1. P

    Parameter steering gear to replace regular and DIY control

    Hi, A few months recent '02 W210 STW heavy steering in getting annoying enough to consider a reman steering gear (understood the gear usually worns out, not the steering pump). As far as i understand, the Parameter Steering -option offers more power assist than regular steering at low vehicle...
  2. Wraakian

    My steering lock went down

    Hi, I have already opened new threads some time ago but back again after some time away. My 2011 E220 cabriolet steering wheel lock has recently gone down. I was at my fitness club and on coming out found I could not move the steering lock or start the car with the key. After a £110 check of the...
  3. Inquisitor

    Heavy Steering 2012 GL350cdi (X164)

    Looking for advice on heavy steering issue. Three weeks ago towed caravan with family (and kitchen sink, Et Al all camping stuff) to Brittany for summer Hols. 500 mile trip there, the GL just ate it up! Whilst out there a few days after arriving and now running solo unhitched, I noticed after...
  4. S

    W203 Sports Steering Wheel

    I few months back I bought a sports option steering wheel for my 2005 W203 270 CDI to replace the grey standard one in the car. I have just replaced the steering angle sensor and went to fit the wheel, and unfortunately the airbag fittings are different. They are still green and yellow but...
  5. Psilonaught

    Restored my AMG E63 alcantara steering wheel

    The car has done 29k so relatively low miles, but the car had horrible alcantara on the wheel. I used elbow grease and car shampoo foam, and I think the results speak for themselves! Very happy and the wheel feels amazing now. :bannana:
  6. S

    Steering Oil

    Hi, I have an A180 (W176) year 2013. I want to know where is the steering wheel oil compartment? thank you
  7. AngryDog

    W211 E63 steering wheel

    I have been looking for one of these but cannot seem to find any with the paddles. Any ideas where best to look? I tried but none of them seem to have the paddles. Cheers.
  8. lfckeeper

    Adjusting track rods to straighten steering wheel

    Hi all My understanding is that after a wheel alignment, if the steering wheel is not straight, adjusting the track rods by the same amount both sides will straighten the steering wheel (so long as its on tarmac not on turning plates on the alignment machine) Is this definitely correct...
  9. R

    steering rack

    some months ago i started losing power steering fluid on my merc e320 v6. it was a bit damp around the reservoir and there was a little moisture on the cross member. so i called mercerdes in my area spoke to one of their tech goose. he said it was the o ring in the reservoir which is common. got...
  10. karozza

    Slight steering!?

    So, had my after market 19s powder coated black, balanced in the process & wrapped in new Potenza RE050As. Well actually driver's side are new as a whole set were fitted a few thousand miles ago & must have hit something as the driver side front & rear tyre sidewalls ballooned. Anyways, went...
  11. R5RYP

    Nappa steering wheel

    I have a standard looking airbag in my 2013 CLS AMG line, but would like to get a nappa stitched one (see attached photo). Does anyone know where i could get one? How much are they from Mercedes?
  12. L

    W126 steering geometry

    Anyone have the setting angles handy for the W126? Replaced the brake[1] rod joints, and that made the tracking a bit wrong, so I thought I'd check the caster/camber etc. before resetting the tracking. [1] or whatever you want to call it. The one that goes backwards from the track arm to...
  13. S

    Steering wheel change

    has anyone changed the steering wheel on their w204 c220 mine is auto box not manual i have been told that the wheel can be changed for a flappy paddle type wheel and the paddles work..??? any info please
  14. Braincrank

    noisy steering after long drive ...

    Well, I can only go by what the wife says ... Apparently it happened now a couple of times after a little drive that when the missus came back the power steering was making a racket similar to the noise when you turn all the way to max . I personally haven't heard it yet but it did so again...
  15. ShinyF1

    S210 new 'Mechanical ' steering feel

    Driving the old beast yesterday and it felt like there was some obstructive intervention in the operation of the rack - no evident shake or vibration on the road as such, just a feel through the wheel as you go from lock to lock of something there causing it not to be smooth. Sorry I can't...
  16. N

    Possible vito steering wheel

    Hi all, With my sprinter steering wheel coming to the end of its life (400k mileage) I decided to order myself a new steering wheel and gear leaver. I bought this steering wheel with airbag via ebay for £230 since it was in relatively newish condition (compared to mine lol) Looking back I...
  17. D

    Mercedes W204/C-Class steering lock problem

    Hi all, Brief description of the problem experienced. I own a Mercedes C200 2010 Automatic, 81k mileage. Yesterday morning I tried to start the car as normal and the engine wouldn't start up, windows not working, horn not working, no dash lights engine, fuel ect.. (only clock), radio...
  18. T

    W208 CLK steering alignment?

    Hey, when driving in a straight line my wheel isn't exactly in the centre. I knew on older mercs you could remove and replace the steering wheel to adjust this, my local garage says not so on this car, can anyone confirm this or make any suggestions? I've had the steering aligned a few times. Thanks
  19. Baldbloke

    Power steering fluid for a 2007 E class estate

    Just done an oil and filter change and noticed the Power steering fluid was on the lowest mark on the dip stick. I can see no indication in my owners manual or in the engine bay which fluid to use to top up. Any pointers please as I don't want to use something incompatible and my nearest dealer...
  20. chris3004

    W124 wood steering wheel

    I'm looking for a half wood half leather steering wheel for my w124. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
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