1. C

    Turning off auto traffic reports

    I have one of these centre consuls but no instruction booklet for the radio, the automatic traffic reports are now driving me mad. Could someone let me know what buttons to press to disable this function please. Thanks Martin
  2. sparkyspost

    Rear ended at Traffic Lights - So I go through my insurance?

    On the way home on Sunday, just before I had to head off to Paris I was stopped at traffic lights and a car drove into the back of mine. We were stopped in a queue with about 4 cars ahead of me with the lights at red. The lights changed to green but the cars didn't really go anywhere in...
  3. P

    Comand traffic data

    Big thanks to Mitash at for doing such a great install in my W210. Anybody know how I get it to pick up the traffic data when calculating a route?
  4. R

    comand-aps map 6.1 TMC traffic on wrong side

    I remember some posts about traffic jams being shown on wrong side of the wrong on the 6.1 TMC disk for Comand-APS on A/B/C/CLK/ML/GL/Smart-for-four .. I'm 99% sure mine was like that initially - did anyone else remember that. Well, now jams are shown on the correct side for me - the only...
  5. D

    Traffic Jam

    A motorist, on his way home from work in Westminster, came to a dead halt in traffic, thinking to himself, "Wow! the traffic seems much worse than usual." After a while, he noticed a policeman walking towards him, between the lines of stationery traffic. He rolled down his window and said...
  6. S

    Traffic Survey

    Hello,:) On Monday I was driving on the Main road near the Tinsley Viaduct, when i noticed that there was a white van parked with a tripod at the side of it i noticed that at the side of the van it said Traffic Suvery, I just would like someone to confirm that these are common and that they...
  7. jaymanek

    Flashed at the Traffic Lights!

    Hi All, Was around midnight last thursday, went through a yellow light and one of those grey cameras flashed me... Got a letter of intended prosecution. Whats the penalty here? If its points then I will fight it to the bitter end as the light was yellow and I cant afford any on my...
  8. Rasputin

    Traffic Calming......

    These traffic calming in Poland seems rather odd....... I suppose you would have to really slow down!.....:eek:
  9. R

    M2 Traffic Patrols

    ....Does anyone know what these non Police types that have just started patrolling the M2 are and what they can do??
  10. kbhogalW126

    urgent - traffic camera on M1!

    does anyone know which website would allow me to watch the traffic on the M1? urgent request! thanks
  11. Spinal

    Penalty Charge Notice Road Traffic Act 1991 (as ammended)

    I'm guessing from the title, you guessed what this thread is about. What you probably don't expect is that it has NOTHING to do with my car... Actually, nothing to do with ANY car! Let me start at the beginning... once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a parking attendent with a...
  12. F

    becker traffic pro

    have just installed a becker traffic pro - bought on ebay - 220 quid - bargain - lovely unit - my question is does anyone know if this will operate other makes of cd changer or do i need a becker ?? :confused:
  13. S

    C 180 exploded while in traffic jam

    I recently upgrades from a 190e to a C 180 auto 65k 1997 with no EC Last Friday bank holiday rush i was caught up in traffic jam (100 meters in about 1hr). Just after a hour i hard a loud explosion and then steam all over the bonnet. The radiator had explodes and the antifreeze has spread all...
  14. com

    Bloody traffic wardens ! *vent*

    Never really minded traffic wardens and always been extra paranoid about where I park but my latest run in with one in particular seems to be un-earthing some deepest regions of the soul and all I can think of now is climbing a tower with a sniper rifle and start picking them off so apologies...
  15. M

    Becker Traffic Pro high speed & CD changer

    Green display , just under 12 months old complete with nav disc, original box, manuals , gps antenna & becker cd changer . Cost me £700 - looking for £450
  16. M

    Becker Traffic Pro High Speed Nav Disks

    Does anyone know which is the latest nav disc for the Becker Traffic Pro High Speed unit? The display shows TMC activated but doesn't give me the option of Dynamic route guidance, and the Postcode function only allows input of the first half of the postcode, which I think suggests the...
  17. Satch

    Highways Agency Traffic forecaster

    I have my doubts about this but all the same of some use, especially the current conditions bit. Moderately entertaining if a bit depressing to watch the hour by animation and see how the West Country chokes up at peak periods.
  18. Goldfish11

    Cancelling TA (Traffic Programs) on Comand DVD (W211)

    One of my latest frustrations is listening to the radio or a CD and then the Traffic program cuts in. To cancel this if it is not in your direct area it seems you have to press any button on the Comand system in the central console. i.e. phone button, mute button, map button etc etc. Is...
  19. J

    Dension Ice Link and JVC/Becker Traffic pro set up

    Well, actually it's the JVC KD-NX1R (Traffic Pro 4210 I think with a JVC badge) that I have fitted in my A class. I just received the Dension ICE Link today to hook up my iPod to the head unit. The iPod is charging and I can play it through the head unit using the AUX setting, so most of the...
  20. R

    Traffic Master Freeway Questions

    I've just ordered my Freeway to upgrade my Trafficmaster. Questions. Has anyone hard wired a power supply to avoid using batteries? Has anyone wired one to the Telephone speaker? Has anyone taken a feed to the HiFi telephone mute function? Any comments or advice welcome. :)
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