1. MWCLS

    Strange attraction !

    Having recently parted company with the CLS and acquiring a nice example of a CLK Coupe, just moved home so the stop gap CLK is parked on the drive, I've noticed the local fly population have taken a shine to the CLK and seem to enjoy residing on the paint work :confused: Its a well looked...
  2. M

    Strange issue,

    Hello. I have posted some tome ago in Engine section but i think this is electronics related. I have an issue with my vito w639 2004. It doesn't crank engine when I turn key to position where it should crank. When I put key in ignition barrel, steering lock works, all lights on dash light up...
  3. John

    Strange crash avoidance...

    So normally, you would expect people to avoid crashes. In this video, at 4:40, I'm getting the distinct impression there was some turning into the van...? I also note the Merc with A7RSE on the plate blatantly jumping a red light at 2:51. Anyone from here? z1VMFHOs0I8
  4. H

    Strange CLK starting behavour

    Hi Folks - new on here I have a 2004 CLK 240 petrol V6 convertible with 62k miles in overall excellent condtion - just had a B service with no faults diagnosed. However a couple of times I've started the car recently - reversed out of the garage - let the car idle for a while then switched off...
  5. A

    W204 - Strange brake feeling

    Hello, I recently purchased my first Mercedes, a lovely C Class coupe 220 on a 63 plate. Love it to bits with the exception on the brakes, they just don't feel quite right to me. I have had all the pads and discs changed to genuine Mercedes parts and also had them bled my Mercedes...
  6. J

    Strange 220 CDI Gearbox Issue

    Hi everyone, I've got an annoying problem with the gearbox on my 06 CLK 220 CDI sport. Second gear in particular. In the morning when the engine / gearbox is cold, whilst driving out of the estate I live on, the gearbox changes into second smoothly, but whilst in second the revs will get...
  7. E

    2004 (54) W209 CLK 240 strange central locking issue

    Hi there, 'tis I...again seeking more help, please. I got home last night and when I pushed the lock button on the keyfob, the central locking made a very funny clacking noise and I could see the door lock "knobs" jumping up and down, i.e. locking and unlocking in quick succession for a...
  8. rockits

    Buying an SL60 and/or R129 Pano Roof - Strange sellers or strange buyer (me!!!)

    So I enquired about an SL60 on Ebay. This one: Rare Mercedes-Benz SL60 1995 | eBay I asked politely and nicely for some answers to a couple of questions. Received a reply back with some answered and some not. I tried again with a request for a few further pictures to be e-mailed and also...
  9. M

    Strange intermittent noise

    Hi, not all the time but alot of the time, especially after a drive say 10+ miles my car makes a very strange noise only when moving from the gearshift area. Doesn't always do it and sometimes never at all, have found going uphill makes it louder and sometimes it can be really loud like the...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Strange New Prototype... Next SL?

    Short Wheel based S-Class Coupe Mule... possible next SL?
  11. A

    Sprinter 318 strange symbol on dash

    Hi can anyone please tell me what this symbol mean as it has appeared on our dash display many thanks
  12. s4mb0

    Strange problem

    So I've been having the message flash up "oil level visits work shop" but oil is fine on the normal check and fine on the instrument cluster reading 7.1L also the dip stick (aftermarket) is also reading fine. But now the problems are first of all after going out tonight it lit up red and said...
  13. L

    Strange vibration when turning left

    Hi all, I am new to the forum with a 99 c250 td. I have just posted in another section but this problem doesn't fall under the other section. I have a strange vibration that I can feel through the steering wheel and pedals when turning left only. It does vibrate a little bit when I am...
  14. B

    V230 Strange sound

    Funny noise on my V230 from cold only: I can't upload mp4's to here so I've put a vid on my site. Opinions on what it is & when it's likely to result in engine or gearbox expiration please. It's coming from the box end, the last owner and so consequently I, mistook it for cam chain tensioner...
  15. Meldrew2

    Strange mathematics

    Spot the mistake...
  16. nb_racing

    Strange advert???

    I don't normally share stuff like this. But what on gods earth is this rambling advert going on about?!?! Newly Used Cars at unbelievable prices. powered by phpDealer - 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Diesel I don't believe their stock list is real. I wondered if they are some kind of agent...
  17. M

    C180 w203 Strange noise from the LEFT

    Hello everyone i have a problem, i hear some kind of noise when i turning right on left front side like it touching something or ticking noise, i don't think its cv joint as i dunno if it has one its rwd anyways. And it could not be tie rod as it just replaced to a new one. Any ideas what could...
  18. S

    Strange suspension behaviour - w215

    Hi, ok so on my CL500 The rear drivers corner sinks approx 1 inch when parked on my driveway, my driveway is on a slope and I reverse the car up it when I park. When on level ground it's fine and sits the same as the other three corners so this consistently happens every time it's on my...
  19. Endex

    Strange post but.....tell me why I shouldn't buy a C63

    Sold my E46 M3 and am 'between' cars - had placed an order for a new M135i but having had some time at the wheel of one it's not floating my boat. Been to look at a C63 Coupe today which I really like but know little about living with one. Any thoughts welcome.
  20. W

    Strange call but maybe a coincident

    Yesterday we visited London and on the way home to Nottinghamshire I had a phone call from a Accident claims company and within 20 minutes my missus had the same call. It maybe a coincident but the company number was an 020 number. Anyone else had a call from a company after visiting London??! I...
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