1. O

    Stone chips?

    Hi I've a couple unavoidable stone chips on my door very small but one is fairly deep. Are the touch up pens any good? If not smart repair?
  2. whitenemesis

    A £1100 Stone Chip?

    Just a couple of months into ownership of my Sonic Red RC I've collected a stone chip on the bonnet. Because of the 5 stage paint process an invisible spot repair isn't possible. Lexus have quoted £1100 for a complete bonnet and wing blend respray. Not an unexpected sum but worth spending on one...
  3. Peter103

    Is there a stone chip repair secret?

    Today I bought some Diamond Silver touch up, for a recent chip on the front of my E Coupe, thinking, it can't be that hard to make a half decent job of it, big mistake. So what is the correct procedure for what I thought would be a reasonably simple job? Any advice on DIY will be gratefully...
  4. Aibonator

    Stone chips

    I'm based in Nottingham. Looking for a good Chips away type company to touch up a couple of stone chips on my 3 month old C63s AMG. Tried Paint Techniqs in the past on the wives car as well as chipsaway and not happy with the finish. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. T

    Stone Chip

    I had a stone hit my windscreen the other day and caused a small stone chip, not where it matters, but got Autoglass to repair the chip and don't know why i bothered. It doesn't look any different to me, i realise that it was never going to be perfect, but i don't think it was worth £10 and the...
  6. Rosso1

    Stone breaks windsceen

    So my wife was a little unlucky today having a stone hit the windscreen of our sl500 no sooner she got home this went from a chip to a crack so we have someone coming out today to replace the screen on our car insurance. Should we be unduly worried with a replacement screen as they are aware...
  7. A

    Stone chip in screen

    Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section :confused: I have got a nasty stone chip in my windscreen and was wondering if it's fixable :dk: It's just above my sensor And a close up of the damage :wallbash: Hope Gavin's resin can fill it ;) Cheers for any advice and if anyone has...
  8. P

    C63 stone chips

    Hi, new member here. I have a 2015 C63 and I have noticed multiple small stone chips on the front sills extending about halfway the length of the doors. Is it because if the tyre width sitting beyond the bottom of the front wings?. Would appreciate any thoughts.
  9. A

    Lip stone chip

    Hiya all, washing my car this morning I came across quite a nasty stone chip, will this be an easy DIY jobbie? Only it's stands proud and will need a bit of felting to make neat, Was thinking a paint pen and I've got an abrasive pen for doing this type of repair. Also is this part made of...
  10. Timmos

    Rear arch stone protectors

    Apologies if this has been covered before, I can't seem to find anything about the clear plastic film at the front of the rear wheel arches. Mine are looking a bit worse for wear and wondered if I can get replacements,if so is it a diy job or would it have to go into a body shop? It's a black...
  11. jaymanek

    How to Repair A Stone Chip on a G500

    Take one G Wagen Remove all trims Make a list of all parts less than perfect and order from Mercedes. Replace all rubber items such as window seals, door seals etc. Warn credit card company of impending meltdown. Remove Interior and take to your favourite trimmer. Convince him...
  12. B

    Minor stone chips on windscreen

    My E320 still has it's original windscreen after thirteen years, and consequently has picked up scores of very minor stone chips. None of them are large enough for the standard chip repair, but I would like to find a way to polish them out if it's possible. Has anyone tried this or is it a...
  13. notsofast

    Installing stone chip protectors W219 CLS

    Can anybody advise exactly what the "Lubricant, Rubber assembly" p/n A0009890367 consists of ? I don't want to buy a litre of this stuff to only install a few protectors.
  14. D

    C63 bonnet stone chips

    Hi Guys I am picking up my new C63 125 in diamond white but the car has 3-4 stone chips through the lacquar only. does anyone know or recommend someone who can fix these properly without the cheap old touch up method or respray?.
  15. Jakerook

    Stone chips

    Bonnet littered with stone chips. It's an old 03 C180 coupe in a lovely red colour. The chips are very visible. I've gotten myself some touch up paint made to the exact colour. Is this a job that can be done myself ? Any tips for a good job/finish ? Ta
  16. Mike Walker

    Stone chip and scratch repair system- MB Brilliant Silver

    As above unopened 3 pen kit from Halfords. £6.00 posted. Payment via PayPal please. :thumb:
  17. D

    Stone Chip Repair

    Can anyone recommend a repairer in the Merseyside area for sorting a stone chip out on my bonnet. Cheers in advance
  18. jaymanek

    The 500E went in to have a Stone Chip Fixed

    Went in for some bubbling around sunroof... ended up doing the whole car. Now the rear screen is also coming out to do it properly. New screen on order from MB.
  19. flowrider

    Stone chip smart repairers

    Can anyone recommend a smart repairer in Hert's/Bed's area for a couple of stone chips on my ML's bonnet. I have tried ChipsAway and after chasing twice they eventually came round but recommended a full bonnet respray (yes this is for just 2 small stone chips). I have also contacted Revive three...
  20. A

    Stone Chips

    hi my 2003 obsidian black C180k that was recently acquired has a lot of stone chips on the hood. Can someone recommend a reasonable bodyshop in the Bradford/ Leeds area please? The one I went to said the whole front end needs doing to ensure color match. :s I am not too confident using...
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