1. estate-agent

    Command unit "Mercedes" to "AMG" start up issue.

    Hi All, Hopefully not too dumb a post here. I was browsing youtube and came across instruction on how to make the Sat/Nav turn on with the AMG logo rather than Mercedes. Followed instruction on the Tube from Killerhertz from the forum but it didn't work on my car. His instruction were for a...
  2. ACB44

    E63 race start

    So mine is a 62 plate and I havent been able to engage race start. I asked MB on the last service but it was when i picked it up and he didnt know whether it was on my car BUT he dud say "you only have a limited number of uses and then it cant be used again, ever" now that sounded BS to me...
  3. horsesuitedfool

    C63 2010 Start Up Rattle... Split Second Then Gone...

    Hi, as the title says, I have a C63 rattle when I first crank the engine in the morning, it goes away almost instantaneously and it is worse when the oil level was lower than at the full mark and also worse when I had OW40 oil.... These things make me believe its down to oil pressure perhaps not...
  4. N

    W204 / 651 timing chain issue; bump start damages

    I know that there are other threads on the subject of timing chains but I am after the helpful knowledge and advice on this specific issue. My 2010 manual C200 blue eff diesel has been maintained only at MB main dealer. Its last service was end of June this year and all was "good/visually...
  5. R129mine

    SL500 - cut out while driving, won't start

    hi on Tuesday evening in torrential rain my R129 lost all engine power, all the dash lights came on, power steering gone etc. i managed coast onto a country lane where i waited for next 6 hours till a recovery truck picked me up at 1am in the morning, fun! all electrics worked but just...
  6. B

    E320 refusal to start

    2005 E320 W211. Today, for the first time, the car refused to do anything when I attempted to start it. Lots of key twiddling followed, for possibly five minutes. Then, as suddenly as it had stopped responding, it decided to react and the engine started. My journey was short, possibly...
  7. M

    320 CLK won't start

    Hi, My CLK 320 has just let me down. The engine cranks but won't start. it runs lumpy for about 10 - 15 secs then stops. Fortunately this happened on my driveway. It ran fine this morning. Is this a symptom of an air flow sensor failure? Thanks.
  8. F

    W204 would not start . . . . but then it did!

    Hi all I have a 2011 W204 C Class Estate which has performed faultlessy over nearly 2 years of ownership. However, yesterday it would not start . . . The car onlocked on the remote, mirrors powered up and dash lit up as usual. I turned the key to the start position and everything went dead...
  9. alzieboy

    Jump Start

    The battery on the Wife's Golf is flat after standing idle for 3 weeks, can I safely jump start it from the positive negative terminals under my bonnet on my E350 Coupe, any does and donts info very welcome :thumb:
  10. M

    C220 W202 won't start

    Can anyone help me resolve the starting problem that's just happened with my 1995 c220 W202 petrol saloon? The car's always been a good starter but 2 days ago I turned the key and, for a second, the engine fired. It then died. No indicators in the instrument panel had changed from normal (SRS...
  11. Calcifer

    1988 R107 300SL - Won't start, fuel pump relay?

    Hello A friend of mine owns a 1988 300SL and it's refusing to fire up. I have read some place before that the fuel pump relay could be the cause? Anyone else had a similar issue or could help diagnose what it may be? Thank you very much
  12. J

    Class a - noise when throttling in cold start

    Hi I am planning to buy a class a (200 cdi 1.8) but i moticed something worrying while doing the test drive When throttling in cold conditions there was a metallic noise. It could be the exhaust imo The dealer agreed to check and fix it Has anybody experienced that noise, or could...
  13. M

    Start Stop - Break Pedal Pressure (W204)

    Question from any W204 C class owners. With the 'Eco' start stop feature enabled, can you hold the car on the break pedal without stopping the engine. All other cars I've driven with start stop require you to push the brake pedal slightly harder once stationary to turn the engine off, my merc...
  14. P

    SL500 1994 non start after harness replacement

    Hi all, helped a friend replaced the upper engine harness on his 1994 SL500. The original was falling to bits and although the car was running pretty well with just the occasional lumpy idle ... it was a matter of time. Sent the loom to Sileck who appear to have done a first class job...
  15. Richard1973

    E320cdi S210 non start!

    Left work tonight and the car was running great. 60 mile run to Macclesfield, stop, 60 mile run back to Burton. No problems apart from the smoke under load but think the EGR needs sorting. Now home and it won't start! Turns over fine but not firing. Will look more in the morning, but any...
  16. Jim123

    W123: intermittent chugging on start up

    Hello, I am a relatively new W123 owner. The car was low mileage (72K when I got it but it had been in storage for a long time). I have had quite a lot of work done on the car in the last 6 months: brakes, fuel tank, fuel lines, exhaust, bodywork and engine decarbonisation and full service...
  17. M

    ECO Stop/Start

    I've searched a lot of threads and it looks like the ECO stop/start cannot be disabled other than each & every time one starts the engine via the console button. That's how it is on my C class, even after switching off the engine for only a couple of minutes. It's a real pain e.g. when...
  18. J

    W204 AMG start up screen

    I been reading the forums and managed to do this on my CLS55 AMG Any ideas on whether this can be done on the C63 W204? Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find anything definitive
  19. T

    ML280 W164 - Seems to struggle to start

    Hello all, Hopefully I've got the right section of the forum for this query. Picked up my 2008 ML280 W164 couple weeks ago. I've noticed that it takes a few seconds longer to start up after it's been parked for a period. Starting after say 4 or 5 hours of last use seems to be fine, but...
  20. homersimpson

    CL55 Start Up I know these videos have been done to death but hey here's mine...!!!:thumb: PS.. if anyone knows how to embed the video please help......
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