1. Richiebuoy

    Soft Tops

    Having just bought a clk convertible, I just wondered if a soft top motor packs in is it possible to get these things up, or down manually (by hand) ..... also, do they fade ?
  2. S

    Sun is out and tops are off - this week at Eurocharged

    Felt like almost every car arriving this week was a convertible. We also had some hard tops to with a C63 that the owner had actually only just taken delivery of and drove it straight to us. Despite the workshop feeling like a sauna it still put in a respectable 518hp which was a 67hp gain...
  3. C240Sport97

    cats and soft tops

    About a week ago, I found 2 lumps of turd, some pee (on bonnet) and paw prints all over the roof and wing of my Boxster. They looked like cat prints to me. I cleaned/washed it all off. Last night, same paw prints and dirt but no pee or turds. Amazingly, no scratches that I can see on...
  4. flango

    Handling related to soft tops

    Hi all, I am considering a Winter project and have got a few ideas but I would like feedback from people who have owned the following cars with respect to their handling when driven spiritedly:D Mazda MX5 Toyota MR2 Roadster BMW Z3 VW Golf GTi I seem to remebe we had one member who...
  5. J

    Merc W208 vs BMW E36 Drop Tops

    Evening Guys, Thinking about buying a new car. My current W202 C240 is fine, however the fuel costs are getting a bit steep now. £70ish per tank full, 280 miles. I've always wanted a convertible, so looking into either a W208 or BMW E36. I previously owned a BMW E36 Coupe, and loved...
  6. The Boss

    W124 hard tops

    I am really keen on sourcing a wiesmann hard top for my cabrio.. any pointers? after reading much dialogue on the two variants, i found a new pic today of the Germar version, i think it does look awful my preference is the wiesmann version guys.. please help me source one from...
  7. R

    W210 door tops

    I want to treat the little rust on my 2001 door tops. Kurust cannot be used because it will affect the rubber seals. What can be used?
  8. timmy

    Cleaning soft tops

    My wife has an Astra convertible, and she's not a hairdresser before you all start. The roof has gone a bit green with moss type stuff on it. Can I clean it with soap and water, or is there a proper way to do it. I know this aint MB related, but she's related to me, and I have one! The process...
  9. N

    2 x 129 SL Panoramic Hard Tops!

    Not one but 2 Glass Panoramic hard tops for sale on ebay Just under 4 hours to go for this one panoramic #1 Just over 3 days left for this one Panoramic #2
  10. glojo

    Latest car for our 'Wooden Tops'

    Hopefully I have not offended anyone with the title?
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