and look at a clk with this colour interior, is this a standard colour or ha been retrimmed thanks
  6. M

    Fitting Non Standard wheels to my new E350 AMG Blue Tec sport

    Hi I have just joined your club and am desperate for some help please I have a 2014 E350 (w212) complete with Factory fitted AMG kit. My AMG wheels are: 8.5J x 18 H2 ET 48 front 9.0J x 18 H2 ET 54 Rear I want to fit alternative non std wheels to the following spec 8.5j x 19 Offset 45...
  7. M

    Set of standard wheels wanted/swap for AMG wheels

    Looking for a set of standard wheels to fit CL203/W203 coupe 15" or 16" preferred. Would prefer for them to have good tyres on. Possible straight swap for 3 x 18" AMG replica E63 alloys (in need of refurb)
  8. Ted

    Scotland raises the standard

    This can only be a good thing - and in plenty of time for Christmas too. I wonder when England will follow Scotland's lead. I just hope that it is policed well.
  9. S

    TPMS now standard fit?

    It appears from my own experience on my eclass estate, that MB are fitting the full TPMS as standard, even though it is an optional extra. Maybe this is old news, but if so, you do wonder why MB still have it as an option. It's a bit of a pain for me, as I've just realised and a couple of...

    W211 AMG E55 - Standard Specification List?

    Could anyone shed light on what the standard specification was for these E55 please?
  11. I

    Custom reg or standard???

    Hi I have just got a nice cherised plate I was wondering what your opinions are on changing the font slightly etc obviously for show purposes! Lol or do you feel this looks cheap thx
  12. R

    W205 Airmatic vs Standard Suspension

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone has had the opportunity to test drive both Airmatic and standard steel suspension? Also does anyone know of a UK dealer with an Airmatic demonstrator car? I know the specification of the C Class Sport I'd like to order except for the suspension. Because I...
  13. E

    w204 saloon roof bar mount points are standard or not?

    If this sounds like a daft question from a noob it's because it is. Are the fixed roof bar mount points on the w204 saloon cars, e.g. the C220 standard or options? I have checked various Mercedes brochures but don't have a definitive answer yet.
  14. J532KTT

    124 standard speakers

    Does anyone know if there's an aftermarket option that fits a 124??? One of mine is goosed causing both not to work. I've unplugged one for now but one working sounds pants! Cheers.
  15. Maurauth

    [W204] How much lower than standard?

    Does anyone know how much lower the pre-facelift sports pack is than standard? I'm looking at ordering springs but want to know how many millimetres to take off of the suggested drop :) I have a feeling it's 15mm, can anyone confirm this?
  16. L

    Does the SL 55 come with a fire extinguisher under drivers seat as standard?

    HI, so mine has not got one and it hasn't got the sticker, its a 2006 SL 55 amy, did it originally have one you think? Thnaks Laurie
  17. PhilT

    Standard Yoko Advan Sport Rear Tyres

    Does anyone know if the Yoko Advan Sport 255/30/19 extra load v103s has been discontinued? My tyre guy said he can only get them in z rated which cost more but hes still doing me a good deal
  18. KillerHERTZ

    £Free W209 CLK CDI Standard Twin Pipe Exhaust

    Buyer to Collect else it goes down the tip...
  19. L

    SL 55 R230 - Which are the standard mats?

    Hi, I have a 2006 SL 55 here with some colour coded floor mats but they don't say SL 55 on them, rather just a small moulded badge which says mercedes benz, this vehicle has the ivory /cream interior which is quite light in colour, my question is what mats would this car have come standard with...
  20. F

    Is an W210 E55 gearbox just a standard 5-speed?

    No improvements/differences over the lesser models? What's a good price for a good used E55 box?
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