1. stevesey

    M4 J17 Traffic monitoring or different speed camera?

    Anyone else pass under the white van on the bridge near J17 - last night and tonight? Not your usual Wiltshire camera van - those are smaler and only operate between about 9:30am and 4:30pm - never seem to be around in the rush hour. Anyway this was a full size transit, no markings other...
  2. Barney9304

    Comand Traffic

    How on earth can I turn off the traffic announcements on my comand system? They are driving me to drink!:dk:
  3. Sorry Pete

    Driving like a Jerk actually reduce the risk of traffic jams

    Just for fun guys: Driving like a Jerk actually reduce the risk of traffic jams
  4. S

    Traffic Police: Why do they generally drive over the speed limit with no lights?

    As above really. I'm not out for a slagging match, i'm just wondering if the members of her majesty's finest on this forum could offer some explanation. I spend about 2 hours each working day on the M4, and I regulary see traffic cars doing well over the limit, about 80-90 mph i'd say, with no...
  5. yachtman

    traffic light waves

    at last we might get this here, a traffic improvement !! however what a policy to have kept till now toquote from the article "Previously the Department for Transport (DfT) had discouraged the systems which reduce fuel use, resulting in less tax...
  6. ckember

    MB world, Iphone and traffic cops

    Went down to MB world today for the first time. What an amazing array of cars on show to play with. New E63 AMG too. Nice. They had £10 per person for rides in the AMG cars, and even the drive yourself for 30minutes was only £50, down from £170 for 60minutes. However the day turned bad when I...
  7. smillion

    Command - speed camera and traffic warning

    I have now got a car with Command and so was going to leave the Tom Tom at home - only I miss the traffic update and speed camera warnings with Tom Tom. Can Command get these and if so how? Thanks Marc
  8. S

    unit saying no cd & annoying traffic reports

    my audio 10 unit is saying there are no cds loaded , when the magazine is full and they wont play, any suggestions, also how do i stop the traffic reports from coming on while listening to other channels, these pages are missing from my manual so i dont know where to start thanks
  9. H

    How do I get traffic reports on radio

    I have CDI 220 SE and on the radio display it shows TP but does not cut in to the traffic reports. How do I get this or is it a fault. Also I do not have a radio user manuel. Is there anywhere I can download or buy one?
  10. gIzzE

    Becker Traffic Pro High Speed nav unit.

    Becker traffic pro high speed for sale. This is the later High Speed version with a faster processor and more memory. In amber or red with the important reverse illumination so it matches the interior really well. Boxed with all nav discs, instructions and GPS antenna. Lovely warm sound...
  11. Gucci

    Half of Lambeth traffic wardens not turned up for work after immigration checks!

    ...but their tickets they handed out are still valid! :eek:
  12. T

    A Class 150 SE when stuck in the traffic the temperature increases from 80 to 100

    Hi guys I did a quick search on the forum, unfortunately I could not find the answer to my questions. My sister recently bought an A Class 150 SE car and she noticed that when stuck in the traffic the temperature increases from 80 to 100 once the car picks up the speed then...
  13. D

    Drivers could face £20 fine for leaving engines running in traffic jams

    Motorists could face £20 spot fines if they leave their engines running while stuck in traffic. Traffic wardens will be able to issue the penalties - after a warning - in a bid to cut down on pollution. Mr Watters added: 'The legislation allowing councils to impose such fines has been on the...
  14. jimti

    Traffic signs in Britain - biggest review in 40 years launch

    And about time too, maybe they will get rid if the clutter we find on most of our roads nowerdays I believe this is the worst slip road in the UK for signs :crazy: The A2 junction for Bridge and Adisham is one of the worst in Britain but it was beaten by the B3006 in Hampshire...
  15. robert.saunders

    traffic police shift - aka holding on to grab handle with sweaty palms

    I thought I’d post some ramblings on here about my shift with traffic police yesterday (1300-2300 shift). I’ll try and keep it informative but not too specific for obvious reasons. Arrived at 1300, had a brief hello with the people I didn’t already know, and we had a quick look at cars...
  16. A

    Traffic cops parking

    So the TC's are on another speed catching run on a bit of road near me - its a dual lane bit of road in-between 2 roundabouts that goes into 3 lanes when its gets near the r/b. Its a 30 speed limit but I am guessing that people not in the know would assume its a 40.. Anyway, so they have...
  17. P

    Start-Stop driving in traffic

    Often when I'm sitting a jam I turn the engine off. Then, as the queue starts moving I re-start the engine and continue. I'm lucky having keyless-go, so its not a great effort. But I did wonder what the down side might be in terms of the service interval. Would this style of driving get me...
  18. B

    Moan / Buzz noise in traffic.

    I've got a '99 210 300TD estate. I notice that after driving around there's a sound like a buzz or moan at 1200 to 1400 rpm. I think it's something resonnating, but haven't been able to trace it. It's not A/C. Seems to be comming from front left wheel arch area. Any one had a similar experience...
  19. Satch

    Air Traffic Controller job

    Open to all applicants. In fact, the advert states: 'If you require this document in an alternative language, in larger text, Braille, easy read or in an audio format, please contact the Community Relations Officer.' Such brilliance...
  20. A

    Becker 4773/5 Traffic Pro Single DIN sat nav/radio/CD player

    Becker 4773 in dash sat nav system with Navtek DTM 10 (UK and Europe) nav disks. pic shows unit installed in my W124 detachable front panel, 4 channel hi-fi, auto phone mute, volume increase with speed, auxillary input for ipod/mp3 player. Decent spec sat nav system that can be...
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