1. A

    W124 high temperature reading

    Dear all, Car w124 e220, 1994 Today I noticed the following. While driving for about 20-25mins in normal traffic I noticed the temperature gauge got up to what I think is 100 (see picture). It never went above that mark ever before but it did not come down as quickly as I expected to as I...
  2. M

    temperature guage fluctuating ,overheating problem w204 c200

    Hi, my mercedes is 2010 c200 cdi blue efficiency w204 model om651 engine. First of all a pipe from expansion tank to water pump came off with a boom lost some coolant but car working fine. Put the pipe back on and maintain the coolant level. After that there were sudden fluctuation in temp gauge...
  3. A

    Coolant temperature high

    Out in the car today and this warning flashed up with a ping sound as well. Pulled over for 20 mins with the fan going crazy, crawled home but temperature was fluctuating between 80 and 120. Cars been parked for half hour now and still the fan is going, can't work out how it's got so high as I...
  4. D

    e55k running temperature

    I've always been quite surprised at how warm it runs but a quick search suggests its fine and certainly there are no objections for the car. Sunday whilst driving lanes and a certain amount of stop start, outside temp at 22 c the car ran at a bar under 100 rising to 100 but not over when...
  5. C

    C350e Ambient outside temperature

    Hi all, I joined the forum a few weeks ago to check out your thoughts regarding the C350e and found the posts in this area to be most helpful, thank you. As I haven’t quite worked my way around the site I haven’t managed to find the treat regarding the displaying of the Ambient outside...
  6. D

    W124 coolant temperature sensor

    Hi there Only a quick one regarding the cts. On a m111.960 e220 where is it?:doh: Thanks in advance
  7. S

    AMG Oil Temperature

    I've noticed that it fluctuates between 90oC and 120oC ish. I also noticed that in manual mode it rises anyway. What's the highest you've seen? Is 120oC too high? Only asking as I didn't think that hot would be good for the oil?
  8. ivandraganov

    Exhaust temperature sensor

    W203 C220 cdi with dpf,having difference between the two sensors of 20' celsius.Is it possible to calibrate one of them with Star?
  9. coupe addict

    M104 optimum running temperature

    I recently changed the thermostat on my C124 e320 coupe, thinking that the old one was sticking. It had been running at about 80 according to the gauge; now its running at an indicated 75, even on long fast runs. The cabin heater is a little slow to reach the comfort zone, but otherwise I see...
  10. M

    temperature gauge on a e class 2004

    Hi can anybody tell me what the normal running temperature gauge should be on a 2004 e class diesel should be ? mine is running at 40 all the time but the heater is working ok I think it should be running a lot higher ??? if this so what can I do to make it right ? also does anybody know how...
  11. I

    S class 320 cdi 2004

    Dear users, I have a 2004 s320 Cdi. The heater at its highest only gives out warm air. Any ideas as what the problem may be? You time and advise is much appreciated.
  12. D

    W207 E220 CDi - getting up to temperature

    Hi my 2012 blue efficiency model with the 7 sp auto takes at least 6 miles (mostly B roads at 40mph, no traffic) in our current UK climate to get up to temperature, which is 90 degrees as indicated on the water/coolant temperature gauge on the dashboard. Should it take this long and is 90 the...
  13. alistairgd

    Warning Light and Temperature Issue

    2013 W204 C-Class - engine management amber warning light checked out at dealer today - "coolant temperature below spec" error cleared as no fault found, coolant thermostat heating element checked. So, the problem is, I think there is still a problem. The car has for 3 years sat at just...
  14. A

    outside temperature sensor w211

    hi i anyone knows where is connected outside temperature sensor?or have any diargam .i know is located near fog light but where it goes after is looks very short cable so cant go to fare.is looks like i have missing ,but i still get a temperature read ...
  15. O

    W204 C220 - Fuel Temperature Sensor

    Hi guys can anyone tell me where the fuel temperature sensor is located? I have the following code showing P0183 Fuel Temperature Sensor A Circuit High Input Many Thanks
  16. T

    W204 Catalyst Temperature Sensor

    Hi I'm having the fault code P0428 catalyst temperature sensor high bank 1 sensor 1 I was wondering if this is just a lambda sensor or is it Something completely different??? Does anyone know part number??
  17. C

    w202 c180 blank outside temperature display

    Hi, New member/owner as of today and hoping I have posted this in correct section. Car was only bought this morning and on way home along the motorway I noticed the digital bit under the temp gauge was blank and that the petrol gauge was jumping about from empty to half ect. After a quick read...
  18. B

    C300h - where is the outside temperature display?

    Hi, just taken delivery of my C300h. I'm baffled because I can't find the outside temperature display anywhere. Can anyone advise please? I've tried all the menus and drawn a blank. I read somewhere that it won't be displayed on the multi function display main screen, but I would have thought I...
  19. R

    Help: Temperature Gauge Above 80?

    Recently noticed my temperature gauge going about 80 but never above the next marker after 80, but the gauge goes up and down while driving it never stays on the 80 mark, most of the time it does but it goes up and down, its been like this since i brought the car....its a clk a208 2.3 Kompressor...
  20. O

    CLC220 coolant temperature sensor

    Hi, I'm having trouble with the coolant temperature reading on my CLC. It's stickin at 90, even when the engine is cold. I'm going to replace the sensor as this seems logical, does anyone have the location of this sensor on the engine? Ollie
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