1. coalville126

    W210 E55 temporary wheels

    Just wondered if it's physically possible to fit a set of 15" steels off my W126 on my newly acquired E55 estate while the alloys get sent for a much needed refurb. Would they clear the front brakes? It's either that or on axle stands.
  2. J

    Temporary insurance

    Anyone had any sensible quotes for very short term insurance lately and can recommend anywhere? I need some brief cover whilst I sell a car. I tried Aviva online as they advertise temporary cover, but after inputting the car, a 2006 C180K auto Sports Coupe, the screen said they could not offer...
  3. Ttstang

    Temporary wheels tyres

    Hi I am about to refurb my Amg 18" alloys off my 2010 w212 e250 loon ! I will need to use the car whist refurbing said alloys so was wondering what alloys will fit?? Seen loads on eBay! Don't mind if they're 16 17 inch etc! Just some I could use for up to a week! Then sell on! Anyone in the...
  4. HotJambalaya

    Impending doom or temporary glitch?

    Started up the car yesterday evening, and suddenly got all sorts of warnings flashing at me, all sorts of initials were warning me they werent working, non of which I particularly recognised, EBC? something like that at least. The traction control light came on (the one that comes on when you...
  5. astamir

    W211 320cdi estate BATTERY PROTECTION:convenience functions temporary unavailable

    Hi guys need a help to sort out this one please Out of nothing the message on the cluster came on BATTERY PROTECTION:CONVENIENCE FUNCTIONS TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE but nothing wrong with the car Thanks in advance
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Nurburgring Ring Closed (temporary)

    Nurburgring closed to remove giant pen!s graffiti Nurburgring closed to remove giant penis graffiti
  7. G

    Temporary Unavailability of Comfort Functions

    I have a 2007 Mercedes SL 350. It is low mileage and only used occasionally. When started I receive a warning telling me that comfort function are temporarily unavailable. After driving for a period of time this warning goes away and all functions like heated seats, AC, roof lowering will...
  8. NICO

    Bouncing door lock temporary fix - C-class 2004

    Hello, I have a issue with the passenger door lock of my c-class (W203) year 2004. It bounces when the car locks. Looking at previous posts, I understand it is a common fault and it is caused by the failure of a small spring on the locking mechanism. I need to change this mechanism, but in...
  9. gaz_l

    Temporary additional vehicle insurance

    OK, folks, so it goes like this. I have a car in storage (Fiat Barchetta) that I would like to bring out and use for a month or so prior to selling it on. It is currently SORNed, and uninsured (but as it's in secure storage I'm not too worried about that). It is still MOT'd, but that runs out...
  10. jonnyboy

    temporary source of income?

    Hi all Had some bad news today. Have been hobbling about since August with an ankle problem. Had a minor procedure six weeks ago which I found out today hasn't worked. Well, now onto my 2nd (large) glass of wine. On a Tuesday too! Bearing in mind I'd done little personally for the last 4-6...
  11. Tan

    Temporary car insurance

    Hi I need to insure my Father-in-law's new car for a couple of weeks from when we pick it up to when we deliver it to him. I checked with day insure.com and for 2 weeks they charge £150, so I had hoped that I could add it to my insurance policy, but according to Admiral as the car belongs...
  12. Ade B

    Temporary new plaything

    Got back from the office today and one of these was parked in my drive :devil: :bannana: They didn't have anymore VFRs after I broke their last one.. Pity I have no time to play this weekend.. Ade :rock:
  13. tudu

    Temporary W203 Grille

    While i am waiting for my CF look grille to arrive from the States decided to have a go at painting my old grille. Rubbed down chrome, 3 coats of primer, 3 coats of black metallic plasti-cote. Here are a couple of pics.
  14. Satch

    My temporary secretary...

    ....wanted to go off for the rest afternoon. No matter that she is half way through compling an urgent and complex report/spreadsheet package due out by 6.00 this evening. Why, I ask? "To pray for the Pope, who is back in hospital." I tell you, all those "Managing Diversity" and "Managing...
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