1. whirsk

    Mercedes museum stuttgart

    Hi Folks My wife and I are travelling to stuttgart next week for wed/sun. Any recommendations for pubs/brewery/general nightlife would be much appreciated. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. Calcifer

    Off to Stuttgart, Mercedes Museum...

    Long night awaits... Bonhams : 1994 Mercedes-Benz E500 Limited Sports Saloon Chassis no. WDB1240361C137516 Engine no. 119 974 12 009 187
  3. Lenny63

    Has anyone been to the AMG factory in Stuttgart?

    My other half is taking me to Stuttgart to the AMG factory this year to celebrate the big 30. Nothing officially booked yet, but she assures me it will be all on her :rock: I had considered a road trip in the c43 but its a 2000 mile drive (round trip) and taking the plane might just be...
  4. Palfrem

    Stuttgart hotels

    My Christmas gift from Mrs P is a long weekend (probably going in May) trip to the MB Museum and we'll probably take in the other local car museum too I expect. Are there any recommendations for good hotels in the area please and restaurants, bars, etc.? Also, what else does Stuttgart...
  5. BillyW124

    Best autobhan Route to Stuttgart

    Hello guys, Can anyone help derive me a route that involves plenty of autobhan action to Stuttgart please. I'm sure the well seasoned euro driver amongst us will know a good route or two!:thumb: I'm driving from London to Stars & Cars 2015, and choice of car well had to take the airplane...
  6. BillyW124

    End of season Stars & Cars 2015 to be staged in Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart for the

    Does anyone know if this is a ticket event?? I'm planning on visiting..:thumb:
  7. The Boss

    a mini trip to Mercedes Mecca - Stuttgart and Dusseldorf

    so i made a quickie trip over to the promise land .. I went to Dusseldorf and Stuttgart on my way back from a wedding.. Albums on my fb page.. have a look, but coming back to my thoughts on the need to retain the trad grille in the UK, i have seen both numerous times now at 4 dif dealerships and...
  8. BTB 500

    Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

    We went to the M-B Museum in Stuttgart on Saturday, 9 years since our last visit. Some interesting changes (I think, or possibly things I didn't notice last time!). They had a number of cars displayed in glass cases in the car park! Plus we had a wander round the "Classic Center" where...
  9. C

    Museum trip... to Stuttgart!

    Went over to Stuttgart to look at cars! Somehow got clearance for this and even accompanied by Mrs Cris! Went on the Porsche Factory tour then to the Porsche Museum and the following day off to the Mercedes Museum ...and some shopping in Konigstrasse. If you find yourself there the...
  10. flying banana

    Stuttgart Virgin reporting for duty :)

    Hi all - picking up my first Mercedes on Saturday - it's an '09 211 E320 CDI Sport Estate in silver. Drives like it just came off the production line despite its miles and age. Can't wait if I'm honest. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and found this forum invaluable for pointers...
  11. G

    Mercedes Driving Experience in Stuttgart?

    I'm visiting Stuttgart in a few week time, and besides planning to spend a day at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, was wondering if there's a track driving experience, similar to Las Vegas or Mercedes-Benz World there? PS Not sure it's the right sub-forum, so if not, my apologies
  12. PhilT

    Trip To Austria - Stuttgart Mercedes Museum Pictures Inside

    I did a recent trip to Austria in the C63 AMG with 5 other cars as every year a week before the main event in Worthersee which all the big VAG group (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) attend and build stages with future cars, one offs etc the whole lake Worthersee is over taken by VW's, Audis, Porsche...
  13. S

    Trip to MB museum in Stuttgart and Nurburgring

    Me and a pal are planning a road trip to the MB factory and museum in Germany with a stop off at Nurburgring, and also check out the autobahns this October. Neither of us have done this trip before but are fairly confident drivers and not to fussed about the long haul on the wrong side of...
  14. S

    Road trip to Stuttgart - June 2013

    Hello all, Im bringing the W140 to visit the museum in a few weeks - sadly, the last run she will ever make..too many faults etc. I dont have space to keep her anymore. So its a final farewell... Im heading over with a few friends, were taking the ferry from Rosslare to Cherbourg and...
  15. A


    After a fairly fraught first part of the year I've finally got round to taking some time off work and on the spur of the moment have just booked a flight and hotel in Stuttgart for 3 days to go and wander round the Mercedes and Porsche museums. Any tips or advice from those who've been?
  16. Niks

    My trip to MB Museum, Stuttgart

    Just a few pictures of my car outside MB Museum. Didnt get a chance to wash it as we had so much to do in so little time!...
  17. Niks

    Driving to Stuttgart

    Wonder if anyone can help or has been here before by car.. MB Museum. Im planning a trip with some friends in September and will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. I noticed now that to drive into central Stuttgart you need to have an emissions sticker as its a low emissions zone. Where can...
  18. BoyracerAU


    Hi All, I'm visiting Stuttgart for only a few days in early June with another MB fiend/friend. This is a list of places we thought we would visit: Mercedes Benz Museum Mercedesstrasse 100 70372 Stuttgart Phone +49-(0)-711/17 30000 Open 9am-6pm Tuesdays to Sundays (closed Monday)...

    C63 collected today from Stuttgart

    So it has finally happened - I collected my C63 from Stuttgart.:bannana: My brother-in-law and I were collected at about 6.45 from my house in (cold) Luxembourg by my friend Jon in his Porsche 911. The temperature varied between -4.5 and -9 on the drive there, but the road was well salted and...
  20. 219

    V8 Hotel Stuttgart

    Check this place out for your next holiday Acknowledgement to MBOC forum where I saw this V8 Hotel: Carwash
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