1. O

    Wanting to replace w164 ml standard headunit

    Hello, this my 1st post, I've just purchased a ml 2007. The headunit is standard with just the CD player and things for phone functions. I wanted to change it for something newer that can access my iPhone and also have satnav. Wanted to keep the steering controls also. Has anyone done it...
  2. RossBHP

    standard c63 remapping

    Will I get a good increase in hp or is it a waste of money without headers and cat replacement :confused: so much confusion would love some honest answers :wallbash:
  3. F

    Remapping a standard C63 AMG… Wise thing to do?

    After reading the post about remapping / ECU tuning by Eurocharge in my other topic. I was curious why most people are so enthusiastically about remapping? I don't know if it's possible to get a Eurocharged remap in my country and what the big difference is to other companies? In worst case I...
  4. J

    CLS HK vs Standard speakers ?

    Hi, I have a 2008 CLS (2009 spec) with the NTG 2.5 but the standard speakers, I think it sounds alright really, better than the Bose in my previous 350Z, however am interested as to whether its a direct swap and whether it is worthwhile ?
  5. D

    CLK430 standard air filter vs K&N sport one

    So I'm going to replace the air filters on the CLK430. MB have quoted £50 for the two or should I double that and get two K&N ones? Will they really make a difference when everything else is standard? Scott
  6. uumode

    Part no. For W205 - standard 18 inch AMG LINE, 5 spoke alloy wheel

    I'm trying to get the cost for this alloy wheel, but the dealer doesn't know the part number either, and randomly quoted me £650+ VAT for a Himalayan grey AMG wheel. The AMG line is titanium.
  7. poormansporsche

    W202 AMG Wheel Arch Liner Plastics are they same as standard W202 ???

    Alright good peoples, My front wheel arch plastics are smashed and ive chucked them in the bin but ive since discovered that I have, what im assuming are AMG brake cooling pipes (HWA part number on them) which connect to the inner arch. Does anyone know if the standard inner arch plastics...
  8. W

    Is the 3 fin grille a standard grille on a clk?

    Hi Just wondering is my chrome and black grille a standard grille? As someone told me it's not Thanks
  9. Horrgakx

    Should the EASY-PACK boot box be standard?

    Hi all - I don't have the EASY-PACK boot box in my C250 saloon. According to the manual it is in the boot under the rear parcel shelf, but mine just has the metal with nothing attached. I wondered if it should be standard equipment?
  10. J

    R129 Headlight wipers standard?

    Hi All Can anybody tell me if the headlight wipers were standard fit for all R129's, particularly the SL 500 of 1997/8? I have just noticed that the car I am looking to purchase does not have them. Thanks in advance for advice. Regards Johnny
  11. c55

    Set of W124 15" standard alloys wheels

    Set of 4 x 124 15" Alloys Removed from S124 Reasonable condition, some curbing, 2 tyres may need replacing. Collection from NW London £130
  12. Grovsie31

    SS brake lines or standard hoses?

    Hey all my brake lines look like they have seen better days, so thought might as well change them when I get the fluid changed. Should I be looking at stainless steel brake lines, or just go for stock ones? If stock are the ones from ECP ok?
  13. W

    Standard exhaust quite quiet

    Hi there I was just wondering if there is any way of making the stock exhaust of a clk240 have abit more growl? I previously had 4 BMWs and there's a golf tee mod for the back valve or have the resonator removed. So curious is there something similar on the Mercedes Thanks Will
  14. U

    Standard Wheel Size for 2008 E280

    Hello Folks, I have recently joined this prestigious Forum as I am looking to acquire a Mercedes Benz Car. I am looking at either E280 or E220. Could anyone please tell me the Standard Wheel size for E280 for insurance purposes. So far, I have seen different wheel sizes on the cars that I...
  15. Ryanloco323

    Standard shocks good ??

    Be dropping the car in the next couple off weeks, what are the standard shocks like with eibachs on anyone done this ? I usually buy coilovers but don't fancy it on the merc. Cars also c250 Thanks ryan
  16. S

    Are my wheels standard or non-standard?

    Hi guys, I have a few things to ask about my new purchase, a 2000 CL500. Firstly, the wheels.... Tyres are 245/45/18 on all four wheels. What I would like the wonderfully knowledgeable members here to let me know is...are these wheels standard to my car? Also, were the...
  17. T

    2011 CLS 350 petrol - Bluetooth standard?

    Hi. I'm going to view one of these tomorrow. How do I tell whether it has Bluetooth? Is it standard? The car I am viewing has lots of options and also has Command + the music memory thingy feature but no mention in the ad list for Bluetooth. Also, what economy are people getting on a...
  18. N

    Audio Streaming via Standard Audio 20 Media set up?

    Hi there, about to take plunge (for us) on C220 Estate, Sport Premium - paperwork signed (first time MB owner, v excited) - been given a couple of days to choose optional extras, and I cannot get clarity on following: Will standard option Audio 20 media system enable bluetooth audio streaming...
  19. thebig1

    Attention Assist, Standard?

    Hi Guys, Do you know if the attetion assist is standard C63 2013?
  20. A

    Connecting a sub/amp to standard COMMAND system E Class Coupe w207

    Has anyone fitted a sub/amp into an e-class coupe. If so, how do you connect it up and also is there anywhere i can buy a boot install or a specific sub box to fit in the coupe?
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