1. MikeInWimbledon

    Look no taxes !! Will electric cars really be tax free?

    Fascinating announcement by the Government regarding electric cars by 2040. The Government currently takes £30 million in fuel taxes from our cars. Will electric car usage really continue to be tax-free? It seems curious generosity.
  2. splitpin

    Car dealers & road tax

    If you buy a secondhand car from a dealer & the road tax expired some months ago, who is liable for the unpaid tax :dk:
  3. J

    Sales of new cars plummet as vehicle tax increase comes into force
  4. JohnDavies

    Diesel Car Tax

    Diesel car tax Diesel cars were once seen as the economical and environmentally friendly alternative to petrol vehicles, with low fuel prices and lower carbon dioxide emissions than a conventional engine. Many drivers of new and used cars were encouraged to make the switch to diesel. Today, it...
  5. cinek

    New tax rate from 1st of April

    Not sure if this has been posted already, so... http:// This bit in...
  6. C

    New tax will it affect me?

    Hello folks. Just getting my head round this new VED/road tax scenario. I currently have a 2010 C63. How is the new changes likely to affect me, if at all?? Do i continue just paying at £515 a year? I dont know if i am interprettimg things correctly, but my next tax bill wont be £1120 will...
  7. Dave.tam

    April tax hikes

    Has anyone else seen this? Better change up to a C43 before April methinks!
  8. M

    New E Class Estate (S213) Factory order time & New Tax changes in April

    Hi All, Any one here already ordered or actively considering New E Class Estate factory ordering..?? What's the lead time knowing that from April first Tax rules are changing and E class taxes goes up from £100+ to £400+ depending on model. Anyone close to dealerships or those waiting for...
  9. Brian 1

    Road Tax

    My CLS 250Cdi tax is £130 year, my jaguar S-type was £230 what's yours?.....
  10. Bombardier

    Road Tax.

    Just had the reminder that my Road Fund License is due for renewal at the end of October so have just renewed it online. 2009 C180K blue efficiency £210 for the year, seems a bit steep, what's everybody else pay and do you think yours is steep compared to others cars?
  11. D

    Hippies soon to start paying tax.

    Long live the V8... New VED road tax: all the facts on the 2017 UK car tax changes? | Auto Express I think the bigger and more powerful the engine, the less road tax you should pay because you're paying at the pump by using more fuel :D
  12. SL300-24

    New abolish Road Tax Petition
  13. D

    ultra rare w107 350 sl tax exempt worth saving

    Classic 1972 Mercedes r107 SL 350 Convertible. Rare Manual. | eBay
  14. MD5

    Planning permission tax relief on probate sale?

    Evening all! Do any of you learned people know whether or not an inherited property, which is sold subject to planning permission, has tax benefits by being sold this way that would make savings on Capital Gains Tax, ie the difference between the probate value and the actual selling price...
  15. D

    Company car tax (trading up)?

    Hi all, I have a new job which comes with a company car. Unfortunately, the car scheme is different to what I am used to so I am trying to work out what my costs will be. I know how company car tax is calculated but how is it calculated when you 'trade up'? I can contribute towards the cost of...
  16. Palfrem

    Never mind politician's income tax 21 year old W124 E36 passed its MOT this morning.
  17. ash59fifty-uk

    VED tax changes 2017

    Interesting read explaining what will happen next year Apologies if already posted~
  18. D

    Reinstate The 25Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption government response

    Dear dinoy, The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Reinstate The 25Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption”. Government responded: Classic vehicles are an important part of the UK’s heritage. We already offer a 40 year rolling exemption. Around 10,000 classic vehicles each year...
  19. triple h

    no car tax, guy trashes own car
  20. J

    Reinstate The 25 Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption Petition

    Hey guys, make sure you sign this!
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